Cooking with Rice and Grains – Five Tips for Cooking Some Delicious Items with Rice and Grains

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Cooking with Rice and Grains


In Pressure Cooker

If we use the pressure cooker, we can make a quick work of cooking of the tight rice grains and can also cook perfectly steamed rice as well. But if we go for some wrong moves, it will be turned into some worse condition. So it’s necessary to make ourselves known about the do’s and don’t regard cooking rice grain with the help of a pressure cooker and those need to be maintained.

Before cooking you should check up on the timing and ratio:

At the time of cooking, we need to keep in our mind that each grain has its requirement of liquid that helps to rehydrate. We can take an example of soaked rice that just needs one cup of water in one bowl of rice, whereas steel-cut oats need three cups. From the pressure cooking time chart, we can easily decide about the timing and liquid given for the purpose of cooking.


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Don’t fill up the pressure cooker with water only:

We should not fill the pressure cooker up more than halfway with water and grains. The more water we will use, the more time will be needed to complete this overall cooking process. So it will be comfortable and also wise not to use water above the half level of the pressure cooker.

Make it fattened to avoid foaming up:

We can add some fatty foods while cooking in any of our recipes. For examples of fatty foods, we can add butter, sugar, or oil. These food items help us to reduce the amount of foam during the cooking of rice grains. Consequently, it also contributes to maintaining a clean environment for food. But we should also keep in mind that the fat items we are going to add to rice grain, should also match with the recipe.


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Be stable and don’t rush:

It is convenient that the pressure cooker should not be opened below 10 minutes. If it is opened after 10 minutes, then we can hope to have perfect cooking. Among this time, 5 minutes are used for small pressure cooking. For this type of cooking, only the residual heat and internal energy of the pressure cooker is used. It is one of the most useful and delicate methods of pressure opening. It operates without any generation of foam and starch also does not come outside of the valve spraying when we open the cooker.

Do heat it properly for some problematic pressure cookers:

Some pressure cookers might have some problem of looking like they might clatter, wriggle and also breathe loudly for some internal defects. If there is such of these problems, we should take some individual steps. We can cook them in a heat-proof container that is placed inside the pressure cooker. This type of equipment for heating is known as ‘Bain Marie’. If we use such procedures for cooking grain or rice, then it will be more delicate using the same cooking times and keeping the grain to liquid ratios constant.


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