Pressure Cooker Efficiency

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Efficiency of Pressure Cooker


Pressure cookers are no doubt handy tools. They are so active in building up the flavor and texture of the food that what used to be a lengthy procedure now appears to be agreeable and easygoing. If you’re getting the same sort of food in less than the usual time, you should be proud rather than being suspicious about its quality and nutrients. To cook your food conveniently, choose pressure cooking. It is the process of cooking food, using water or other cooking liquid in the cooking pot which is known as pressure cookers. It’s nothing but a technology that makes cooking faster than you usually cook. The high pressure inside the pressure cooker lessens the cooking time keeping the food quality better. The present situation of the pressure cooker didn’t develop in a week or year. Continuous research and development (R&D) improved the design, model, and efficiency of this great cooking tool. Here describe the generation of pressure cooker in the simplest way:


First-generation: here used an electric module with Mechanical Timer so that cooking can be done without any delay.

Second generation: here used electric with Digital Controller so that delay cooking procedure can be monitored.

Third generation: Smart Programming technology used with electric which works in a pre-determined cooking time to reduce the time delay option.


Main Components


The main components of a pressure cooker consist of the body, the cover, and the handles.

Body and Cover: the body and the cover of the pressure cooker are made of aluminum. The cover helps to submerge the steam and prevents it from going outside.

Handles: The handles are made of heat-resistant plastic which makes them easily touchable and secure from the heat.


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Safety Components


Twist on lock: the cover and body of the pressure cooker are locked together using a twist-on design. The corresponding slots and flanges ensure that the cover and body just on the line before locking. Then by twisting the cover makes the slots slideway from the flanges and prevent the cover from opening.

Overpressure plug: it is made of rubber with flanges on both sides of it. It is in a hole through the cover of the cooker.

Air vent: it is used so that the steam cannot go out during cooking time. To prevent the air from going out, the hole must be aligned with the cover lock in the air vent. Then a rubber gasket at the end of the cover lock seals the air vent.

Pressure-regulating Components


The pressure cooker also has several designs to maintain a constant pressure within the cooker. These are:

Stops tabs and sealing ring: the stop tabs are small humps on the inside of the cover which hold the silicone sealing ring in place and prevent it from falling apart when the pressure cooker is opened.

A vent pipe and regulator: the vent pipe is going through the cover and the pressure regulator is a weight with a non-through hole at the bottom.

With this mechanism and tools, the pressure in the cooker is controlled and can be increased or decreased on the basis of pre-set time.


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Pressure Cookers Efficiency


The efficiency of pressure cookers cannot be described in words. Pressure cookers are convenient devices. They are so fast to develop the texture and the flavor of your food in a little momentum.

  • It can cook a whole chicken in just an hour and a half.
  • You can get ready Risotto in six minutes rather than 30 minutes.
  • You don’t have to stir grits and polenta. Just pressure cook it in the high pressure.
  • It requires less water than conventional boiling.
  • It ensures the mixture of minerals and vitamins.
  • It has a germ-killing ability which is beneficial for jam pots, glass baby bottles as an effective sterilizer.


What else?

For the high temperature inside, the pressure cooker caramelizes your food for extra flavor. It’s positively unthinkable with other cooking techniques. Moreover, the newest technology ensures the safety and security of the user while cooking through the pressure cooker.


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Why food takes less time to cook?


Pressure cookers set aside significantly less opportunity to cook your most loved supper. The elements of advanced pressure cookers give you an additional favorable position over conventional procedures for natural cooking, and they’re much protected too. Well, due to high pressure inside the pressure cooker the foods are cooked quickly and also perfectly than you cook in other utensils.

In any case, before you approach, you ought to realize why high pressure is vital in cooking.


How Does A Pressure Cooker Work?


Do you know the way pressure cookers work? Here are some things that made the cooking procedure speedy and safe.

  • The high-pressure doesn’t submerge in a liquid. It transfers heat to the food surface quickly.
  • There is a spring-stacked valve that ordinarily opens when there’s a lot of air inside, to give the air a chance to get away. As the heating begins, the vapor drives the valve up and shuts off the vent. As the weight rises, the vapor pushes the valve additionally up to reopen the vent to release the additional steam.
  • The valve contains a gauge pressure which is 10 or 15 psi above room weight. At these pressure levels, the boiling point of water rises to 114oC – 112oC. If you see your weight cooker accomplishing the correct pressure release it or else it will overpressure.
  • The pressure cooker has a fixing ring (an elastic gasket) that restricts air and steam from getting away. The caught air/steam inside the pot assembles pressure and makes the temperature rise. You should clean the gasket. Generally, the food particles stuck around the seal make steam leak.
  • There are different types of a lid. A bayonet-style instrument pushes the cover against the sides of the pot. There are various tools with jolts bolts clamping around the exterior of the cooker. If you let the pressure rise too high, then it may harm the mechanism.
  • At high pressure, the handle bolts and keeps the cover from opening. Along these lines, the food is cooked rapidly.
  • You need to top the liquid off to 2/3rd the limit of the cooking pot.
  • The pressure inside the cooker keeps on ascending, until the point when the pressure valve releases out because of the steam and water vapors inside.
  • Steam is primary for cooking food in a pressure cooker. In this way, you have to include enough water under the food container, above the bottom of the pot.


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Pressure cookers not only have good sides but also have some disadvantages or negativity. We must have ideas about those:

  • It is considerably more expensive than a saucepan or fry pan.
  • The basket in the pressure cooker requires special care while cleaning.
  • The gasket/sealing ring needs to be replaced about once a year
  • The increased weight of conventional pressure cooker makes them unsuitable for application
  • A minimum quantity of liquid is needed in a pressure cooker for cooking
  • The application of pressure cooker has been adapted as a crude type of bomb and used in terrorist attacks for several times say for example,
  • Mumbai train bomb, 2006
  • Boston Marathon bombing, 2013
  • NY and New Jersey bombing, 2016

So you must be careful while using the pressure cooker. If anything goes wrong then this tool can become a dangerous weapon.


Some Basic things about the pressure cooker


A pressure cooker has a semi-fixed lid that is lockable. It additionally has a valve for controlling inward pressure. With the assistance of developed steam, it increases the pressure inside the container. It always requires liquid. Due to this cooking method, low steaming food like roasting, frying, or deep frying is not possible in a pressure cooker. Moreover, the gasket must be replaced or changed once a year otherwise it would hamper the cooking process.

The rise of pressure lets the water reach the boiling point from 100oC (adrift level). As the temperature goes past and achieves 120oC, the cooking time drops altogether.

  • When the pressure inside the pot is 0 psi, the temperature will be 0oC or 212oF
  • When the pressure inside the pot is five psi, the temperature will be 104oC or 220oF
  • If the pressure inside the pot is ten psi, the temperature will be 113oC or 235oF.
  • If the pressure inside the pot is 15 psi, the temperature will be 121oC or 250oF.


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To Sum Up

Pressure cookers decisively being one of the best essential kitchen appliances to you. The efficiency of pressure cookers cannot be described. The best electric pressure cooker is the blessing of modern science. They have shortened your kitchen time and also made the cooking experience comfortable. But your user activity may not be suitable for the lack of your sensibility. So, try to maintain your cooking according to the appropriate way. If not then these blessings can be turned into a curse.

Now, that you know it all, you’re all set to cook your favorite recipes quickly. Make sure you check every part of the cooker before using it. Follow the manufacturer’s manual and understand how to use the cooker to cook different kinds of food.


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