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Pressure Cooker Efficiency

Efficiency of Pressure Cooker


Pressure cookers are no doubt handy tools. They are so active for building up the flavor and texture of the food that what used to be a lengthy procedure now appears to be agreeable and easygoing. If you’re getting the same sort of food in less than the usual time, you should be proud rather than being suspicious about its quality and nutrients. To cook your food conveniently, choose the pressure cooking. It is the process of cooking food, using water or other cooking liquid in the cooking pot which is known as pressure cookers. It’s nothing but a technology which makes cooking faster than you usually cook. The high pressure inside the pressure cooker lessens the cooking time keeping the food quality better. The present situation of the pressure cooker didn’t develop in a week or year. Continuous research and development (R&D) improved the design, model and efficiency of this great cooking tool. Here describe the generation of pressure cooker in the simplest way:


First generation: here used electric module with Mechanical Timer so that cooking can be done without any delay.

Second generation: here used electric with Digital Controller so that delay cooking procedure can be monitored.

Third generation: Smart Programming technology used with electric which works in a pre-determined cooking time to reduce the time delay option.



Main Components


The main components of a pressure cooker consist of the body, the cover and the handles.

Body and Cover: the body and the cover of the pressure cooker is made of aluminum. The cover helps to submerge the steam and prevents it from going outside.

Handles: the handles are made of heat resistant plastic which makes it easily touchable and secure from the heat.


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Safety Components


Twist on lock: the cover and body of pressure cooker are locked together using a twist-on design. The corresponding slots and flanges ensure that the cover and body just on the line before locking. Then by twisting the cover makes the slots slide way from the flanges and prevent the cover from opening.

Overpressure plug: it is made of rubber with flanges on the both side of it. It is in a hole through the cover of the cooker.

Air vent: it is used so that the steam cannot go out during the cooking time. To prevent the air from going out, the hole must be in aligned with the cover lock in the air vent. Then a rubber gasket at the end of the cover lock seals the air vent.


Pressure regulating Components


The pressure cooker also has several designs to maintain a constant pressure within the cooker. These are:

Stops tabs and sealing ring: the stop tabs are small humps on the inside of the cover which hold the silicon sealing ring in place and prevent it from falling apart when the pressure cooker is opened.

Vent pipe and regulator: the vent pipe is going through the cover and the pressure regulator is a weight with a non-through hole at the bottom.

With this mechanism and tools, the pressure in the cooker is controlled and can be increased or decreased on the base of pre-set time.


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Pressure Cookers Efficiency



The efficiency of pressure cookers cannot be described in words. Pressure cookers are convenient devices. They are so fast to develop the texture and the flavor of your food in a little momentum.

  • It can cook a whole chicken in just an hour and a half.
  • You can get ready Risotto in six minutes rather than 30 minutes.
  • You don’t have to stir grits and polenta. Just pressure cook it in the high pressure.
  • It requires less water than conventional boiling.
  • It ensures the mixture of minerals and vitamins.
  • It has germ killing ability which is beneficial for jam pots, glass baby bottles as an effective sterilizer.


What else?


For the high temperature inside, the pressure cooker caramelizes your food for extra flavor. It’s positively unthinkable with other cooking techniques. Moreover the newest technology ensure the safety and security of the user while cooking through the pressure cooker.


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Why food takes less time to cook?


Pressure cookers set aside significantly less opportunity to cook your most loved supper. The elements of advanced pressure cookers give you an additional favorable position over conventional procedures for natural cooking, and they’re much protected too. Well, due to high pressure inside the pressure cooker the foods are cooked quickly and also perfectly than you cook in other utensils.

In any case, before you approach, you ought to realize why high pressure is vital in cooking.


How Does A Pressure Cooker Work?


Do you know the way the pressure cookers work? Here are some things that made the cooking procedure speedy and safe.

  • The high-pressure doesn’t submerge in a liquid. It transfers heat to the food surface quickly.
  • There is a spring-stacked valve which ordinarily opens when there’s a lot of air inside, to give the air a chance to get away. As the heating begins, the vapor drives the valve up and shuts off the vent. As the weight rises, the vapor pushes the valve additionally up to reopen the vent to release the additional steam.
  • The valve contains a gauge pressure which is 10 or 15 psi above room weight. At these pressure levels, the boiling point of water rises to 114oC – 112oC. If you see your weight cooker accomplishing the correct pressure release it or else it will overpressure.
  • The pressure cooker has a fixing ring (an elastic gasket) that restricts air and steam from getting away. The caught air/steam inside the pot assembles pressure and makes the temperature rise. You should clean the gasket. Generally, the food particles stuck around the seal make steam to leak.
  • There are different types of a lid. A bayonet-style instrument pushes the cover against the sides of the pot. There are various tools with jolts bolts clamping around the exterior of the cooker. If you let the pressure to rise too high, then it may harm the mechanism.
  • At high pressure, the handle bolts and keeps the cover from opening. Along these lines, the food is cooked rapidly.
  • You need to top the liquid off to 2/3rd the limit of the cooking pot.
  • The pressure inside the cooker keeps on ascending, until the point when the pressure valve releases out because of the steam and water vapors inside.
  • Steam is primary for cooking food in a pressure cooker. In this way, you have to include enough water under the food container, above the bottom of the pot.


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Pressure cooker not only have good sides but also have some disadvantages or negativity. We must have ideas about those:

  • It is considerably more expensive than saucepan or fry pan.
  • Gasket in the pressure cooker requires special care while cleaning.
  • The gasket/sealing ring needs to be replaced about once a year
  • The increased weight of conventional pressure cooker makes them unsuitable for application
  • A minimum quantity of liquid is needed in pressure cooker for cooking
  • The application of pressure cooker has been adapted as a crude type of bomb and used in terrorist attacks for several times say for example,
  • Mumbai train bomb, 2006
  • Boston Marathon bombing, 2013
  • NY and New Jersey bombing, 2016

So you must be careful while using the pressure cooker. If anything go wrong then this tool can become a dangerous weapon.


Some Basic things about the pressure cooker


A pressure cooker has a semi-fixed lid which is lockable. It additionally has a valve for controlling inward pressure. With the assistance of developed steam, it increases the pressure inside the container. It always requires liquid. Due to this cooking method, low steaming food like roasting, frying or deep frying is not possible in pressure cooker. Moreover, the gasket must be replaced or changed once in a year otherwise it would hamper the cooking process.

The rise of pressure let the water to reach the boiling point from 100oC (adrift level). As the temperature goes past and achieves 120oC, the cooking time drops altogether.

  • When the pressure inside the pot is 0 psi, the temperature will be 0oC or 212oF
  • When the pressure inside the pot is five psi, the temperature will be 104oC or 220oF
  • If the pressure inside the pot is ten psi, the temperature will be 113oC or 235oF.
  • If the pressure inside the pot is 15 psi, the temperature will be 121oC or 250oF.


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To Sum Up

Pressure cookers decisively being one of the best essential kitchen appliances to you. The efficiency of pressure cookers cannot be described. A best electric pressure cooker is the blessing of modern science. They have shortened your kitchen time and also made the cooking experience comfortable. But your user activity may not be suitable for the lack of your sensibility. So, try to maintain your cooking according to the appropriate way. If not then this blessings can be turned into curse.

Now, that you know it all, you’re all set to cook your favorite recipes quickly. Make sure you check every part of the cooker before using it. Follow the manufacturer’s manual and understand how to use the cooker to cook different kinds of food.


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Pressure Cooker Safety – Do’s & Don’ts

Electric pressure cooker safety


Pressure cookers are assuredly familiar to everyone nowadays. The popularity of pressure cooker is growing day by day. The ease of use and efficiency of pressure cookers made them the part and parcel of kitchen life. Apart from all time has benefitted the users significantly. In other words, ease of use, efficiency and short time contribute a lot to make the product become famous.

Using a pressure cooker will be easy for you, but using it safely is somewhat a difficult concern. Pressure cookers are handy and sometimes tough to operate as well. If you don’t apply the correct portion of using the pressure cooker, it may cause many unwanted things. Also, you should have time knowledge. For example, if you keep your food under a pressure cooker and keep it on fire for a long time then it can destroy your food. So, time knowledge for a particular product has to be followed appropriately. They are not stone hard. If you read the manuals and have a knowledge of cooking a particular item then you will be ready to go.

Every single chef wants to get their hands on the newly bought pressure cooker! You would also want to take off the covers and bring your cooker to the kitchen to try out the recipes. Starting off with your pressure cooker can go bad.  Before you go for cooking with a pressure cooker, we would suggest you some do’s and don’ts using a pressure cooker. These tips will help you cook more safely and efficiently.


Do Use Modern Equipment


Old models were not the same as second era cookware. Advanced weight cookers offer 100% security. Not at all like old pressure cookers that were made of metal-threw aluminum. Nowadays modern pressure cookers are made of durable stainless steel which is evidence of accuracy designing. The new valve system is proof of advanced engineering. They are goof-proof and trustworthy.

The aluminum pressure cookers have a lot of side effects. They can hamper your food in many ways. Being overused the body of the pressure cookers can melt and they can hamper food dangerously. However, the aluminum body used to keep the food hot for a longer period of time. So, the industry changed their products to be more useful and safe reengineering the shape as stainless steel. Stainless still does not get affected. Also, it has a high performance of keeping the food warm for a longer period of time than the aluminum bodies. Aluminum bodies tend to be lightweight. Stainless steel maintained the weight as the old ones and keeping the durability almost double. Also, they assured safety in the first place.  


Don’t Buy Old Pressure Cookers from Auctions


You may discover old pressure cookers at these spots. However, they are not safe and secured. Some old models of pressure cookers may have a danger of kitchen blast as well as it may harm your food during cooking. New reengineering changed to more durable and safer.

These old pressure cookers were manufactured by organizations that used to create wartime parts during World War II. Factories that used to provide wartime parts were retooled to make pressure cookers. They lacked the technical knowledge of pressure cookers, and therefore, they made such pressure cookers which contained a huge element of risk.

With the growing sales of pressure cookers in the past few years, these old and defective items have been introduced into the market with new packaging. They’re available at low prices but also pose a great danger.


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Don’t Forget to Read the Instruction Manual


It’s important to follow the instruction manual before you move on to purchase the equipment. Read the manual at least twice, in order to know what kind of safety features are offered by the product. The latest stove top models normally offer five to six important safety features that you won’t find in a cheaper, older pressure cooker.


Do Conduct a Visual Inspection Before Cooking


Make a habit of checking all the equipment thoroughly. The lid should be clean and should work properly. The instruction manual will help you understand how to inspect your pressure cooker. However, you can go through the YouTube videos and Google searches to know this term better. Manuals are easily readable. Though the manuals will describe to you the pros and cons of the item but YouTube videos and Google searches will help you better understand by the visuals. Timeliness is another term broadly used for cooking. Once you go through the manuals and the queries over the internet you will be able to learn the timeliness better. Also, you can look for some online recipes and how to cook them in a pressure cooker. Pressure cookers will save your time and work by many folds.


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Don’t Forget the Test Drive


After a complete inspection, test your equipment before cooking anything. It Test drive is essential because it will let you know whether the cooker is working properly or not. It will also help you know the way the pressure cooker work. By testing your pressure cooker you can figure out the problems and fix it. Thus, you can ensure your safety.



Do Consider the Safety Features


Modern pressure cookers might be costly, however, when you look at the safety features they offer, you will find it a worthwhile investment.



The main Safety Features are


  • Double pressure valves to direct the pressure inside the cooker
  • A locking device locks the lid until the pressure inside is low.
  • A gasket discharge gap for stream discharge
  • The interlocking lip with spines, to anticipate steam develop
  • Spring-loaded component inside the top that is utilized to keep the pressure cooker from pressurizing, until the point when the lid is securely bolted.
  • A visual pressure marker that demonstrates the fluctuation of pressure when the pressure cooker is warming, and also when it is permitted to cool down.


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Don’t Ignore the Importance of the Handle


The new pressure cookers also include a handle. A handle improves the safety of your pressure cooker. A long handle on one side of the pressure cooker and a short one on the opposite side makes it easier to lift and carry.


Do Clean the Rubber Gasket and Keep it in Good Shape


The gasket is a rubber ring around the pressure cooker. The gasket plays a very crucial part in pressure cooking. It prevents the pressure inside from leaking away. Always keep the gasket clean. Make sure the gasket is not broken or damaged. If it is broken or damaged, call a manufacturer to replace a new one.


Don’t Pre-Heat on Induction


Some people use to preheat the cooker’s base on a low heat and use that extra time to slice onions peel garlic cloves. However, if you have this same habit, then try to change it. If you intend to do such, you will not get the quality food. Due to preheat, the cooker gets heated, and when you put the ingredients in the cooker, it will burn.


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Do Cook the Food on Medium Heat


By cooking the food on a high heat to the pressure cooker, you will get overcooked food. When you cook on high heat, your pressure cooker will reach the pressure within four minutes, and it may not suit some of the recipes which need a Lil bit more time to be ready. A better option would be to keep the heat at medium for better results.


Don’t Leave Your Pressure Cooker after Adjusting the Heat


You have to remain with the cooker for some time for bringing down the heat, to ensure that the food is cooked appropriately. The inward pressure will rapidly fall, and you may need to re-alter the heat to raise the pressure inside.

You should remain nearby to your pressure cooker for around five minutes and screen the pressure variances. After the entire procedure is finished, you might need to give somewhat more time heating your pressure cooker, to make up for the loss of temperature inside.


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Pressure Cooking With Induction

The pressure cooker has been an essential part of modern cooking. Nowadays, they are well engineered to allow you to spare time and vitality. Not at all like olden days pressure cookers, advanced models are stronger, dependable and offer better security.

Pressure cookers are superior to conventional cooking techniques, since they safeguard the taste and supplements, and can keep your foods new for a more extended length. While pressure cooking your food on induction, you have to know some basic guidelines.



Final Verdict

In any case, pressure cooking is certainly feasible, if that you pay careful consideration to exact details. Following the do’s and don’ts about pressure cooker will enable you to see how pressure cooking on taking contrasts from conventional techniques and what you ought to do to cook pleasant and great recipes, with most extreme security.


The Best Electric Pressure Cooker ensures every safety matter. But you should know what to do and what you should not. Know about the entire functionality of your cooker, and you will make sure whether there is any problem with the cooker or not. So, skip using the second-hand, and try to buy a new one to keep yourself safe from risks. Being a pressure cooker user, you cannot but maintain the do’s and don’ts.


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Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes That You Can Relish

healthy slow cooker chicken recipes


My sister is very smart when it comes to cooking. She can cook numerous tasty delicacies with her creative cooking skills. She cooks the most complicated dishes in no time, thanks to slow cookers. Be it a family get-together or Friday lunch, she is all set to amaze everyone with her culinary skills. My sister uses slow cookers all the time. According to my sister, using slow cookers you can cook fantastic dishes in a creative and healthy way. They are designed for perfect cooking and easy serving.

In this modern era where everyone is suffering from diseases like hypertension, atherosclerosis and high blood cholesterol level, there is an absolute necessity for healthy cooking techniques.  Here come the amazing slow cookers to the rescue! Plus, everyone is seeking something that is easy and fast. For instance, if you are running short of time in the morning, you can prepare everything the night before. For this reason, slow cookers have potentially become extremely popular in the food industry.

What is a slow cooker?


If you are a busy mother or an office worker, a slow cooker is a perfect option for you. If are running late for work or have important projects to submit, but do not have much time to spend in the kitchen, a slow cooker will save you a lot of time and effort. Also, if you are a beginner and want to explore the joy of cooking different delicacies, slow cookers are the perfect choice for you.  You can easily put the desired ingredients in the correct amount and slow cooker will do the difficult job for you. When you return, you will see the perfect dish ready to satisfy your hungry tummy. Undoubtedly, slow cookers will be beneficial for home chefs!

In case of difficulty, you can use the user manual to guide you. You can also change the temperature, heat and cooking pressure according to your choice. FDA recommends cooking the food at 130F.

Why Use Slow Cookers?


Cooking with slow cookers is relatively a safer mode of cooking. There are various options that you can adjust, such as time, pressure and heat. All these are not present in traditional cooking. Cooking with slow cookers is also more convenient than cooking with traditional pots and utensils. Cooking in the traditional way has some severe health hazards. Generally, the cooking pots are made of steel or any other metals. Due to extreme heat, the chemicals leach out and contaminate the food. This can lead to cancer. Plus, there is no need of constant stirring. Slow cookers can automatically adjust the heat for even cooking. FDA recommends cooking the food at 130F-140F. With slow cookers, you can easily maintain the desired temperature (high, medium and low).  You can cook your food for a long period of time without the trouble of overheating. Besides, once you are done the cooking, you can store the food in the slow cooker. This will prevent microbial contamination as slow cookers prevent the growth of bacteria. These brilliant benefits will surely melt your heart.


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The Benefits


If you are concerned about your health and want to lose those extra weights, a slow cooker will help you achieve your goal with minimum trouble. Also, such slow cookers come with alluring benefits that will dramatically change your cooking game. You can cook for 28 hours straight!

  • Cooking the food slowly and consistently will help to retain the nutritional benefits. The vitamins and essential minerals will still be present even after long hours of cooking.
  • Easy to handle and operate. This means anyone can be a great cook!
  • You can enjoy the delightful flavors!
  • The elegant stainless steel finish is eye-catching.  
  • Cooking requires minimum or no oil. This is quite helpful for patients or adults suffering from any disease.
  • You can adjust the time and cooking pressure.
  • The dish is cooked in broth or water, so this adds extra nutrition to the food.
  • You can try different cooking techniques, such as baking.
  • Various dishes can be cooked with slow cookers
  • Dishes retain their original aroma and flavor because of slow cooking. Dishes contain their original water content, so they do not dry out fast.
  • Does not require constant stirring, so you can turn the cooker and complete other important tasks.
  • No bacterial growth.
  • There is 0 possibility of burning the food.
  • There is no chance of burning the food since the cooking is done in low heat.
  • Throughout the long cooking process, meaty items, such as beef, chicken, and lamb, are tenderized. So enjoy juicy meals at every time of the day!
  • Slow cookers use less energy than electric or any other kinds of an oven.
  • Slow cookers are travel-friendly. Therefore, you can carry it anywhere.
  • No chance of overheating.
  • It is extremely easy to wash and clean.  
  • The device is budget-friendly.
  • Slow cookers come with manufacturer warranty.
  • With the lid and handles, there is no chance of burning yourself.


Some Easy Short Recipes with Slow Cookers


If you want to enjoy the brilliant smell of freshly cooked meal once you get home after a long tiring day, try these recipes at once.


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Chicken Meatballs Dipped in Tomato Sauce


Cooking oil




Minced beef




  1. Heat the slow cooker. Add oil, the put in onion, parsley, celery, and garlic. Once it is cooked.
  2. Prepare the meatballs. Take finely minced meat and add plenty of black pepper, oats, garlic, and paprika. Mix them well. Take the mixture in your hand and shape them into balls.
  3. Take another frying pan and add oil. Fry the meatballs until they are brown.
  4. Transfer the meatballs into the slow cooker with the previous mixture
  5. Now add the tomato base and salt. Let the dish cook for 5 hours.
  6. Serve the delicious meatballs with steamed rice or spaghetti.


Veggie Bolognese










  1. Finely chop the carrots, mushrooms, and onions.
  2. Preheat the slow cooker. Add oil, and then add the finely chopped vegetables in the slow cooker.  Stir frequently.
  3. Add the herbs, ketchup, tomatoes, and stock to make a fine sauce. Then add salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Then add the spaghetti and cook.
  5. Serve with freshly grated cheese.


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Slow Chicken Chili Onion



Ground chicken

Chili Powder

Roasted Tomatoes

Black Pepper

Sweet Potatoes


  1. Preheat the slow cooker. Add sufficient oil and then add tomatoes, onion, and roasted tomatoes.
  2. Now add the chicken and add chili powder.  Cook the chicken for straight 6 hours.
  3. Serve the dish with your favorite tasty topping.


Cooker Chicken and Noodles



Chopped Onions


Boneless Chicken


  1. Place the chicken, chopped onion, and noodles in a slow cooker.
  2. Add the celery.
  3. Add sufficient water.
  4. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  5. Cook for 8 hours.


Hungarian Beef Goulas



Chopped Onion

Minced Garlic

Bay Leaves


Corn Starch


  1. Place the beef in the slow cooker. Add chopped onions, salt, paprika, and pepper to taste.
  2. Add tomatoes, broth, and sauce. Allow sufficient time to simmer.  Add the bay leaves.
  3. Lastly, add the cornstarch and parsley.
  4. Serve with your favorite vegetables.


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How to Take Care


It is completely mandatory to keep the cooker clean and hygienic. There might be a buildup of oil and grime from the previous cooking session. This needs to be immediately removed because this can hamper the performance of the slow cooker. You need to wash the device on regular basis with a mild cleanser and allow to dry.


Customer Opinion


We have carried out extensive research in the market. The result is overwhelming. The customers are satisfied with the performance of slow cookers. They confessed that slow cookers have made the laborious task of cooking a lot simpler.  Now, they can cook healthy and tasty dishes easily. Besides, the health benefits are numerous. Everyone highly recommends cooking with slow cookers. Gradually, several renowned companions are coming up with their superb ideas to improve the slow cookers. There is a huge variety to choose from, each with its different functions and benefits.  You can shop in the big supermarkets, or you can order them from various websites, such as Amazon, target, eBay.




Certain steps need to be followed at times in order to enjoy the benefits of slow cooking. You should not remove the lid too often. Removing the lid will cause heat loss, and cause uneven cooking. For monitoring purpose, the lid is made up of a transparent material, so you can easily see the cooking process. Do not add excess water. With slow cookers, there is no water loss. Adding excessive water can make your dish bland.


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Final Word

Who doesn’t wish to surprise everyone with mouth-watering dishes? I believe, everyone does. Are you bored with the same old fries and chicken recipes? Are you craving for something soothing to your taste buds but got no time? If yes, the slow cooker has got all the answers to your questions. Say goodbye to your long hectic hours in the kitchen, and embrace yummy, tongue-tingling dishes that will surely satisfy your heart and stomach. Now, you can enjoy more time with your family and friends without much hassle.

Get yourself the smart and stylish slow cookers that will be a fantastic addition to your kitchen. This compact device will save your space and give your kitchen a stylish look. This appliance is easy to operate and maintain. Undoubtedly, this saves a lot of money and energy, and most importantly, your precious time.   You can still enjoy the same aroma, flavor, and taste with slow cookers. Additionally, there are advantages of temperature control, pressure control, and time control. This has been regarded as safe and smart by many. It comes with manufacturer warranty, so if there is any trouble you can always get it solved. There are easy recipes as mentioned above. They require the basic ingredients, and we guarantee you the marvelous taste. Some people swear by slow cookers. Some have achieved their fitness goals because slow cookers have helped them to keep their calories in check. So, be smart like my sister and get yourself a slow cooker today!


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