Pressure Cooker Safety – Do’s & Don’ts

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Electric pressure cooker safety

Pressure cookers are assuredly familiar to everyone nowadays. The popularity of pressure cookers is growing day by day. The ease of use and efficiency of pressure cookers made them the part and parcel of kitchen life. Apart from all-time has benefitted the users significantly. In other words, ease of use, efficiency, and short time contribute a lot to make the product become famous.

Using a pressure cooker will be easy for you, but using it safely is somewhat a difficult concern. Pressure cookers are handy and sometimes tough to operate as well. If you don’t apply the correct portion of using the pressure cooker, it may cause many unwanted things. Also, you should have time knowledge. For example, if you keep your food under a pressure cooker and keep it on fire for a long time then it can destroy your food. So, time knowledge for a particular product has to be followed appropriately. They are not stone hard. If you read the manuals and have a knowledge of cooking a particular item then you will be ready to go.

Every single chef wants to get their hands on the newly bought pressure cooker! You would also want to take off the covers and bring your cooker to the kitchen to try out the recipes. Starting off with your pressure cooker can go bad.  Before you go for cooking with a pressure cooker, we would suggest you some do’s and don’ts using a pressure cooker. These tips will help you cook more safely and efficiently.

Do Use Modern Equipment

Old models were not the same as second-era cookware. Advanced weight cookers offer 100% security. Not at all like old pressure cookers that were made of metal-threw aluminum. Nowadays modern pressure cookers are made of durable stainless steel which is evidence of accurate design. The new valve system is proof of advanced engineering. They are goof-proof and trustworthy.

The aluminum pressure cookers have a lot of side effects. They can hamper your food in many ways. Being overused the body of the pressure cookers can melt and they can hamper food dangerously. However, the aluminum body used to keep the food hot for a longer period of time. So, the industry changed their products to be more useful and safe reengineering the shape as stainless steel. Stainless still does not get affected. Also, it has a high performance of keeping the food warm for a longer period of time than the aluminum bodies. Aluminum bodies tend to be lightweight. Stainless steel maintained the weight as the old ones and keeping the durability almost double. Also, they assured safety in the first place.  


Don’t Buy Old Pressure Cookers from Auctions

You may discover old pressure cookers at these spots. However, they are not safe and secured. Some old models of pressure cookers may have a danger of kitchen blast as well as it may harm your food during cooking. New reengineering changed to more durable and safer.

These old pressure cookers were manufactured by organizations that used to create wartime parts during World War II. Factories that used to provide wartime parts were retooled to make pressure cookers. They lacked the technical knowledge of pressure cookers, and therefore, they made such pressure cookers which contained a huge element of risk.

With the growing sales of pressure cookers in the past few years, these old and defective items have been introduced into the market with new packaging. They’re available at low prices but also pose great danger.

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Don’t Forget to Read the Instruction Manual

It’s important to follow the instruction manual before you move on to purchase the equipment. Read the manual at least twice, in order to know what kind of safety features are offered by the product. The latest stovetop models normally offer five to six important safety features that you won’t find in a cheaper, older pressure cooker.


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Do Conduct a Visual Inspection Before Cooking

Make a habit of checking all the equipment thoroughly. The lid should be clean and should work properly. The instruction manual will help you understand how to inspect your pressure cooker. However, you can go through YouTube videos and Google searches to know this term better. Manuals are easily readable. Though the manuals will describe to you the pros and cons of the item but YouTube videos and Google searches will help you better understand the visuals. Timeliness is another term broadly used for cooking. Once you go through the manuals and the queries over the internet you will be able to learn the timeliness better. Also, you can look for some online recipes and how to cook them in a pressure cooker. Pressure cookers will save your time and work by many folds.

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Don’t Forget the Test Drive

After a complete inspection, test your equipment before cooking anything. It Test drive is essential because it will let you know whether the cooker is working properly or not. It will also help you know the way the pressure cooker work. By testing your pressure cooker you can figure out the problems and fix it. Thus, you can ensure your safety.

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Do Consider the Safety Features

Modern pressure cookers might be costly, however, when you look at the safety features they offer, you will find it a worthwhile investment.

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The main Safety Features are

  • Double pressure valves to direct the pressure inside the cooker
  • A locking device locks the lid until the pressure inside is low.
  • A gasket discharge gap for stream discharge
  • The interlocking lip with spines, to anticipate steam develop
  • Spring-loaded component inside the top that is utilized to keep the pressure cooker from pressurizing, until the point when the lid is securely bolted.
  • A visual pressure marker that demonstrates the fluctuation of pressure when the pressure cooker is warming, and also when it is permitted to cool down.

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Don’t Ignore the Importance of the Handle

The new pressure cookers also include a handle. A handle improves the safety of your pressure cooker. A long handle on one side of the pressure cooker and a short one on the opposite side makes it easier to lift and carry.


Do Clean the Rubber Gasket and Keep it in Good Shape

The gasket is a rubber ring around the pressure cooker. The gasket plays a very crucial part in pressure cooking. It prevents the pressure inside from leaking away. Always keep the gasket clean. Make sure the gasket is not broken or damaged. If it is broken or damaged, call a manufacturer to replace a new one.


Don’t Pre-Heat on Induction

Some people use to preheat the cooker’s base on a low heat and use that extra time to slice onions peel garlic cloves. However, if you have this same habit, then try to change it. If you intend to do such, you will not get quality food. Due to preheat, the cooker gets heated, and when you put the ingredients in the cooker, it will burn.

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Do Cook the Food on Medium Heat

By cooking the food on high heat in the pressure cooker, you will get overcooked food. When you cook on high heat, your pressure cooker will reach the pressure within four minutes, and it may not suit some of the recipes which need a Lil bit more time to be ready. A better option would be to keep the heat at medium for better results.


Don’t Leave Your Pressure Cooker after Adjusting the Heat

You have to remain with the cooker for some time for bringing down the heat, to ensure that the food is cooked appropriately. The inward pressure will rapidly fall, and you may need to re-alter the heat to raise the pressure inside.

You should remain nearby to your pressure cooker for around five minutes and screen the pressure variances. After the entire procedure is finished, you might need to give somewhat more time heating your pressure cooker, to make up for the loss of temperature inside.


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Pressure Cooking With Induction

The pressure cooker has been an essential part of modern cooking. Nowadays, they are well engineered to allow you to spare time and vitality. Not at all like olden days pressure cookers, advanced models are stronger, dependable, and offer better security.

Pressure cookers are superior to conventional cooking techniques, since they safeguard the taste and supplements, and can keep your foods new for a more extended length. While pressure cooking your food on induction, you have to know some basic guidelines.

Final Verdict

In any case, pressure cooking is certainly feasible, if that you pay careful consideration to exact details. Following the do’s and don’ts about pressure cooker will enable you to see how pressure cooking on taking contrasts from conventional techniques and what you ought to do to cook pleasant and great recipes, with the most extreme security.


The Best Electric Pressure Cooker ensures every safety matter. But you should know what to do and what you should not. Know about the entire functionality of your cooker, and you will make sure whether there is any problem with the cooker or not. So, skip using the second-hand, and try to buy a new one to keep yourself safe from risks. Being a pressure cooker user, you cannot but maintain the do and don’ts.

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