How to choose a pressure cooker

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How to choose a pressure cooker

How to choose a pressure cooker | Buying The Best Pressure Cooker In Market

When it comes to healthy cooking, pressure cookers are a fantastic way to start. We all know the benefits of a pressure cooker. It is a highly versatile cooking appliance that can drastically ease your trouble in the kitchen. You can cook numerous dishes in the shortest time possible. Plus, cooked food retains its nutritional content. Cooking in a pressure cooker cuts down the usage of energy.

Suppose if have a sudden part at your house. You are standing hopeless, and have not much time. Still, you have no idea what to cook and how to cook. This might seem a very embarrassing situation.

But, if you have a pressure cooker at your home, you can do wonders! You can prepare the meal without much trouble. The taste will still be mouth-watering. Undoubtedly, the taste will render your guests speechless. Besides, many pressure cookers come with recipe books. This can be a blessing. If you are bored with the same old taste and want something new to try, the book will guide you perfectly.

Many of you might be planning to buy a pressure cooker. Buying a pressure cooker of your choice is a tough job because there are so many things to consider. A good pressure cooker will make your cooking experience remarkable. On the other hand, a bad pressure cooker will ruin everything for you.

So we have gathered all the necessary and important information to guide you in making the best choice.

So how a pressure cooker work?

The concept is very simple. It requires water or other fluid to generate steam. The trapped steam increases the internal pressure and temperature.  Thus, food is cooked inside the pressure cooker smoothly and quickly.

How To Use A Pressure Cooker?

If are new to cooking, the following steps will guide you.

  1. Please clean the pressure cooker before using the cooking pot, the vent and gasket should be free from dirt.
  2. Touch The Led Display. It will show the Control Panel. You can customize the Control Panel if necessary. Take the help of the user manual if you face any problems.
  3. Fill the pressure cooker with food. Please do not fill above the max line.
  4. Place the lid properly. Make sure the main vent and rubber gasket is correctly placed. Any movable parts should be correctly placed.
  5. Press the ON button. The food will start to cook.
  6. After the cooking is done, the pressure cooker will alert the user with a beep.
  7. Push the Rapid Release Button. The Floating Vent will drop. Allow some time to release pressure.
  8. The food is ready to satisfy your hunger!

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Staying Alert

Nowadays, pressure cookers are relatively safe. However, certain steps should be maintained at all times to ensure the wellbeing of the user.

  • Before you start cooking, make sure the valve is in the correct position. Take the help of the user manual for correctly assembling the parts.
  • Use the handle all the time. If you touch the hot surface, you might harm or burn yourself.
  • Any damaged part should be immediately replaced. Most pressure cookers come with a manufacturer’s warranty. So in case of disturbance, you can seek help if the manufacturer, or visit the nearest customer care office.
  • Store the pressure cooker in a cool and dry place. Placing the pressure cooker near any hot object may be hazardous.
  • Keep the pressure cooker away from children. If the user is an amateur, he must seek the supervision of an expert.
  • The pressure cooker should be used for cooking purposes only. Using it for any other purpose can be fatal.
  • Do not use pressure cookers outdoors, e.g. Camping.
  • Do not overfill the pressure cooker with food or water. This might lead to uneven cooking. Some food items tend to expand after cooking.
  • Any clogged vents should be cleaned carefully.
  • Do not open the pressure cooker until the internal pressure is released. If it does not open at once, it means that it is still under pressure. Take the help of the ON and OFF button.
  • It is not recommended to use the pressure cooker for frying with oil.
  • While cookers, pressure cookers produce heat and steam. So when you are opening the lid, be careful not to injure yourself. This is important in the case of hot liquids.
  • Unplug the cord before cleaning.
  • Allow sufficient time for the pressure cooker to cool. Once it has cooled down, then start cleaning.
  • Never place the hot pressure cooker near any flammable object.
  • You should never modify the pressure cooker or any other spare part with this pressure cooker. This could be injurious.
  • Rice and beans get quickly cooked. So always keep the track of time.

Cleaning The Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker needs perfect cleaning after each use. This is essential to keep your cookware hygienic.  Unhygienic practice any be unhealthy and lethal. Improper cleaning can lead to the reproduction of microbial agents. Microbial agents cause harm and diseases once they get inside our bodies. Along with the gasket, all other parts should be impeccably cleaned and dried. The buildup of dirt and grime can destroy the taste of cooked food. It is not recommended to use any harsh cleaners. Harsh cleaners tend to tarnish the shiny appearance of cookware and make them fragile. This will greatly reduce the performance of your pressure cooker. Before cleaning, allow sufficient time for the pressure cooker to cool. Do not use cold water to wash a hot pressure cooker. You must not immerse the pressure cooker completely in water. You can take the help of any damp cloth to dry. Any movable parts should be correctly placed. The rubber gasket needs to be replaced after a few months. Seek the help of any customer service expert if you fail to do so.



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The Drawbacks

Buying a pressure cooker is no less than an investment. So it is necessary to make your investment wisely.

  • Some of the parts are expensive. So their replacement can be costly.
  • Large pressure cookers are difficult to store.
  • You need a few practices to know the functions properly.
  • If the cooking pot is made up of sticky material, there is a chance that food will stick to the surface. As a result, the cooked food might lose its flavor.
  • You need to keep track of time. If you cook food for a longer period of time, it might lose its aroma and taste.
  • There is a chance of rusting.

Features In A Pressure Cooker

  • Most pressure cookers come with a recipe book. So you can try new dishes every day and amaze everyone!
  • There are different modes available for different dishes. You can also use a combination of these modes and create marvelous recipes every day!
  • Modern pressure cookers have a Led display.
  • It has ON and OFF buttons.
  • It saves energy!
  • It retains the vibrant color of colorful vegetables.
  • It cooks food faster than any other method.
  • Pressure cookers are equipped with a quick Pressure Release mechanism. SO

Things To Remember

  • Safety: Safety can be a concerning issue when handling a pressure cooker. Make sure the lips are tight and secure, the vents are clean and the handles are strong. In modern Pressure cookers are equipped with Automatic Pressure Release which will get activated once the internal pressure is too high.
  • Performance: The best pressure cookers on the market provide consistent results. The food should be evenly and perfectly cooked. Having a non-stick pressure cooker can greatly enhance the taste of cooking. With sticky pressure cookers, there is a chance of food sticking to the bottom.  Besides, try to buy an aluminum pressure cooker. The material is long-lasting and provides satisfactory performance.
  • Warranty: Reliable manufacturers provide a warranty during the purchase. So if there is any faulty parts or disturbance, the manufacturer will replace it.
  • Size: Pressure cookers come in various shapes and sizes. You can choose depending on the quantity of food you need to cook. Also, you must have an adequate shortage of space. The price also varies depending on the size.
  • Cost: The cost can be a very important factor while choosing any home appliance. The cost depends on the performance, durability, and brand of the pressure cooker. Some of the parts might need frequent replacement. This can add to the final cost.



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Pressure Cooker Types

  1. Stovetop Pressure Cookers: They do not have their own power source. They are heated on the stove. However, they do not have any time, so you need to stay alert all the time. They are long-lasting and reliable. The replacement parts are widely available and cheap.
  2. Electric Pressure Cookers: Electronic pressure cookers have become increasingly popular in modern times. They are extremely popular with chefs and experts’.They are equipped with LED Displays, Temperature, and pressure regulators, timers, etc. They are energy efficient. However, they take longer to build pressure. So they have slightly longer cooking times. They are not much durable, and some parts require replacement. They are bulkier and take up much storage space.

Where to Buy?

Pressure cookers are widely available. You can visit the nearest store. Each store feature a wide collection of the pressure cooker. You can choose according to your budget and needs. Most pressure cookers are budget-friendly. You can find both modern pressure cookers, as well as traditional pressure cookers. You can also buy online from renowned sites, such as Amazon, eBay, etc.

Last Word

There are countless brands and companies in the market to choose from. There is immense competition among companies, and each is trying its best to grab the attention of the customers. They are incorporating the latest technology and skill to provide better innovation in the massive cooking industry. We have carried out extensive research in the market. Everyone highly recommends buying a pressure cooker. The benefits are amazing.  Even professionals recommend buying a pressure cooker. With a pressure cooker, you can cook the tastiest of meals in the shortest of time. So get yourself a pressure cooker today!


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