Best Electric Pressure Cooker – Reviews & Top Picks 2023

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Hi, This is Sharon Gourley, I am a blogger & chef. I love cooking and blogging. Welcome to my Best Kitchen Products website! If you are interested to know more about Kitchen Products and how to pick the Best Kitchen Products for making healthy food at home or to design your kitchen well-looking, you have come to the right place!

It pays to think about what to do before you buy one pressure cooker for your kitchen.  So here I’ve put in information that might be useful for you to choose the right pressure cooker (Reviews & Top Picks 2018)  for yourself. I took the info from my experience while shopping for a good Pressure Cooker for Cooking.

What Size is best for a Pressure Cooker?

Determining the best size of a pressure cooker depends upon the amount of food that you are going to cook. However, the problem is when cooked different foods expand differently and they do not consume the same space at all. For example, grains and beans expand more than other foods because they produce foam while cooking.

The size of pressure cookers indicates the amount of liquid they can hold. There is no best pressure cooker that can manage more than two-thirds of its capacity. The pot should only be filled only one-half for most grains and beans to two-thirds for other foods. The remaining space is required for the steam and frothing generated while cooking. If you fill the pot more than two-thirds of its capacity the steam valves may get a block when the pot is full. So, before buying a pressure cooker, estimate the required size by multiplying the amount of food to be prepared (in liters) by 0.5 to 0.75.

When it comes to the most common sizes, remember the following:

Four Quarts – Good for singles or couples, or creating a single side dish.
Six Quarts – Most popular in small families with more than three people. Ideal for most full meal recipes, but not big enough to store.
Eight Quarts – Ideal for large families with more than 6 members or if you want to store.
These are the three most common pressure cooker sizes and most recipes are created for these sizes. Notwithstanding, you may also come across 16, 18, and 23 Quart pressure cookers. However, these are normally reserved for canning meats, vegetables, and other low-acid foods. They are often used with pint jars or quarts.

While searching for our best pressure cookers and after researching and reading so many reviews and customer comments, we concurred on the following products as the best pressure cookers. Let’s take a sneak peak on their detailed reviews.

Editor Choice: Best Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 5/5 5 – 6 – 8 (quarts) See Price Read Reviews

Presto Pressure Cooker 4.9/5 23-Quart See Price Read Reviews

All American Pressure Cooker 5/5 21-1/2 (quarts) See Price Read Reviews

Cuisinart MSC-600 4.5/5 4- 6 – 8 (quarts) See Price Read Reviews
Gowise USA Pressure Cooker 4/5 6(quarts) See Price Read Reviews
Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cooker 5/5 5- 6- 7- 8(quarts) See Price Read Reviews
Power Pressure Cooker XL 4.1/5 6- 8(quarts) See Price Read Reviews
T-fal Pressure Cooker 4.2/5 5- 6- 7- 8(quarts) See Price Read Reviews
Zojirushi NS-TSC10 4.9/5 5- 6- 7- 8(quarts) See Price Read Reviews
Instant Pot IP-LUX60 4.9/5 5- 6(quarts) See Price Read Reviews


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Top Best Electric Pressure Cookers of 2018 | Reviews & Buying Guide Feature Highlights

Easy to read Large LCD display
Safety Lid Lock
Leaky Lid Smart Detection Technology
Excess pressure protection
Automatic Temperature control

The Instant Pot IP-DUO60, 6Qt/1000W 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker tops our list. This is the perfect fit for those who want an easy time preparing their favorite dishes. With almost no tweak at all the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 will deliver the perfect meal even when unsupervised. Here is what makes it a good cooker for any contemporary home today.

To begin with, the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 6Qt/1000W provides 7 in 1 multi-cooking option. These options include pressure cooking, slow cooking; rice cooking, sauté/ browning, yogurt maker, warmer, and steamer.

For sauté and slow cook, this electric pressure cooker beats them all. It offers three different temperatures to choose from. This is excellent for additional flexibility while cooking and a great time.

It is an easy-to-use control panel that comes with 14 microprocessor-controlled programs. Additionally, it has a dual pressure and an automatic keep-warm option for general home use.

But what makes it click for most users? It is energy-efficient, kitchen-friendly, and UL and ULC certified. Meaning, Instant Pot 6Qt has certified ten safety options in place and that tops the list.

If cooking rice, you will enjoy a 3PLY bottom stainless steel cooking pot. When separating food, you will enjoy stainless steel cooking rack. The rack doubles up as a handle, user manual, and a recipe booklet in 4 different languages. Believe me, if you are looking for the best electric pressure cooker, the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 is the real deal.

For safety reasons, fill the inner pot to over 2/3 full when planning to use the pressure cooker. Make sure you do not bypass the MAX line mark if you don’t intend to pressure cook at all. It has lid lock, pressure regulator, Leaky-Lid-Smart- Detection Technology, Anti-Blockage vent Technology, Magnetic sensor for ideal lid positioning, and auto-pressure control among other safety options.

Personally, I loved this pressure cooker because of its 14 microprocessor-controlled programs. They are customized to support a number of cool dishes that I love including meat, soup, stew, poultry, chili, bean, steam, rice, porridge, and yogurt. And for more flexible cooking, I love to use its dual pressure settings. Higher pressure means reduced cooking time by up to 90% for me and saved up energy.

Make sure you find the right type of module as this makes accessories available too. My advice is if you don’t love the cooker for its super awesome design. Or the stainless steel coat that offers maximum durability and an easy-to-maintain and care routine. Then love it for its dishwasher-friendly inner pot and lid that can also be cleaned with a damp microfiber pad/cloth.

At 15 pounds the cooker is a little heavy but easy to use. It measures 13 x 12.6 x 12.2 inches. Its size adds to its longevity and an ideal functionality.


Using this pressure cooker is easy! All you need is to press on a preset button and the pressure cooker will automatically adjust to your preferred cooking style, number, favorite dish, etc. Read The Full Review

All American 921 21-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner Review

Read 1100+ Customer Reviews

All American 921 21-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner Review

If you want to know about the All American 921 pressure cooker and canner, just look at its stellar Amazon reviews. This pressure cooker/ Canner has an unprecedented 4.8-star rating from over 1104 customers, with 91% of reviewers giving it a perfect 5-star rating.

So what is it about the All American 921 that makes it so special? Well, this 21.5-quart pressure cooker and canner is perfect for executing safe and efficient Canning, as well as quick-cooking. This exceptionally large unit, therefore, establishes itself as the perfect tool for preparing vast quantities of food, without breaking the bank.

Cuisinart MSC-600 3-In-1 Cook Central 6-Quart Multi-Cooker Review

Cuisinart has consistently delivered premium kitchen appliances, which combine versatility and functionality to give you counter-top appliances like no other.

One example of this ingenuity is the Cuisinart MSC-600 3-In-1 Slow Cooker, which a multi-functional cooker is meant to combine all your cooking tasks into one simple operation.

This high-performing appliance offers numerous features for your convenience, and its sturdy construction guarantees that you will use the cooker for a long time to come. So if you are looking for an intuitive pressure cooker for a range of cooking needs,

Cuisinart MSC-600 review

Read 1000+ Customer Reviews

Gowise USA Pressure Cooker reviews

Read 180+ Customer Reviews

GoWise USA Stainless-steel 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker Review

If you look up multi-cookers on the internet, you will find many fantastic options to choose. Unfortunately, most of these beautiful options are designed with large families in mind, therefore alienating single households, couples, and small families.

So what happens if you fall into this category? Which cooking appliance can accommodate your limited cooking needs without breaking the bank? That is where I come in. After an exhaustive search, I have come upon the 6-in-1 pressure cooker from the GoWise USA, which offers multi-functional benefits for all its users.


The Benefits of Using a Pressure Cooker

The electric pressure cooker is a long-term investment that will last for 15-20 years or longer. I use my cooker for more than ten years, Following Benefits of a pressure cooker as I have:

You will get the healthier lifestyle
Ecological Friendly
Economical Friendly
Recreational Use for travelers and vacationers
Emergency Preparedness to cook foods
Saves Space & Other Cookware
Finally, it’s a Dependable Device
So what are the benefits of the best pressure cooker? There are many reasons why pressure cookers are special. Here are some of the most vital ones that we collected after carrying out our research.


Pressure cooking saves you money. As mentioned above, using an electric pressure cooker increases the temperature inside the cooker within a short period of time. This means that only a minimal amount of gas or electricity will be needed to fuel your cooking. You will be spending less money on electricity once you opt for the best pressure cookers. This will amount to about 70-90% in gas or electricity savings.


A pressure cooker is budget-friendly. With the best type of pressure cooker, you will have the beauty of enjoying high durability and a longer lifespan in your cooking. You will cut down the cost of buying cookers and over time realize the value for your money.


Pressure cookers provide healthier lifestyles. They provide you with timely well-cooked food. This is important for your system. Additionally, the electric pressure cooker makes this process easy so that you don’t have to use so much energy and end up tired always.


Pressure cookers are efficient upgrades to your kitchen. It will elevate your cooking, your savings, and even your techniques in cooking. There are just so many dishes you can prepare and there are even more benefits waiting for you once you have decided to finally elevate your cooking with the best pressure cookers.


The pressure cooker covers emergency cooking. Whether conventional cooker or the modern pressure cooker, pressure cookers are often fast and efficient. They take the shortest time possible and will give you maximum options for saving emergencies.


A pressure cooker is friendly to the environment. Pressure cookers don’t smoke. They don’t emit pollutants and are therefore very friendly to the ecosystem. You can always be sure to save the environment from too much emission of harmful gases with pressure cookers.


The pressure cooker is also a very dependable appliance. You can be sure of cooked meals. Most of these appliances are customized with controlled cooking programs that you only click and voila! Your food is ready. The programmed cooker will not disappoint you.


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Here is an infographic from ByteCode about the benefits of a pressure cooker

Kuhn Rikon Stainless-Steel Pressure Cooker Review

For over 80 years, Swiss company Kuhn Rikon has produced the most simple and convenient products for cooks of all skill levels. These carefully crafted tools are a fantastic blend of traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology, ensuring that you have the most functional and modern cookware available.

The Duromatic stainless-steel pressure cooker from Kuhn Rikon is such a product, giving you the chance to cook tasty and healthy meals for your whole family, in no time at all. This stove-top pressure cooker boasts of an elegant design, top grade construction, and an accommodating capacity, ensuring that you have the best possible value for your money.

Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cooker Review

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Power Pressure Cooker XL reviews

Read 450+ Customer Reviews

Power Pressure Cooker XL Flavor Infusion Technology 6-Quart Review

We all love food, and we all love to eat. A well-cooked meal can wipe the frown off the most hardened man, hence the need for delicious recipes, a delicate hand, and quality cooking utensils.

Over the decades, pressure cookers have increased in popularity, as they provide a way to cook delicious meals in a short amount of time. However, many people are suspicious of pressure cookers, and their ability to properly infuse flavor into meals.

If you are one of those people, I have good news for you. The Power Pressure Cooker XL is a new pressure cooker, which uses flavor infusion technology to give you finger licking food. Not only does this cooker allow you to cook meals much faster, but it also ensures that your meals are flavorful and healthy.

T-fal Pressure Cooker Review

Read 350+ Customer Reviews

T-Fal ActiFry multi-cooker reviews

There has been a growing trend away from fatty and fried foods, due to the health consequences of maintaining such a diet. There are also people who are reluctant to give up such a diet, due to the mere fact that fried food is delicious. If you are one of these people, then I have something for you; an air fryer!

An air fryer will cook food using hot air as opposed to oil, making it an extremely healthy kitchen appliance to own. One example of an air fryer is the T-Fal ActiFry multi-cooker, which works tirelessly to prepare tasty low-fat meals. The ActiFry has been engineered to cook your favorite dishes using minimal amounts of oil so that you can eat healthily, and feel good doing so.

Zojirushi NS-TSC10 review

Read 750+ Customer Reviews

Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer Review

Do you love rice? I shouldn’t have asked that everyone loves rice. Following this logic, there is nothing worse than a plate of badly cooked rice. That is where rice cooker’s come in, promising to prepare your rice to perfection.

The NS-TSC10 Micom rice cooker from Zojirushi is such a cooker, offering all rice lovers a 5.5 cup capacity cooker with rich features, advanced technology, and adjustable settings. This versatile and high-quality rice cooker is everything that you have ever hoped for, and everything that you have ever dreamed.

Instant Pot IP-LUX60 6-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker

The Instant Pot IP-LUX60 6-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker cooking area home appliance is identified by an extensive scope of terrific attributes while it’s multifunctional. It provides 14 inbuilt processes, and an automobile keep-warm to delay cooking for as long as 99 hrs. You will certainly be astonished by its kitchen-friendly cooking manners. It does not get too hot in environments, and it is much easier to cleanse due to the fine-brushed stainless steel.

Instant Pot IP-LUX60 Review

Read 1500+ Customer Reviews


5 Reasons Why You Should Go For A Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker Pot is so versatile that it can replace half the pots and pans in your kitchen. Not only does it preserve up to 54% more of your food’s vitamins and nutrients than other cooking methods, but it can also cook your food in ⅓ the time than regular. For those who remember being frightened that a pressure cooker might explode at any time, the models available today are fully affordable and extremely safe. With a new valve system, multiple safety mechanisms, and easy to read gauge, these are not your mother’s pressure cookers. If you are still not convinced, keep in mind that these pressure cookers are extremely energy efficient using up to 69% less energy than other cooking methods. Not sure how to get started? Read on to learn 5 uses of a pressure cooker that just might surprise you.

1. Roaster

One best way to utilize your pressure cooker is for roasting meats and vegetables. Dinners that would usually take hours will be done in a few minutes. Even cheaper cuts of meat will come out moist and tender because of your pressure cooker’s ability to retain liquid.

2. Rice/Risotto Cooker

Make perfect rice every time with your new electric pressure cooker. Its ability to cook at high temperatures will have dinner on the table in 10 minutes and your rice will have a perfect consistency whether you use chicken stock or water.

3. Pressure Cooker as Steamer

Whether you like your veggies al dente or well done your pressure cooker will make beautiful brightly colored nutrient-rich vegetables in just of few minutes.


4. Pressure Cooker as Canning

If you have ever wanted to make your own jams and jellies your pressure cooker can be used as a boiling water bath. This is a great method for making pie filling and fruit butter as well.


5. Pressure Cooker as Water Purifier

Perfect for power outages and camping trips, your electric or battery pressure cooker can be used right on a campfire to turn nearly any water into fresh drinking water. That’s why pressure cookers are a very popular RV accessory. They save space and can truly be used anywhere.

This is just the starting of all the things you can do once you bring home your own pressure cooker. From baking bread and making desserts to cooking whole potatoes in a few minutes, you will find that this one cooker will become the busiest little appliance in your kitchen as well as the whole house. So why late? Get your pressure cooker now and start experimenting.


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Presto 1755 16 Quart Aluminum Pressure Canner Review

Read 500+ Customer Reviews

Presto 1755 16-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker/Canner

Like other companies “National Presto Industries” is a renowned company to manufactures kitchen items. This company has gained a lot of familiarity with their quality products for the use of kitchen and dining stuff. It has been making kitchen products with great success since 1905. A pressure canner is one of the best running products that is consumed by customers all over the world with vast reviews from their end. Presto 1755 16-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker is the proof of their real success.

All American 30 Quart Pressure Canner Review

The All-American 30-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner provides service as a cooker and canner. Its huge capacity allows you to can and preserves foods as your demand. It is made by the Wisconsin Foundry which is known for creating one of the best cooker/ Canner available in the market. Now have a look at its interesting features below.

All American 30 Quart Pressure Canner Review

Read 2000+ Customer Reviews

All American 15 Quart Pressure Cooker Review

Read 2000+ Customer Reviews

All American 15-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker Review

The All-American 15-½ -Quart Pressure Cooker is one of the most popular and widely used products of Wisconsin Foundry, which is known for making high-quality pressure cookers/canners. The function of pressure cooking of this product is high as it can turn the toughest meat into juicy delicacies, and it is quite efficient too. It also serves as Canner for you if are really into preserving and canning with its capacity of 15-½-quart size. Now it’s time to look into the features of the All-American 15-½ -Quart Pressure Cooker.

Types of Pressure Cooker


Best Programmable Slow Cookers: Thinking about roasting your meat at a slow temperature for 8-10 ten hours but you don’t have any product that can ensure the cooking temperature for the slow cooking. Then you need to buy a programmable slow cooker. In the new and modern slow cookers, you will be able to choose both the cooking time and temperature. All of them come with a few years of warranty, and it makes sure that they will worth the bucks you are spending on them by buying. Here are the top 3best programmable slow cookers you can find in the market. Read More.

Xl Pressure Cookers: Thinking about getting an extra-large pressure cooker for commercial purposes or using one during a house party where you have to cook for lots of people. To save your time and energy here, we are enlisted the top extra large pressure cookers for you with their special features so you can choose. All of them can be used for canning purposes too. So this also gives you a chance to preserve foods naturally for your family and friends. Read More…

Best pressure cooker:  A pressure cooker is an airtight pot that is used to cook foods using enormous pressure inside the pot. A Huge amount of steam generates inside the airtight pot, and it builds up the huge pressure. This pressure helps to cook food at a faster rate. Because of its multiple benefits, the pressure cooker is mostly used and famous household apparatus using in our day to day life every day in every corner of the world. But for getting the best benefits from it and making the most beneficial uses of pressure cookers. We need to choose the possible best pressure cooker or at least follow some criteria to be contained by the pressure cookers that we are going to use. Otherwise, we might not get the best performance of the pressure cookers. See More

Small Pressure Cookers:  Having a large cooker is not always the main agenda. You may want to cook only for you, or you don’t have the kitchen space to keep it. Maybe you are just willing to spend a little amount of food on cooking by a pressure cooker. No matter what reason you have to look for a pressure cooker that is small in size, you have to keep in mind that it has to be one pressure cooker with high quality. Have no worry about the price tag at this moment just follow the article to know which small pressure cookers are available for you at a wallet-friendly price and they are really high in build and quality too. Here are a few top-rated small pressure cookers. Learn More…

Cheap Pressure Cookers: A pressure cooker is a very efficient and useful product for those who love to do the cooking. There are different pressure cookers with different qualities and features. Also, the price range is too broad. Also, if you are new to pressure cooking, then it might be a bit hard for you to manage. So if you don’t know how to handle it, you cannot able to take proper care of it, and there are chances for accidents and damaging the products. So if you are new to a pressure cooker, then try something cheaper. It is a kind of investment to enrich your knowledge.  In below, you will find the information you need about the cheap pressure cookers in the market. Read More.

Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker: Getting a pressure cooker to make your cooking life easy is always a great idea. Finally, when you have taken the decision to buy one, you find the options available in the world pressure cookers quite confusing. To get you off this confusion this article will let you know why you will buy a stainless steel pressure cooker with all these options. You might find it questioning why we are telling you to purchase a pressure cooker that is pricier and heavier than other available stoves. Just sit tight and get through the article and you will find that by buying a stainless steel stove you will make the right decision. The following characteristics of a stainless steel pressure cooker are worthy enough to take a look at. Read Details.


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9 Bullet Points For Loving a Pressure Cooker

You will get the healthier lifestyle Ecological Friendly Economical Friendly Recreational Use for travelers and vacationers Emergency Preparedness to cook foods



Saves Space & Other Cookware Time-Saving Finally, it’s a Dependable Device Buy Pressure Cooker now to get up to 43% Discount


Buy Best Electric Pressure Cooker on Amazon


Electric or Stovetop Pressure Cooker? Which one is perfect for you?


Stove Top Pressure Cooker

Stove Tops are conventional pressure cookers. They were there before the invention of the electric pressure cooker. It is a Stove Top cooker that has been modified over the years in order to meet the needs of many different users.  In fact for some users, stove tops are still the best pressure cookers. However, here is a more objective view of the stovetop version based on numerous other pressure cooker reviews.



The stovetop takes about 11 minutes for enough pressure to build up. This is quicker than the electric pressure cooker’s 14 minutes.
For Stove Top, you can use the cold water quick-release method to ease up the pressure this takes up about 30 seconds.
Stove Tops can also be opened using the normal release method, which takes about 2 minutes. This works more or less the same as the natural release method, which takes about 10 minutes.
Stove Tops also have a number of safety precautions. A Stove Top pressure cooker has a lid-locking system.
The stovetop can also be used and stored like a normal cooking pot. This makes it easy to use with any heat source even bonfires and barbecues!



The Stove Top pressure cooker has no integrated timer or scheduling features.
Stove Top cooker made out of Aluminum is not very durable. However, stainless steel models are very durable.
Even though these pressure cookers may lack the self-scheduling feature, a diligent cook can still set the time manually and prepare a nice meal. Additionally, stainless steel stovetop pressure cookers are still the best pressure cookers in the market today. With their realism and versatility, you can have a nearly unlimited array of dishes that can be prepared.


Electric Pressure Cooker

In case you are having the best electric pressure cooker, you have the choice to program and adjust multiple settings depending on your cooking needs.  Indeed for the electric pressure cooker, you can often adjust the temperature and pressure levels with just a click of a button.

Additionally, you will enjoy the convenience of small timely displays that will give you the current temperature as well as pressure levels in your cooker. For modern homes, an electric pressure cooker is a very convenient home appliance, especially for people who love canned or preserved food.

It’s also a convenient appliance to have if you want to cut down the amount of time used in preparing your favorite meals. Though a relatively new addition in the world of modern kitchen equipment, the electric pressure cooker has made a huge impact on optimizing cooking with pressure!



Everything is controlled by a click of a button: The temperature and pressure can be controlled in electric pressure cookers by LCD panels that contain preset buttons.
You are therefore saved from the hassle of manually controlling the flame-like the conventional Stove Top Pressure cooker desires as well as being limited to the pressure control capabilities of the Stove Top.

There is simple and easy-to-understand labeling on models. In fact, many models have numerous pressure settings. The best examples are “meat”, “high pressure”, “low pressure”, and “warm” among others.

In an electric pressure cooker, the heat regulation is completely automated. You can select the pressure and cooking time, and your cooking is just by the press of a button! Especially for models that have integrated timers.

With electric pressure cookers, you don’t have to watch over your pot for fear that it might burn! Electric models allow you to delay the start of cooking for up to 11 hours! You can choose your desired settings before leaving the house.
If you choose delayed timers for your cooker, your meal will already be cooked by the time you get home and this is super cool! This is possibly the best electric pressure cooker feature that you can get today.

There are also computer chips in these models that help to prevent excessive pressure buildup. They are good at preventing accidents. They come with a customized electric coil as a heat source.



An electric pressure cooker has no cold water quick-release feature for releasing pressure in the pot.
The electric pressure cooker is larger than stovetop pressure cookers. This makes it less portable. In fact, some newer models can go up to 24 Quarts.
Electric pressure cookers can’t be used unless you’re pressure cooking. This makes it less flexible for the most common home needs that don’t have to use pressure.

However, with so many automated functions, electric pressure cookers are still the best. They cook meals faster but they also need enough counter or storage space to support your other pursuits.

At the end of the day, you get to choose the kind of pressure cooker that will be helping you with your roast and risotto. As long as you know how to use your device, you will have no problems whichever kind you end up choosing. Happy hunting!


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Choose The Best Size Pressure Cooker For Your Family

4 Quart Pressure Cookers: 4-quart pressure cookers are good for a small family. There are a lot of pressure cooker brands in the market that produce 4-quart pressure cookers. A 4-quart pressure cooker can make a meal for 2 to 4 persons. If you are not sure about which one you will pick then, we are going to give you reviews about the best 4-quart pressure cookers in the market. Learn More…

6 Quart Pressure Cooker: A pressure cooker can change your cooking life in lots of different ways. It will not only decrease your cooking time, but it will also put your kitchen schedule in a good shape. If the pressure cooker is an electric one, then it will make your life easier. If you are not familiar with an electric pressure cooker and don’t want to spend much to get one, then this kitchen living pressure cooker from Audi is going to be the perfect choice for you. Now go through this article and you will know more about this amazing electric pressure cooker. Read Details…

8 Quart Pressure Cookers: Pressure cookers are excellent for cooking. A pressure cooker will not only save money but also gives promise for healthy food. 8-quart pressure cookers are good for a big family. An 8-quart pressure cooker can make a meal for 10 to 20 people. Now we are going to discuss some top 8-quart pressure cookers you can find available in the market. Read More…

10 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker: Having a pressure cooker will dramatically change your cooking life. With its help, you will be able to cooker faster than before. Making a meal for your family will be walking in a park, and you will be able to put high-quality home-cooked food for your partner and kids. Food cooked in a pressure cooker has more nutrients than traditionally cooked food. If you are worried that you have a pretty big family, and you won’t be able to cook for them with a pressure cooker. Then think twice. Here we are presenting a few 10-quart pressure cookers. With these 10-quart electric pressure cookers, you will be able to cook food in large proportion. If you want, you can use any of them for family gatherings too. Learn More…

How to Choose the Best Pressure Cooker

You must be wondering: Aluminum or Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker? Which one is the best? And which one is ideal for your kitchen or home cooking needs? Here are the ideal facts that we collected.

Stainless steel cookers are better corrosion resistant and so resistant to scratches and warping. This means that they can retain their luster for much longer.

Additionally, the stainless steel models don’t react with acidic food products. They are much durable and stylish in look. This makes the stainless steel models more expensive than aluminum models.

In fact, stainless steel pressure cookers are still the best pressure cookers in the market today. Like we pointed out, with their practicality and versatility, you can have a nearly unlimited array of dishes that can be prepared.

When it comes to aluminum cookers they are comparatively the cheaper models. If you are working on a budget you can always choose pressure cookers made out of aluminum.

Additionally, aluminum is a better heat conductor than steel. But because it is softer than stainless steel it is prone to dents and scratches that could mar its looks. Furthermore, aluminum may react with certain acidic foods, and this harmful to your health.

Basically, the best choice for a pressure cooker between the two metals is impacted by their most important features and these are often the cost and durability. From our reviews and research, the aluminum pressure cookers are more affordable, better conductors of heat but their durability is not that high.

While the models made out of stainless steel are generally costly but more durable. However, the latest models have the bottom made out of aluminum for better absorption of heat. Therefore if you want cheaper models you can always go with an aluminum pressure cooker. However, if it is quality and durability you crave to choose the stainless steel pressure cookers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Pressure Cooker
With over a few hundred choices, it would be rather hard to find the perfect pressure cooker. This even becomes more challenging if you do it on your own without any help. There are many different models available in the market varying sizes, shapes, brands and etc. The trick is to find one that meets and satisfies your need.  Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the best pressure cooker for you.



Safety is very vital. The safest pressure cooker models to use will have lids, built-in cooking pots, pressure release valves, timers, LCD displays, plastic handlers, and many other features just to make sure you are safe while cooking. This is because pressure cookers work under the principle of built-up pressure and an intense amount of steam and pressure can often be released. If done poorly this can cause a destructive blast in the kitchen. So look for devices that come with pressure indicators, secure lid locks, and effective release valves.



From Weighted Valve Pressure Regulators, Modified Weighted Valve Pressure Regulators, to Spring Valve Pressure Regulators Look always look for a regulator with maximum pounds per square inch of 15. This is considered a standard regulator, and most if not all recipes are designed for this amount of pressure. Meaning that anything lower will slow down the cooking time.

The weighted valve pressure regulator is also called the jiggle top. It is used on top of the vent pipe where excess steam escapes. The best models are often removable for easy cleaning. For proper use, always make sure it is not blocked whenever you intend to use it. For the weighted valve pressure regulator, the pressure is regulated with a rocking movement.

You will know your cooking has started if you are using a weighted valve pressure regulator when it starts to rock. It rocks to a gentle rhythm to let you know everything is okay. In case it stops and becomes quiet you should check immediately.

Modified Weighted Valve Pressure Regulators are attached to the pressure cooker. They release steam in small bursts to reach 15 pounds of pressure per square inch (PSI). They are pricier than the weighted valve regulators. This design needs a lot of care as it will be very hard to tell when the steam will begin to escape. The best advice is to use a lower temperature as this will help the steam to be released slowly.

Spring Valve Pressure Regulators on the other hand use a pop-up one-inch valve to indicate the cooker’s pressure. They are more expensive. They allow you to choose either a 10 or 15 PSI. They don’t make noise, so you’ll have to watch it closely.

For almost all electric pressure cookers, this is equal to 15 psi (pounds per square inch). Best pressure cookers would be able to have indicators that tell you when this pressure is achieved.


The Brand

There are many pressure cooker manufacturers today. This means that we have a number of brands too. If you must go with the brand, always pick one who’s been in business for many years. Look for a brand with good financial background and one that enjoys the best reviews in the market. This is important as overtime when you may need to replace parts on the pressure cooker you will need to find them easily. Such brands have ready-made parts and you don’t have to ferry them back to the manufacturers.

The company also needs to still be operating so you can purchase any replacement pieces that you may need. Often these parts cannot be intermixed with parts from other manufacturers and therefore having readily available parts is usually very important.

The trick is that if you must go with brands, always buy pressure cookers from reputable retailers. Check to see if they sell the replacement parts and choose a pressure cooker that is approved by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), or another qualified testing organization as they will determine the best standard of quality.


Cover Interlock Systems

The cover interlock system is an essential safety feature that will automatically lock the cover while the pressure inside is high and only unlocks once the pressure is safely lowered. It doesn’t allow the pressure to build until the cover is in place properly.

This is good for eliminating many accidents that may come from improper use of a pressure cooker. If you don’t have the cover interlock system you can go for pressure cookers that have a visual pressure indicator for safety. They will let you know if the pressure inside is high.

Go with models offering a secondary pressure relief mechanism that can be used to release the pressure if the vent pipe is blocked.



Handles must also be inspected for durability as you would need to carry a pot filled with hot food. Handles need to be heat resistant, secure, made out of poor conductors of heat and must be comfortable to you. You can always practice holding the pressure cooker before purchasing it to make sure it feels comfortable.


Cooking Baskets and Racks

Racks and baskets allow you to separate all the different types of food inside the pressure cooker. This gives better results as it prevents all the items within the pressure cooker from being mixed together.


Interior Materials

The interior of some models has non-stick interiors. However as the many pressure cooker reviews will point out, this feature isn’t very important. Why? Because non-stick materials don’t hold up well under intense pressure and therefore can give you poor results sometimes.

You should also pay attention of the base materials for easy cleaning, no scorching, and perfect heating conductions. Therefore you can always buy a pressure cooker with either a tri-metal or bi-metal base. These are bases that contain a layer of aluminum to minimize scorching. They do this by allowing the heat to be evenly distributed throughout the pot. This allows for even cooking.


Compatible Cooktops

Your pressure cooker should be compatible with a number of cooktops. In fact, some pressure cookers cannot sit on ceramic cooktops. Compatibility is very important as electric pressure cooker models have their own heat source.


Recipe Booklet

The best pressure cooker will come with a user manual and also a recipe and instruction book. This is good in giving the user clear directions on how to safely operate the pressure cooker. It also provides some basic recipes to get one started


Pressure Cooker Cost

Cost is a very important consideration.  Always go for a pressure cooker that is readily affordable for you. You can always work with a budget. However, safety comes first while the rest can follow. The best way you could get experience is through the experience of others. This can be done through reading through electric pressure cooker reviews and ratings. Happy shopping!


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Must-Have Accessories of Pressure Cooker.


Suppose, You have an old pressure cooker, you need to replace its parts. Well!  here I have listed the most important 20 Accessories of the Pressure Cooker.

WMF Perfect Plus Solid Insert: The measurement of this product is 8-3/4-inch. WMF Perfect Plus Solid Insert for 4-1/2-Quart is a must-have for fast cooking.  Also, it helps to keep the food healthy because it does not let the nutrients leak. It has a stainless body made of steel, which gives it extra durability. It has a footed base that allows lifting it from the bottom corner of the cooker. It also has an additional handle for easy lifting. Read More…
Best WMF Perfect Plus 8-Inch Insert: WMF Perfect Plus 8-Inch Insert Set is a must-have for those who want to do healthy cooking. It helps to cook food in steam; as a result, there is no chance to leak the nutrients. Stainless steel is used in this product to give it extra durability. This set can be used in any brand’s pressure cooker. The only requirement is the diameter must be at least nine inches. Read Details.


Best Polder Steamer Basket: 

The Polder Strainer/Steamer Basket is made from stainless steel with specific features to keep you safe while using it. Its grips are very comfortable, and the high heat handles to keep your hands safe from burning. It has a height of eight inches which allows you to cook or steam products of various ranges from asparagus to clams. The base of the product is raised which keeps your countertops scratch-free. Read Details.


Here is an important list of pressure cooker accessories.


Instant Pot® 6L/6.33qt Stainless Steel Inner Pot with 3-ply Bottom
Mirro 9882000MW 12-Quart and 22-Quart M-Series Pressure Cooker Gasket Cookware Accessory
All American 151 rack, 11.5 diameters.
Cuisinart CPC-SR600 Sealing Ring
Great Food Fast (Best of the Best Presents) Bob Warden’s Ultimate Pressure Cooker Recipes
Bayou Classic BG10 High-Pressure Cast-Iron Replacement Burner for Round Bayou Classic Cooker Frames
Granite Ware 0718-1 Enamel-on-Steel Canning Kit, 9-Piece.
S-9888 metal safety fuse fits Mirro pressure cookers.
All American pressure cooker steam gauge.
S-9890 pressure cooker gasket seal fits Mirro.
9913/9978 pressure cooker regulator weight.
Mirro 98505 pressure cooker regulator
Fagor 9-inch Silicon Gasket


Pressure Perfect:

Two Hour Taste in Twenty Minutes Using Your Pressure Cooker
Presto Pressure Cooker/Canner Pressure-Tru Indicator
Mirro 9605000A Canning Accessories Food Press with Wooden Pestle, Silver
Mirro 9605000A Canning Accessories Food Press with Wooden Pestle, Silver
Granite Ware 0718-1 Enamel-on-Steel Canning Kit, 9-Piece
Mr. Heater High-Pressure Propane Gas Regulator with POL Fitting #F273719
Bayou Classic M5LPH, 36″ Stainless Braided Low-Pressure Hose, 1-PSI Regulator, 3/8″ Flare Swivel Fitting


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More About Best Electric Pressure Cooker

All right, I hope what I’ve summarized here helps you choose the right Best Electric Pressure Cooker machine for your home. Once you get that lovely machine, that matches your taste for Pressure Cooker. You’ll soon find out how blissful it is to save time every day and yet enjoy quality cook comparable to or even better than the 5-star hotel!

I have some Best Electric Pressure Cooker Reviews here too. To learn more about the best deals and latest information for the Best Electric Pressure Cooker machines, go to my post now! Hope you will enjoy the review. Please don’t forget to comments in the section below.

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Final Words

I have now come to the conclusion of an extensive and informative guide to choosing the Best Electric Pressure Cooker under the 200 budget range. A word of advice; Buying a Best Electric Pressure Cooker is an investment which should not be taken lightly. Spend time reading reviews and talking to an expert so that you do not regret your final decision!


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