Stove Pressure Cooker Recipes Vs Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

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There is a myth like specific recipes can only be made by either an electric pressure cooker or a stovetop. You have to keep in mind that in general both of them are pressure cookers. So it is possible to use stovetop recipes to cook in an electric pressure cooker. For your help, a few instructions are “transfer” in detail so that you can use stovetop recipes to prepare by using a pressure cooker.


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·         Add 1 cup of liquid·         Add your pressure cooker’s minimum liquid




More fluid is needed by the pressure cooker to cook than the amount is required by the stovetop pressure cooker. It is necessary and crucial to know how much water is needed by your electric pressure cooker to reach the required pressure. Usually, one or a half cup of water is needed by the pressure cooker to do so. But you must check you manually so you can be sure about it. Many recipes available on the websites are for both types of a cooker, and they sometimes don’t distinct the amount of extra water needed for the electric pressure cooker. Other recipes always mention the additional amount necessary for the electric pressure cooker.
·         in the pre-heated pressure cooker·         sauté·         reduce·         bring to a boil






For the most electric pressure cooker available in the market, there is either a “sauté” or “brown” button. If you push that it will preheat the cooker or can be used for boiling water. If the pressure cooker does not have a specific button, then you need to read the manual. You will find that you can heat the pressure cooker without using the lead and the base will heat in this way. There is nothing to worry about because the cooker will never reach the weight without the lead. If the pressure cooker has a dial setting, then you need to turn the dial for maximum minutes when you are reducing or sauteing
·         Close and lock the lid Almost all the pressure cookers that are electric will close their lead automatically unless something is mentioned in the manual. If written then you need to twist the lead. Then you can check to make sure the valve is working correctly or not. In these kinds of points, there is often a setting called, “Pressure” or “seal.”
·         bring the cooker to pressure on high heat·         when the cooker has reached pressure, turn down the heat It is perfectly safe for you to ignore these instructions. These instructions are given so that the pressure of the stovetop can be up to the required level. In the case of the electric pressure cooker, you have it is automatically done when you punch in the cooking time in the pressure cooker.
·         pressure cook for XYZ minutes This special way is mostly used to keep the pressure cooking time in control in case of the venting pressure cooker. The electric pressure cooker you have will not whistle so read more about how you can convert the whistles into cooking time.
·         release pressure To do so, please turn the valve of the lid for “release” or “open.”
·         pour water on the lid Never does this with your electric pressure cooker.


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