Pressure Cooker Opening Methods

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Opening Methods of Pressure Cooker


There are so many ways of opening a pressure cooker and each of these ways has its individual effects, criteria, advantages, and disadvantages. Here we are going to illustrate the methods of the opening of a pressure cooker so that the beginners of using a pressure cooker will get benefited and also we will discuss all criteria of different opportunities so that they will be able to sharpen and enlarge their skills as well.


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Methods of choosing the opening skills


  • Even when the food isn’t being cooked, it’s so

When there are a continuous building and release of the pressure inside the pressure cooker, the temperature also increases. It goes near or above of the boiling point. It means the food has already been starting to be cooked though it doesn’t seem to be actual. This suits the best for different items like meats, fishes, desserts, and legumes. It is not suitable for the vegetables as they might be melted at such a temperature. We should select some earliest release methods for plants. But robust foods like meats, fishes will get the benefit of opening a larger period.


  • The more movement with the faster release

The speed of the liberation of the pressure from the pressure cooker is proportionally related to the amount of movement inside the pressure cooker. The high speed of weight gives more movement of the food. The bubbles of the boil are suppressed by the equilibrium, but when the high pressure gets released this balance is broken, and consequently, the bubbles begin to break to the surface again. Faster release of the pressure will also result in the violent and quicker release of the bubbles. It will also forcefully throw some bits of food as well as foam outside of the lid. On the other hand, in slow opening conditions, the bubbles rise in a very slow and lazy manner. We use the slowest opening method to maintain the least possible movement for the cooking of foods where we need to keep the whole item (example-bean) or for foods that we need to keep clear.


  • The faster evaporation for the hotter foods

The differential temperature between the temperature of the food that has come out from the pressure cooker and the standard temperature of the environment can make some effects on the speed of evaporation. The hottest food will be provided accelerated evaporation through the relatively faster opening. On the contrary, the slower method of opening will give the foods the chance to be cooled down and the food’s liquid and juice will evaporate at the rate of the conventional boiling of water. So the foods that we need to keep juicy for the original taste (like the roast), there we use slower method for the opening. Again recipes where there is some need of reduction after the pressure cooking, we use the faster method.


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  • Opening methods of pressure cooker

There are so many methods of the opening of pressure cookers according to the time of their operation. They add so many diversities in the field of operation of a pressure cooker as well. This classification starts with the fastest and ends with the slowest. Some methods are not to be suggested to use anymore, some are precise for older cookers but shouldn’t be used for the modern pressure cookers that are made with stainless steel.


  • Average method of pressure release

This method has some certain advantages as it is fast, both automatic and manual. This method operates only in 2 or 3 minutes, and that’s why known as the fastest method of opening. We use the different machines for the purpose of pressure release. We normally use a valve as the pressure releasing mechanism. We also use another mechanism like a button, a lever, push, etc. This method is best suited for the quick cooking of foods and vegetables. But it’s can’t be suitable for the heavy or jiggle type pressure cooker. The recommended type of opening for the heavy type pressure cooker is a Natural method of release where we use a simple fork tine to lift up the weight and then release the pressure out of the surface.


  • The slow, normal way of pressure release

This method is that much faster method for the opening of a pressure cooker that normally needs 5 to 10 minutes. This time span solely depends upon the structural design of the pressure cookers. It is kind of similar method to the normal opening method as it also uses the valve or other opening mechanism but, in this case, the release of pressure should be slowed down. If the pressure release is only allowed by the valve in full throttle, then it should be released by the cook in a very short time of span. If foam also comes out from the pressure cooker along with the steam, the valve will be closed just for 10 minutes until the next short burst or next release.


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  • 10-minute natural method of pressure release

This process of opening is not only slower but also a little bit delicate. It can take 10 or even 15 minutes to open and release the pressure, and this depends on the amount of remaining pressure in the container. The basis of this method is this method allows the pressure to be released for 10 minutes naturally. If there is still some amount of pressure to be released off, then that will be released using the slow, normal method of opening. If there comes such a case that the pressure is out less than 10 minutes, then the lid should be opened as well, and the cooker is left undisturbed for the full-time span of 10 minutes. This method is suitable mostly for the cooking of grains that need to be cooked by the steam of the cooker, not by any additional heat.


  • A natural method of pressure release

This method is the slowest among all types of pressure cookers. It is also the most delicate pressure release method among all types. This method needs from 10 to 30 minutes of time to release the pressure. This time depends upon the type of pressure cooker (their structural design, material, etc.) and the fill level. For example, the electric type pressure cooker needs a long time of opening due to its thermal type construction. Again, the fuller pressure cooker where the fill level is complete will also take the longest time to be opened. When the heat is turned off, the natural release makes the release the pressure from the cooker slower. For foods that need to expand like fruits, grains, and legumes, this method of opening is recommended to use mostly for those types of foods because it helps to prevent the bits of foods or the foams from coming out of the pressure cooker. This method is also suitable for the foods that need to be cooled down slowly to constrict the early evaporation of their moistness. Examples of such foods are meats and desserts.


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Not recommended opening methods

There are some methods of an opening which is problematic and they are suggested not to use anymore. They have been out of fashion because the materials with which they are being built up are no more popular nowadays.


  • Coldwater quick method of pressure release

This method normally carries a stove from the top of the pressure cooker to the sink situated at the below part and then turns on the water tap which drizzles onto the lid of the pressure cooker. Thus the pressure of the cooker is released without wetting the safety valves. This method is not anymore suggested for some definite reasons. The path from the stove to the sink might fill with different obstacles like kids, pets, etc. There is a probability that water might block the valves of the pressure cooker and causes the reverse suction. It also might be the cause of bending and ultimately damage the metal of the cooker. Sometimes there might be a problem of proper detection by the safety systems which might lead to an eruption in the time of cooking some super-heated foods. Nowadays, people are suggested to use the normal pressure release method instead of using cold-water quick release.

  • Base immersion method of pressure release

In this method of pressure release, there is also a stovetop of the pressure cooker like the cold water quick pressure release method to a sink or similar basin. Then they are partially filled with cold water. This method is also not recommended as it has also some drawbacks. Sometimes the pressure cooker might be slipped from the hand of the chef and can also damage both the basin and cooker as well. The thermal shock can also affect the metal body covering of the pressure cooker and separate the aluminum base of the pressure cooker. The production of this release method had been postponed more than twenty years ago. But still, there are some chefs who had learned to cook from some of their previous generations who use this method of pressure release though it is not that much popular worldwide. If there is any recipe that needs “Base Immersion” pressure release can alternately also uses the normal pressure release method instead.


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