5 Recipes that you haven’t tried with your Pressure Cooker

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5 Recipes that you haven’t tried with your Pressure Cooker


5 Recipes that you haven't tried with your Pressure Cooker


A pressure cooker cooks a lot. There is nothing new to say to the people who know about the functionality of pressure cookers. The pressure cooking method has brought comfort to your cooking time. Pressure cookers not only spare your mistakes by soaking the beans before cooking but also hide your skills of making thin soups by giving it the perfect thickness and flavor it deserves. Even it makes the stubborn vegetables tender. So, you can try anything with your pressure cooker. There are plenty of delicious dishes that you haven’t sought to cook with your pressure cooker yet.  How about trying some new recipes? Here are 5 recipes that you haven’t tried with your Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker saves valuable energy, saves your time, and gets the whole thing done before you know it. Pressure cookers are the smartest and inexpensive way to say, “Hello” to cooking. With a pressure cooker, even a novice can cook like a professional, and that’s what the chefs hate much!


What else? Oh, Yes! You can cook delicious and moist meals in your pressure cooker. So, if you’re fed up with your daily cooking recipes, let this steam locking device take up the job! And it will never disappoint you.


Well, this post talks about the incredible food products that your pressure cooker can cook. With so many things mentioned already, there’s still a long way to go. Why not giving your cooker some challenges? Here’s something you haven’t tried with your fantastic cooking tool five incredible things that you thought only a slow cooker would cook. Let’s take a look if a pressure cooker can do anything else besides cooking vegetables, rice, meat, or soup.


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The amazing Food Products

Vegetable Stock

Do you prefer homemade stock? It’s incredible, simply spare those remaining fresh veggies and organic fruits before this procedure. You can start with brisk DIY vegetable stock. Sounds decent!


  • There are no distinct components that must be included or kept away. You can gather garlic cloves, onion skins, celery leaves, carrot tops, or whatever’s accessible.
  • Set all the stuff in your pressure cooker and include flavors and different herbs as indicated by your likings.
  • Presently load the water into the pot until it tops the veggies.
  • Now, enable the whole thing to pressure cook for ten minutes.
  • Finally, you have to strain the vegetables, and the leftover liquid will make a prepared stock.


You can refrigerate the stock in ice blocks, or you can refrigerate it to reuse in three to four days. At whatever point you have a recipe that requires seasoning or liquids, you can skip time by including the stock. Or, on the other hand, you can give a unique flavor to the recipe with your vegetable stock.


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If you’ve gotten fatigued with those canned beans stuffed with sodium, you can make your own with the continuance of your pressure cooker. It’s worth quoting; there’s no preferable approach to cook beans than pressure cooking.

Primary preparation can take a day or two because you may have to soak the beans before lastly placing them into the pot for cuisine. And then, these resolute vegetables take a few hours to prepare in regular cookware.

With pressure cookers, beans can cook in below thirty minutes, or 20 minutes, to be exact. The best part occurs when beans are pressurized. During this whole period, they are cooked with flavor.

It depends on the components you’ve included. You can put herbs, flavors, a little measure of salt, and some other things for more flavor because these things will merge mutually and give you astoundingly delightful beans at last.

If you continue using, you’ll make sense of the measure of time and liquid required to cook each of the accompanyings:

  • Soft beans
  • Whole beans, or
  • Bean soup



Delicious Stew

A well-trained home cook realizes that the core component of a decent stew is its stock. The nature of stock into two words:

  • The measure of flavor in it
  • Its thickness

Fortunately, your pressure cooker can mix both qualities into the stock. It encourages the flavor to move inside the stew and squeezes the starches out and into the sauce.

You can utilize potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and other bland root vegetables to set up the delightful sauce that will drench up the flavor you’ve included. Now, you simply need to mix some beans and veggies. Thus your favorite stew will be ready to serve!



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Caramelized Vegetables

The pressure cooker has a unique quality to moisturize food. This trademark can be used to get ready magnificent caramelized onions and other root vegetables without overcooking them.

Cooking vegetables is a complicated job because we require intense flavor from them, and pressure cookers are efficient in separating that flavor. It creates a high measure of warmth, yet at the same time, it keeps them from consuming by keeping them humid.

In around twenty minutes, you can get the caramelized vegetables on the table, instead of waiting for them to cook for a considerable hour inside the stove. Pressure cookers carry out the work in a way that does not dry out the vegetables.

You can use these veggies in soup and make your carrot soup or French onion soup entirely.



Jellies and Jams

Do you like jams? However, you don’t have enough time to make the particular variant. It’s very genuine because jams and jellies take hours of cooking and you need to be available constantly. That is not the situation with pressure cookers.


A pressure cooker has that remarkable capacity to cut off fruits fastly. Indeed, even the hard and safe sacks of pears and apples can’t stand a possibility.


What precisely occurs inside, is the warmth stays flat, so the juices don’t get enough warmth to get away. Hence, the finished result will have adjusted sugar. You should attempt DIY sticks in your pressure cooker. It’s very quick.


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Now that you have five excellent ways to treat yourself. With your incredible pressure cooker, you can begin a new journey to explore the hidden miseries of cooking. Unlock the hidden miseries with the pressure cookers. There is a broad range of choices waiting for you, such as soups, sauces, desserts, and rice dishes. So, why don’t you through new challenges to your pressure cooker?


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