Best Pressure Cooking Tips

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Best Pressure Cooking Tips


The pressure cooker was invented in the year 1681 by the French physicist Denis Papin. From that point forward, many types of pressure cookers have been a regular power for people to enjoy efficient cooking. A pressure cooker is the best option to prepare your food in an almost negligible amount of time. In fact, if you use this 3rd generation utensil just you need to prepare your desired recipe and let the pressure cook itself. Pressure cooking is a well-known method by which you can quality food results instantly. However, to be a quality cooker, you should know a lot about pressure cooking. This post talks about the best pressure cooking tips that may help you to be a quality cook.

Pressure cooking is something that you can’t imagine before you taste it. Apart from the well-known time advantage, you’ll also get delicious food with a high nutritional value which is not possible with other cooking methods. Anyhow, you need to make some adjustments in your pressure cooker to perform the complete pressure cooking process. Promise you will have an immense flavor & taste of the food.


Best Pressure Cooking Tips

Following 12 pressure cooking tips will help you prepare quality foods:


 Brown the Meat and Vegetables

This tip also includes kinds of meats like poultry and mutton. Veggies like carrots, pepper, and chopped onions should also be browned. This tip will work best in a stove-top cooker. All you need is to:


Add some oil (canola or olive) to the pot and heat it at medium temperature. Do not cover the pressure cooker.

Pour the ingredients into the oil and wag it until it turns brown.


After the food is browned, put it in a bowl. After that, you need to loosen up those and small food particles. Add a little water to the pot for deglazing it.

After the pot is completely deglazed, put the browned food, back to the pressure cooker.

Add the remaining ingredients.

Cook under pressure.

If you own an ordinary pressure cooker, you can follow the steps mentioned earlier. If you have an electric pressure cooker you can brown it automatically instead of heating the pot, just choose the brown option from the menu.


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Avoid Overdoing the Liquid

As the nature of the pressure cooker is to lock the steam inside, there’s no scope for the liquid to escape as vapors. That’s why foods are cooked swiftly in a pressure cooker. Therefore, pressure cooking requires less water usage compared to traditional cooking.

No matter what the food item is, use less liquid in the food. To make things simple, you can add 1 cup of water. You can also read the manufacturer’s manual, as well as the pressure cooking recipe booklet to know the correct amount of liquid to be added to a particular recipe. In any case, it is better to keep the water level to the halfway mark of the pot.


Fill the Food Carefully

If your pressure cooker has a large pot, it doesn’t mean that you will fill the food to the top.  Do not feel food over 2/3rd of the pot. The food should not be packed tightly inside the pressure cooker. If you avoid these two rules not only your food will be spoiled but also your pressure will lose its efficiency.

A fully packed cooker will naturally take more time to be cooked. Besides, the middle of the food may remain uncooked, and the upper and lower part will get overcooked. Moreover, due to overfilling the safety valves may activate before the pressure reaches.


Even Pieces, Even Food

Cut the foods/ingredients according to the same size. Cutting the food uniformly let all the ingredients cooked at the same time.


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Try Stop and go Process

Dishes like meat has several ingredients, and they take different time to be ready. So you can begin with partially cooking those ingredients that take longer to cook.


Using the quick-release pressure method you can stop cooking and then add those ingredients that cook faster than others (beans and green peas) to the food. Now cook all the ingredients together to get better food quality.


Start on a High Heat and End Low

If you are a stovetop user, then start with the high heat. As soon as the pressure increases to an optimal level turn the burner to a lower level.

But if you’re using an electric pressure cooker you don’t need to control the heat. The electric pressure cookers maintain the heat without a human hand.



Use Two Burners with Electric Stove Stops

The reason is, when you lower the heat in gas burners while cooking in stovetop cookers, they tend to react quickly. However, that’s not the fact with electric burners. So, always set two burners, one at high heat and the other one at low heat. Set the cooker to the lower heat burner when the pressure reaches.


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Set the Timer

The timer is a revolutionary function added to the pressure cooker. It informs the user about the food condition by a beep sound. As soon as the cooker reaches the proper pressure, adjust the timer according to the recipe, allowing the food to cook properly. But if you have an electric pressure cooker you don’t need to set the timer.



Cooking at High Altitudes Takes Longer

If someone resides 3000 feet above sea level, then he/she have to increase the cooking time. There is a rule; the cooking time should be increased 5% at each 1000 sea level. Until it reaches 2000 feet above sea level, it remains the same.


Use Proper Release Method

Releasing the pressure at the appropriate time is crucial. When the finish cooking under pressure, follow the recipe to apply the correct pressure release techniques. So, you need to be sure whether you have to use the natural release method to open the lid. Between the two approaches, there should be a difference of 20 to 25 minutes.


The proper time to add Dairy Products and Herbs

It is better to add the dairy products at the end because the dairy products tend to curdle at higher pressure. The same goes when applying herbs. These items can utilize the remaining heat to release their flavor but keep their nutritional value.


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Use the Best Electric Pressure Cooker for Comfort Cooking:

Here’s how you can play your best part in cooking:

  • You can preset the heat by the buttons (high-low).
  • You can set your desired time by the arrow buttons.
  • Then just Press “”

The cooker will automatically initiate the countdown when the pressure is reached. Finally, you will hear a beep sound that the food is ready to come out.



Last Words:

Being a quality chef or cook may be quite a bit smart task. But, when it is related to pressure cookers, it becomes easier. Pressure cooking is the method of comfort and convenience. Just you need to follow the tips shared earlier in this post. Find your best choices to cook and follow the recipe well to achieve a quality meal. Cook Easy Eat Busy!

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