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Starting off with your pressure cooker

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Starting off with your pressure cooker

Starting off with your Pressure Cooker

Every single chef want to get their hands on the newly bought pressure cooker! You would also want to take off the covers and bring your cooker to the kitchen to try out the recipe you watched on a TV program, read it in a magazine, or watched on Youtube. We understand the emotions but wait, slow down for a while. Starting off with your pressure cooker can go bad. So, how about taking a test first?

Before you go for cooking with a pressure cooker, we would suggest you take a few test of your pressure cooker. By taking the test, you will be able to figure out how it works and it also helps you make your favorite recipe without spoiling the food.



Why Should You Test the Pressure Cooker?

Pressure cooking is more of science. For this reason, pressure cookers can be a bit more costly than traditional cookers. Therefore, it is important that you know the accuracy of its functions. Regardless of the fact that you might be using a pressure cooker from the same company as previous, but there is a difference between the features and functions.

When you test your pressure cooker, you will come to know how fast your cooker heats up and how much time it takes to build up to the maximum pressure inside it. There is a significant factor involved in it: each food takes its own time to cook, but the typical settings for a pressure cooker remain same.

To test your pressure cooker is even more important when you are using a second-hand pressure cooker. It will ensure either it is in cooking condition or not.


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How to test your Pressure Cooker?

Starting off with your Pressure Cooker

Have you made up your mind for testing your pressure cooker? Well, then we can now move forward and discuss the essentials of pressure cooking. There can be different techniques to determine the performance and the compatibility of a pressure cooker, but we will hang up to the general methods which are more familiar and comfortable to execute.

Here are some steps and list that you will need during the test

  • Pressure cooker (of course)
  • Water
  • A Cup with measurement scale.
  • Clock or a timer
  • Pencil and paper to note down important calculations


Preparing for the test drive:

Here is what you should consider before starting with the test. This phase is of quite an important, and it can save you from potential harms during the testing phase.


  • Examine the gasket and seal. Ensure that they are in good condition. Particularly in second-hand cookers, the gasket may cut from one or more places.
  • Make sure the vent of the pressure cooker is clear. It is quite important because excess heat passes through the vent to keep the temperature and pressure constant.
  • Check for cleanness of your cooker. It should be clean and tidy from both inside and outside.
  • Look closely for any leaks or holes that might be present in your pressure cooker. Usually, it doesn’t happen but it is always good to check things while buying and also before using it.


Starting the Test

At first, put two cups of water into your pressure cooker. Cover your pressure cooker and lock it, then let it rise to the maximum pressure. Bring the heat down to the minimum as soon as it reaches the highest pressure to maintain the pressure inside. By doing such, you can stabilize the pressure inside. It will let you find out the proper heat setting for your pressure cooker.


Keep the heat setting firm for a while and then note down the temperature on display. Once you get satisfied with the settings, note down the readings. Now you can go along to test the water level.




There are quite a few visible events by which you can identify whether your cooker is working fine or not. Normally, it could be a loud sound of hiss or steam escape. In case there is excess steam escaping from your cooker other than the reflex, then there is a problem with your seal and gasket of the lead. However, the gasket and seal are easily replaceable. To ensure better performance in future, it will be better if you ask the manufacturer for the replacement.


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Water Droplets around the Indicators


Initially, when you turn on the pressure cooker, you will see some water droplets around the indicators. This does not matter to concern though. The water will fade away in a while. Also, the water splatters around the Indicators until the pressure is full. If the water doesn’t stop spluttering around, it means that the pressure isn’t reached to the highest pressure.


If this occurs, then the lid is properly installed. You should take off the lid and place the lid correctly. The also problem happens when the sealing is not perfectly adjusted. However, if the problem persists, then there is something wrong with any of the rubber parts in your pressure cooker. There can be another issue, your vent and pressure release point are loaded. Always clean it properly so it can pass the steam well.


Water around the Rim

This is a crucial part. If you observe water around the rim of the lid or anywhere under the lid, you should stop heating the cooker right away. Take cold water to use the cold water release method to clean out the vent of your cooker.


Cracks and cuts in the gasket could be the reason for this water leakage, or your cooker is dented or bent from the place your lid should be installed. Never use a pressure cooker that doesn’t lid up properly. There is a risk of lid bursting out while cooking.


Pressure Release Method

There are many pressure release methods. Cold water release method and natural release methods are the suitable methods to help you understand your pressure cookers efforts. Be sure to note down the quantity of time each of these methods takes.


The Old Pressure Cookers

If you have purchased an old model pressure cooker or if you have a liking for vintage models then you have to be more careful.  Also, you should be much strict checking of all the safety elements in your pressure cooker. You can have a bit of trouble while fitting your cooker, and there will be occasional replacements of parts. Hence, to keep yourself free from such hassles you buy a new unit once in for all.


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To Sum Up:

Well then,  I suggest; before you are starting off with your pressure cooker you should test the efforts of the pressure cooker to ensure your safety. The Best Electric Pressure Cooker ensures every safety matter though. The test will also make you know about the whole functionality and you will make sure whether there is any problem with the cooker or not. Skip using the second-hand and try to buy a new one to keep yourself safe from risks. You can also see the list of Cheap Pressure Cookers to buy a new pressure cooker at a cheaper rate.


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