Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes

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Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes


Quick and Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes


Pressure cookers are more than a blessing. This kitchenware has been a discovery inside a kitchen because of its versatility and performance. It’s the most convenient kitchen appliance in Modern Times. Having the best pressure cooker in your home means that you can replace most of the utensils present in your kitchen. With all the features and efficiency, the pressure cooker has become a must-have commodity in every home. You can use a pressure cooker for several cooking tasks, and the outcome will be incredible. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of pressure cooker recipes. From them, we bring you the Quick and Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes to ease your further occasional cooking time. Just Cook & Serve!


Why Pressure Cookers?


Why is a pressure cooker preferred ahead of conventional cookers? Well, there is quite a discussion about it. The answer is pretty and simple. It saves valuable time. If you can cook your favorite recipe in minutes with a pressure cooker, there are no chances to use a conventional cooker. On the other hand, pressure cooking is comparatively 100 times better than traditional cooking.

Firstly, the primary purpose of developing pressure cookers was to lessen the cooking time, and this is what pressure cookers do. It’s more scientific than your consideration. The pressure build-up and heat adjustment inside a pressure cooker ensure that a meal is cooked well and within a short time span.


Cooking Your Favorite Recipes

We will now proceed to the core subject of this article. One major reason why pressure cookers have become such a favorite for all homes and kitchens is that you can cook anything you like. There is no limitation as to what ingredients you can throw in a pressure cooker and which ones you can’t.


Whether it is a simple three-ingredient dish or a complicated ten or more ingredients combo, a pressure cooker can handle it all. When you are well known to use the temperature and pressure for cooking the task will be easier for you. Secondly, pressure cookers are consonant with most of the cooking methods, so there is nothing to worry about what technique to use and which ones to skip. From boiling to stewing, you can cook what else you like to cook. Shortly, you can describe the pressure cooker as the Superman of the kitchen.

From soft veggies to lentils and corn, a pressure cooker can assume all ingredients and cook them with the greatest efficiency one can’t imagine. This is another reason that the pressure cooker is a favorite for kitchen personnel.

Another significant advantage is that the pressure cooker holds in comparison to the conventional cooker.  The pressure cookers are just a single container with a lid. Therefore, there is not too much washing work that you will have to do after finish cooking. It gives you more time in proportion to your efforts. The Best Pressure Cookers are dishwasher safe, so right there you can save more time.

In this article, we are sharing with you some of the Quick and Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes you to ease your further occasional cooking time. These recipes are both nutritious as well as delicious. The following recipes are quick to make so that you can prepare a meal after you return from work.


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Colombian Chicken Stew

Pressure is a key ingredient to the speed of the cooking time. In an area at a high altitude, food can take quite a long time to be cooked due to less pressure.  No one can understand this matter better than Colombian residents who live on mountains. They rely heavily on pressure cookers which have led them to develop a delicious recipe like the Colombian Stew.

Colombian stew is a combination of just five ingredients. So think how simple it can be! To make Colombian Stew, all you need is chicken, tomatoes, onions and potatoes, and some bay leaf. Thanks to the pressure cooker which can extract enough juices out of the ingredients, there is no need to pour additional water into the dish.



Pressure Cooker Thai Green Chicken Curry with Kabocha Squash and Egg Plant

Stews end up containing more water than usual because pressure cookers lock all the moisture content inside. This is one disadvantage that you will experience while cooking with pressure cookers. To avoid this problem, add some Kabocha squash and eggplant that will utilize water content and turn it into a thicker sauce. Hence, you won’t be troubled by watery stew anymore. Then add Thai green curry and coconut milk to get the more delicious flavor out of this innovative dish. Its soothing smell and taste will add great value to your dining experience. Thus Thai Green Chicken Curry with Kabocha Squash and Egg Plant is ready.



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Pressure Chicken with Beans

This recipe is as simple as water. It is a delicious combination of chicken and beans. Chicken stew is accompanied by black beans. The addition of Andouille sausages and hot-hatch chilies make it hotter and spicier. Beans always take quite a long time to cook, but this is where a pressure cooker comes so handy. While cooking with a pressure cooker, you won’t need to prep the beans, so it saves quite a bit of time when preparing the meal. This delicious dish will take you just about an hour to get done with. Hence, you can even cook it after you return from work.


Fat-Free Colombian Vegetable Soup

All you need is a few vegetables to cook this recipe. You have the choice of adding the ones prefer, but for a standard Colombian soup, we prefer corn, fava beans, peas, broth, carrots, and potatoes. When potatoes start breaking down, there is enough starch produced inside your pressure cooker that turns the soup into a creamy and pasty food. While you are using a pressure cooker to cook the recipe, the soup will prepare within 30 minutes. It is just the proper emergency meal and as well a great breakfast to have.

Chicken Stew with Bacon and Lentils

Chicken Stew with Bacon and Lentils is a delicious dish to have for supper even for dinner also. You can take any part of the chicken you like, but we recommend not to use the breast because it dries out quickly. We suggest you go for the drumsticks because they are tender and juicier than other parts of the chicken. The stew is accompanied by bacon, carrots, and lentils which bring the crunchy ingredient in the dish adding more flavor and texture to the Chicken. Also since you are using a pressure cooker, the lentil will soften quicker, so the preparation time for the meal is considerably less than others.



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Chicken and Chick Pea Masala

Chicken and Chick Pea Masala is an Indian-inspired spicy curry recipe. You may not resist tasting it because it looks very delicious. Don’t worry, it is far easier to prepare and the prep time is very less. You just need the following ingredients cumin, turmeric, paprika, coriander, and black pepper. The tempo of spices makes it a lot spicier and adds to the intensity of flavor. Once you get your hands on this dish, you may just not want to stop. The addition of butter gives it a whole new direction regarding texture and flavor.


30 Minute Chickpeas and Chorizo

30 Minute Chickpeas and Chorizo is another quick dish o cook with a pressure cooker. We suggest you use canned tomatoes for this recipe. This recipe is a good amalgamation of veggies and chicken with an essence of spice. This dish takes as long as 30 minutes to prepare and it has extra smoky flavors for the use of spices and smoked paprika. Once you stuff it all up in your pressure cooker, the ingredients start melting down fusing into one another to give you outstanding texture and flavor.


Texas-Style Chili Con Carne

Texas-Style Chili Con Carne is a traditional Texas dish that just contains two ingredients. It will take just one hour to cook the food in your pressure cooker. However, in the end, this dish will take you into the wild-west with its bold and smoky taste. You only need beef and chilies to prepare this great tasty meal. The dish is traditionally cooked on slow stoves, but with a pressure cooker, you can boost the cooking time to a great extent.


Tamale Pie with Braised Skirt, Steak

There is always something about the combination of two separate dishes. Something always seems to get them together into a fantastic new outcome. What can be better than a summation of beef chili and cornbread? Tamale Pie with Braised Skirt, steak is a recipe that has taken to a new level of flavor. Adding shredded skirt steak to the recipe, you can produce an immense flavor. When you add nutty butter cornbread, it gives your recipe a whole new dimension of flavor and texture. If you do it in a pressure cooker, it will drop your cooking as much as two hours. It will take a max of two hours to prepare in a pressure cooker.



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Green Chili with Chicken

Green Chile with Chicken is an amazingly easy dish. To prepare it, you just need chicken, green chilies and of course some spices as it has an Indian background. It also uses jalapeno for spice added to the dish. When you blend the sauce and add shredded chicken to it, the rich fusion of the recipe will not only taste good but also gives it a mouthwatering color and texture. Taste the curry made of cornbread, and experience the fascinating taste in your mouth.


Pressure Cooker Enchiladas

When you cook chicken with vegetables in a pressure cooker, it will make an excellent sauce and fill for enchiladas. The recipe is a simple one, all you have to do is cook them together. When you have it ready, simply roll them up inside tortillas and put them up for baking in a Toaster Oven.


Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom Risotto is just the perfect one for pressure cookers. Risotto is considered difficult to make but not anymore with pressure cookers. Risottos are supposed to take more time which is why people perceive them as being difficult. You can cook the risotto together with mushroom as well the way you like. Be it a browned fresh mushroom or a dried porcini, they all join to give you an amazing flavor and texture for your dish.



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Butternut Squash Risotto

Butternut Squash Risotto is a quick dish to make, and it tastes amazing. It is a sweet butternut squash combined with risotto as you sprinkle maple syrup and apple on the top. Your pressure cooker will be quite convenient in producing the Butternut Squash Risotto, and it will result in a great combination altogether. Once you have the combo together, put it in the pressure cooker, garnish it with cheese gratings, and then enjoy the perks of dynamic pressure cooking at the dinner table.


Vietnamese PHO Ga

Pressure Cooker Corn Soup dish is just a representative of how much power a pressure cooker produces in comparison with the conventional cooking machine. The Pressure Cooker only takes 30minutes to prepare the meal. It gives a feeling that the chicken has been simmering throughout the day.  The tenderness and juicy state of this recipe will please anyone. The chicken bones lose collagen due to high pressure which adds fattiness and texture to the dish. It indeed helps you to get just what you desire from a Pho Ga dish.

Pressure Cooker Corn Soup

If you just want an appetizer before dinner, a pressure cooker corn soup would be just the ideal thing to have. All you have to do is add corns inside your pressure cooker with some water and soup essentials. You won’t understand the taste until your hands get on this amazingly simple and delicious pressure-cooker dish.



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So that’s all from some of the easiest as well as the most delicious dishes that can be prepared just by using your pressure cooker. You will save a great time preparing these dishes because there is hardly any food prep that is required before making these dishes. Most of the ingredients cook within a short time. All the credit goes to high pressure and temperature inside the pressure cooker. Time-saving! It is the main reason that pressure cookers hold an advantage over conventional cookers because you can do more than you think. And do it just in one container.


Therefore, if you are a worker and have a 9 to 5 job, the above recipes will suit you the most in your daily life. Therefore, we suggest you should give try all of the recipes one after the other. The Best Electric Pressure Cooker will be the best one for you to cook faster. Shortly, with a pressure cooker, your kitchen experience is all set to undergo a revolution.


So why let grab the Best Pressure Cooker for yourself and bring tremendous comfort to your life.


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Get Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes On Amazon


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