Common Mistakes People Make While Using Pressure Cookers

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common mistakes people make while using pressure cookers


Pressure cookers the most common and most frequently used kitchenware. They are meant to facilitate easy cooking and boiling. Pressure cookers hold several advantages over conventional cooking. They are preferred for their convenient cooking tasks. Pressure cookers can be very helpful, especially for performing amateur cooks. The pressure cooker produces food in a quick process, and they are also renowned themselves for this time-consuming functionality. However, cooking with a pressure cooker is easy, but people make some mistakes using a pressure cooker that can cause unexpected occurrences. There are some common mistakes people make while Using Pressure Cookers. So, reading this post will help you to avoid those mistakes.


Pressure cookers let you prepare a meal for larger quantities, and you don’t have to keep stirring and also maintain a check on your meal because it whistles and indicates when the food is ready for you. The pressure cooker makes cooking all too easy, and even a novice can prepare quality dishes without any stress. A pressure cooker is a handy device for those who are going to start cooking.


Advanced technology has brought innovation to pressure cookers. There are pressure cookers of both specifications available in the market manual as well as electrical pressure cookers. You can consider these pressure cookers as a virtual chef on their own, and all you are required is to follow the recipe and add ingredients closely. Leave the rest to these pressure cookers. They can deal with any recipe you put inside them.


Pressure cooker always offers ease of use to the users, but as opposed to, they can be quite problematic as well. These problems mainly occur due to improper handling and lack of the user’s lack of knowledge about using a pressure cooker. Sometimes, people complain about not getting the desired food from their cookers. However, most of the time the pressure itself has got nothing to do with it. The error occurs due to few handling matters of which the users should concern.


The complaints of peoples:

Before you start cooking with pressure cookers, you should understand very clearly that it’s a different ballgame. It is nothing like traditional cooking with open pans and containers. Your pressure cooker works on specific principles within certain ranges, and therefore it has a few limitations as well.


Before taking you to the handling error that people make, let us put a glance at the most common complaints that people make:


  • The food is either overcooked or undercooked
  • There is too much liquid in the meal.
  • The meal remains too thick and completely dry.
  • Not getting any flavor of the foods
  • It takes a long time to prepare the meals.
  • The food is nothing like as it should be.


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Common Mistakes of People the while using a pressure cooker

So you are pondering how you can improve your cooking with your pressure cooker, hang up a while we will highlight some of the most common mistakes that people make while cooking with a pressure cooker. It will not only help you improve your cooking but also keep you from potential danger to your life. As on many occasions, cases of pressure cooking bursts have been reported which mainly occurred due to user negligence.


Know Your Recipes and Follow Them Well

Without wide or pans and containers it quite impossible to add ingredients, check into the meal, and monitor the food. This is where people make a mistake cause they guess the food status. But their guessing may not be right, and there can be a chance of ending up with undercooked and raw food. So, those who are overconfident may spoil their broth.


Ingredients like vegetables and meat tend to turn tougher if overheated and it is rectified for further cooking. Also, if you overcook the foods much, it takes out all the nutrients and flavor from the vegetables and meat. There will remain only tasteless solid substances. It also makes the food a lot soggier, and it tends to become extra thick.


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Well, the type of pressure cooker material is another key factor when we talk about the impact of recipes on a pressure cooker. Recipes that are intended for the pressure cookers directly relate to the kind of pressure cooker material. The cooking times vary for different materials of the pressure cooker.


One common mistake while cooking with a pressure cooker is that people tend to cook the same recipe that they used with their previous pressure cooker. Hence the food may not just perfectly be cooked as it used to earlier. It not only affects the food quality but also damages your pressure cooker, reducing its lifespan.


Therefore, it is instrumental to make your timings right. You cook precisely according to the narrated in your recipe. Besides, you also should keep in mind the material of the pressure cooker that your method refers to. By applying these simple tricks, you can improve the food quality and as well as the performance of your pressure cooker.


Stuffing up the Cooker

As mentioned earlier, so it is not possible to add ingredients in the middle of cooking. Since all components do not take the same time to prepare and stuffing up the pressure cooker with all ingredients at once may reduce your food quality. If you try to add recipes in the middle time of your cooking, it may also spoil the broth.


To let the pressure inside the pressure cooker to an optimal level is also crucial. If not taken care of this matter, there is potentially a risk of pressure cookers bursting out due to high internal pressure. It is also important to fill the pressure cooker to an appropriate level. Cooking amateurs should primarily maintain the pressure level cause it will save them from risking their lives. For filling the pressure cooker accordingly, there is red scaling inside the pressure cooker.


You should use the pressure cooker must be only filled to two-thirds of its capacity. And rest of the place is for the steam and pressure built inside the cooker. Ingredients such as beans and rhubarbs tend to froth and foam while you cook, so it is better to fill half the pressure cooker.  The same goes for liquids and soups.

In case your pressure cooker does not show marks on the inside, we have a simple trick that can help you find out the maximum limit of the food inside your cooker. Just you need some containers filled with water.


At first, fill out the pressure cooker completely. For being on the safer side, fill the cooker till a point little below the edge. If you have identical containers, then the task will be easier. Spill two of those containers back into your pressure cooker and mark down the water level for two-thirds capacity.


It is a simple technique by which you can save your food from ending up burnt and bruised. To get the marking for half the pressure cooker, you can repeat the same technique with two identical containers this time around.

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Generous use of Water

Well, there is a reminder for you and that is “you are not cooking with open pans.” There is another common mistake that people make while using a pressure cooker; they almost use the same liquid content as they did in open containers. Open pans/containers tend to give an easier passage for the steam to escape. But in a pressure cooker, there is quite a narrow space for the steam to escape. Therefore, most of the liquid content doesn’t leave the food while using the pressure cookers.


The dish you will have perfect with an open container may turn out watery and soggy while doing the same with a pressure cooker. Due to the excessive use of water, it takes away all the flavor and nutrients from the recipe which can deprive your right to health. Excessively moist dishes do not contain sufficient texture, and for this reason, people do not attract to have them more.


To skip such problems, it is a good idea to revisit your recipe according to the pressure cooker requirements. It may take a little time to adjust to the right water level, but it will the quality of your food.


Thicker Sauces

As the pressure cooker releases a few amounts of steam, so it is better to use a small quantity of thicker sauces. However, the steam inside the pressure cooker tends to thicken the sauces to an extent where they spoil all over the recipe. To avoid this problem, it is better to consume thin sauces because it adjusts to the recipe well. Thicker sauces should be used in a small amount. Another solution to this problem is to heat at lower temperatures and cook for a longer time. But if you look to consume your time then it would be better to apply to dilute sauce while cooking.


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Overheating and Drying Food

Overheating or drying the food is one of the common problems people face while cooking with the pressure cooker. The problem occurs due to a lack of maintenance of the temperature. The temperature has to be perfect while using pressure cookers. If the temperature is not perfect, you will end up with a burned as well as dried food.


Overheating also tends to absorb all the water content in your food which turns it dry and rough. Insufficient moisture content also causes the burning of food. It all comes down to the fact how well you followed the recipe and how nearly you stick to it.

There is another way to tackle overheating which is to maintain a lower temperature and cook your food for a longer time. Lower temperature ensures that no excessive heat can damage or burn your food. For amateur cooks, it is better to seek guidance through possible sources.


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Inappropriate Sized Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers come in standard sizes and capacities. A capacity of 6 to 8 liters is good enough for most pressure cookers. The size of pressure cookers directly indicates the cooking time, and many of the modern pressure cookers can be altered in various sizes. There are also different sorts of pressure cooker’s functions such as temperature control, slow cooking, warm, etc.

However, these specifications are observed in high-quality, expensive pressure cookers. Low quality and cheap pressure cookers do not offer such advanced features. Therefore, while cooking with a low-quality pressure cooker time cannot be predicted. There is also another issue to concern. The material quality of some pressure cookers may affect the food product as we discussed earlier as well.

So here is a recommendation, go for standardly sized and advanced functioned best electric pressure cookers. Good material with average cooking time will help you to prepare a quality meal.


Wrong Pressure Release

Pressure release is a technical issue that is usually not catered to. However, it has a substantial impact on the food product. Releasing the pressure at an appropriate time is mandatory. Most people do not know the exact pressure release technique for their food. If the pressure inside the pressure cooker is not released accurately, the pressure built level will build to an optimal level, and the ingredients inside the cooker will be overcooked. The pressure release valve locks the pressure inside and releases it when necessary. It releases the steam slowly to maintain the pressure inside.

However, the advanced best electric pressure cooker has auto pressure release technology. It releases the pressure in an exact time. But the low-quality and cheap pressure cookers do not have such facilities on them, and that’s why you would need to release the pressure manually.



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Ingredient Selection


Though the pressure cooker can cook almost every dish, it is better to choose the right food recipe to cook in your pressure cooker. While it provides convenience and ease during cooking, it is also important to know which ingredients and cooking techniques suit your pressure cooker most. For instance, some vegetables and meats are better cooked in open pans and containers. You won’t get the same dish with a pressure cooker.

For some seeds, vegetables, and meats are delicate and cook rapidly, and a frying pan is an ideal container for cooking such meals. So it is better to cook the dish which suits your pressure cooker most than blaming it for bad flavor and texture.


Unsuitable Cooking Techniques

Pressure cookers work most for boiling ingredients like stews, soup, and stocks. Not that, they can not perform other cooking techniques. But they do well with boiling ingredients. However, pressure cookers do not support every style of cooking. Therefore, you need to choose and apply the correct cooking techniques.

People make their food spoil by applying the wrong techniques. While by changing your cooking method you will learn to cook new things. You will discover all the functionality of your cooker that which ingredients work well with it. But do not take risks of performing a cooking task that does not go with the pressure cooking method.


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Wrong Methods of Locking

Locking your pressure cooker before setting it for cooking is essential.  But if you do not maintain the appropriate time to unlock the pressure cooker it may cause danger. The steam inside the pressure cooker may get out at a glance to your face and also may hamper your food quality. While you cook with a low-quality pressure cooker, you need to take a close look at your food when to unlock the lid, but the modern pressure cookers have the technology of auto-lock.


Food Prep before Pressure Cooking

According to our discussion earlier, not all vegetables take the same time to be cooked. Some of them cook instantly while others need quite a few minutes to soften. So there is no way to cook all the ingredients together in a pressure cooker.

In case you still want your cooker to cook all the ingredients to prepare simultaneously, here is what you can do.

  • Prepare the ingredients that take a longer time to cook.
  • Then add all the ingredients to your cooker along with the precooked food so that they finish cooking together.


You will be able to expertise this technique only with practice as well as how well you understand you pressure cooker’s cooking speed.


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It is one of the major mistakes that people do. Overcooking is probably the biggest weakness in the time of cooking. People sometimes end up with mushy and burnt-up food. It mainly happens because the food was tempered highly than it required. This is a quite clear indication that they didn’t follow the recipe accordingly.


People tend to go for guesswork and cook their food for extra two or three minutes. These two to three minutes are enough to destroy the food. It causes especially while cooking with a pressure cooker. Exactness is essential in pressure cookers because there is a minimal amount of heat that escapes the container. Therefore, any extra cooking time can be wrong with your recipe.


Improper Food Knowledge


Proper food knowledge is essential for any meal preparation. If you follow the recipe well you will get the perfect food otherwise your food may sometimes get the perfect color and texture. However, food sensitivity is equally important. You should know exactly what ingredients fit your style of cooking in a pressure cooker. For cooking like a pro, you need to do research about the proper recipe to cook and also follow it to result in the best.

A simple recommendation is to look for advice from someone who has vast food knowledge. It is also good to search on the internet about pressure cooker recipes. Food experts and analysts, they’ll also advise you on what kitchenware is best for a certain recipe. It is always handy to seek out help from professionals.


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Pressure Cooker Bursts and Explosions

Though this may not be related to food quality, yet it is equally important to be addressed. Pressure cookers bursts and explosion was a common problem in the recent pasts. Now the modern pressure cookers are the bliss they are made concerning all the safety matters. Low-quality pressure cookers sometimes malfunction and tend to wear out quickly with time. In case the pressure lid is locked out it gets explodes due to the rise of high pressure inside.

In modern times, there is no risk of explosion because pressure cookers are highly safety secured. If you use a cheap low-quality pressure cooker, gaskets play a vital role in holding the gases and steam inside. So the gaskets are very important regarding this matter. Thanks to the best electric pressure cooker cause it doesn’t have a bit chance to be a threat to your valuable life.


Wrapping It Up:

Well, these were some of the most common mistakes that people make while using their pressure cookers. These errors are made both deliberately and involuntarily on occasions. However, the result after cooking is improper, soggy, burnt, and dry food. To take care of these mistakes, we have also put forward some recommendations that will help you further cooking. From now on, your time with a pressure cooker will be much more enjoyable. These tips will also improve your cooking terms.


There are few things that you should consider while selecting or using apart from the recommendations that we have compiled for you. A pressure cooker is to give you the top quality food every time. So, Go for reputed pressure cooker brands as they offer better performance comparing all others.


Ensure the safety of your friends and family while using a pressure cooker. Low-quality pressure cookers tend to lock the air inside and cause explosive outbursts as noticed on many occasions.

The best electric pressure cooker has relieved most people as it is a better indicator of temperature and container conditions. It reduces the risk of explosion and as well as spoiling your food. Our last recommendation for you to use the best electric pressure cooker.



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