Pressure Cooker Regulator

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Pressure Cooker Regulator

All You Need To Know About Pressure Cooker Regulator


In our everyday life pressure cooker has become a part of life for cooking. To cook the food correctly, it’s crucial to keep the pressure in control otherwise, the food will be less cooked or overcooked. A pressure cooker usually has some mechanism are in it to monitor the pressure so that it cannot exit the maximum amount inside the pot. The pressure cooker regulator is one of them.


The general working method of a pressure cooker is like this. At first, all ingredients need to put in the pot and then lock the lid so that the pressure cooker becomes airtight. Then the cooking process starts. So when the cooking starts, some of the water or the liquid turns into the vapor that creates the pressure.


The heat increases the temperature the steam can’t go out which results from an increase in the pressure in the cooker by increasing the volume of vapor. With the increase of pressure, the temperature also increases. These temperatures make the cooking faster that ultimately decreases the cooking time of the pressure cooker comparing with the usual cooking time.


So the pressure must need to consider as an important part of cooking. A withstanding amount of pressure varied from pot to pot. If the limits exceed, then the explosion will take place. The main work that the Pressure Cooker Regulator does is controlling the pressure of the pressure cooker. It fixes a maximum value of pressure in the cooker that is above the normal atmospheric pressure.


For a regular weight-type regulator, the typical pressure values are five psi, ten psi, and 15psi. This gauge pressure technically, which is the pressure difference between the first outside and inside the cooker.


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It is a metal piece and has a particular weight. If the pressure exceeds than needed, then the inside pressure pushes it upwards and finds its way to getting out from the cooking pot. The inside pressure of the pan start to decrease as the pressure gets released and as it stops keeps pushing upward, so it drops down, and pressure stops issuing from the pot. With this action, the pressure is in control and by dragging it upward manually, the pressure can also be controlled.


There is also a type of Pressure Cooker Regulator that is spring type. In this kind of governor, spring provides the force of holding along with the external force given by atmospheric pressure. This kind of regulator regulates fixed gauge pressure instead of the fixed absolute pressure.


Usually, an average pressure cooker can withstand up to 15lbs of pressure. And the pressure is calculated within a square inch of the pot. That’s why when the pressure rises above then it’s time to control the pressure and the pressure cooker regulator does that.


Every time the regulator decreases the pressure by removing the vapor, it gives a whistle. Keep in mind that if you hear the noise of the pressure cooker frequently while cooking process, and then it needs to turn down the heat source. Though different models can control up to individual pressure capability of most of them are close enough.


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