What To Cook in a Pressure Cooker

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What To Cook in a Pressure Cooker


What to cook in a Pressure Cooker? Was quite a scary thing to people because of misuse and possibilities of accidents. But now, pressure cooker creates a whole new meaning to itself, which can deliver you safe and nutritious foods in a short time. After buying a pressure cooker, the first thing that comes to someone’s mind is- what to cook in a pressure cooker because of the fear of earlier accidents. But new versions of pressure cooker offer almost everything to be cooked in a cooker, like- rice, yogurt, meat, soup Etcetera. In this article, we are going to keep our focus on those things, which we can cook using a pressure cooker.


Here, I would like to provide a list of what to cook in a pressure cooker-


  • Colombian Chicken Stew With Potatoes, Tomato, and Onion
  • Fat-Free Colombian Vegetable Soup

  • Corn Soup

  • Chicken, Lentil, and Bacon Stew With Carrots

  • Chicken and Black Bean Stew

  •  Thai Green Chicken Curry With Eggplant and Kabocha Squash

  •  Chicken and Chickpea Masala

  •  Pho Ga (Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup)

  •  Chicken With Chickpeas, Tomatoes, and Chorizo

  • Texas-Style Chile Con Carne

  • Tamale Pie With Braised Skirt Steak, Charred Corn, and Brown Butter Cornbread Crust

  • Green Chili With Chicken

  •  Chicken Enchiladas

  • Mushroom Risotto

  •  Butternut Squash Risotto With Frizzled Sage and Brown Butter

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There are some essential things in nature, like- grains, poultry, vegetables, that we use very rapidly as food. The great thing is, we can cook these in a pressure cooker. While boiling enough water in a pressure cooker, plays a vital role. Here are some tips for preparing our daily foods given below- which will answer the question of what to cook in a pressure cooker.

One of the main foods in our everyday life is rice. By using a pressure cooker, we can have a bowl of perfectly cooked rice in a very short time. The condition of cooked rice depends on how much water is taken in the pressure cooker. Too much water makes the rice mushy, too little water results in chewy, and the perfect ratio of water and rice presents perfectly cooked rice. We can also make risotto, rice balls, and more others using the pressure cooker.

You can make different kinds of soups and stocks quickly using a pressure cooker. A stock is a primary ingredient to cook soup or any recipe for extra flavor, but it is a difficult task to extract the flavors from this in a short time. In that case, a pressure cooker can make stock in a short period.


In preparing soups, dried soup is relatively easy to cook. But to make soup with beans or barley, it is important to cook beans or barley separately and add them to dry soup because beans or barley may foam or sputter which can cause trouble.


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Another source of great nutrition is green vegetables. A proper method of cooking vegetables is, using pressure. With enough water and proper pressure, vegetables can be cooked in a little time, and the nutrients, taste, the flavor will be on top.

The best dish with vegetables is chicken or other poultry. You can make any meal of chicken or any poultry in a pressure cooker with your desired taste. After cooking in a pressure cooker, put the chicken under the broiler for some minutes, to make it crispy.

As you know, traditional meat cooking takes a long time to be boiled, whereas using a pressure cooker, saves not only your time but also saves fuel. Pressure cooker offers many recipes to make tender, juicy, and flavorful dishes of meats. An important step of cooking meat is to lock the natural juice of meat in it by searing meat to a crispy brown, and then put it in the pressure cooker. Now, we know what to cook in a Pressure Cooker.


Without these devices, you can also cook seafood, dry beans, or peas in a pressure cooker. Pressure cooking mostly requires enough water and proper pressure. In some cases, some methods require cooking, but in most cases, you can have a perfect meal from the pressure cooker.

So, without thinking too much about what to cook in a pressure cooker and whatnot, try to make food have your taste and enjoy the meal.


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