How To Clean A Toaster Oven

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How to Clean A Toaster Oven


how to clean a toaster oven


A toaster oven is a lifesaver in the kitchen. It’s a lot more energy efficient than your regular oven and microwave. It can toast, bake, broil, and much more. You can toast bread and give the desired amount of crisp on any food you are cooking. You can even bake delicious pizza depending on the size of our Toaster oven. Using a toaster oven, you can brown meringue on a pie, bake bread or cupcakes, and roast your favorite slice of meat. There is another great feature included in the toaster ovens, you can put aluminum foil in them, which you can’t put in a microwave oven. The impressive cooking performance of a toaster oven is incredibly versatile. This magical kitchen accessory is no doubt an incredible one.

Over time, after making a bunch of your favorite garlic bread, reheating leftovers or slices of pizza, and baking your chicken fingers, you will notice the grease and crumbs are spreading all over the inside and outside of your toaster oven. Do you know how to clean a toaster oven? After a while, the oil will become quite difficult to wipe away. The bits will cook and burn in the grease and any corners that may get stuck inside the toaster oven.  At Last, you will be gearing up to give your toaster oven a proper cleaning. It may seem quite a bit difficult for the first time. But it is not harder than cleaning any of your other appliances. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clean a toaster oven. You will find out the most efficient process of cleaning your toaster oven further.


Washing a toaster oven is not so hard as it seems. If you follow the given ways to clean your toaster, you can finish the task with ease. Let’s go through the cleaning steps.


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How To Clean Your Toaster Oven


  • Unplug your toaster oven from the power socket.
  • Lay down a towel or cover your working surface with paper towels to make clean up quick and easy.
  • You can soak the movable parts of the toaster oven in hot water.
  • For really tough grease which is stuck inside the toaster oven, you can spray baking soda over the grease. You can spray a small amount of vinegar and keep it for a few hours.
  • Then use a scrub pad to wipe away the grease.




how to clean a toaster oven


  • Maximum toaster ovens are manufactured of aluminum; so, using oven cleaner may chemically damage your toaster oven.
  • After removing the movable parts in the toaster oven, wipe away all loose crumbs from the door and inside of the toaster oven.
  • Use a washcloth with warm water and take a small amount of dish soap.
  • Pour baking soda with water in a bowl and make a paste.
  • You can easily wipe away the grease inside the toaster oven, on the door, and on other surfaces applying the paste.
  • Sometimes, baked oil or other elements stick hard on the surface of the toaster oven. You can use baking soda to wash away such filth.
  • If your grease condition is awful, you will have to paste baking soda and sit for a couple of minutes.
  • Scrub the grease with a moistened scrub pad until the grease washes away.
  • Never use metal scouring materials and pads, because it will damage the toaster surface inside.
  • If you’re still having a problem removing the grease, you can use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to wipe away.
  • You can apply more baking soda paste if necessary.
  • Spray vinegar over the area for the most stubborn grease, and continue scrubbing.
  • Be sure, that all the grease and other
  • After washing all the parts and surfaces, wipe out all surfaces of your toaster oven with a warm and soapy washcloth.
  • Afterward, dry the toaster oven properly.



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how to clean a toaster oven



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After finishing the cleaning process, your toaster oven will look brand new! You can lay a sheet of aluminum foil on the bottom of your toaster oven to avoid baked-on grease in the future. The toaster oven will catch all of the cheeses, grease, crumbs, fillings, or any other fallen foods while cooking. You can easily remove the aluminum foil sheet after cooking, which will make the cleaning task easier the next time.

Once you know how to clean a toaster oven, you will feel comfortable in your next cleaning time. To sum up, the toaster oven is simply a great addition to your kitchen. The versatile performance and the comfort of use of the toaster oven are very pleasant. And once you know how to clean a toaster oven, you’ll feel easier using it in new and exciting ways. Clean your toaster oven regularly and enjoy cooking like a pro.


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