How to store cooked food

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Food preparation is somewhat a tough task. There is always an element of challenge available at the time of food preparation. You have to consider that how advanced kitchen appliances you may have how proficient the cooking techniques may be, or how easy the recipe might be. Moreover, the task is not over after preparing the food because you have to store the food for the further meal. There are many innovations available to store the foods, as for example Refrigerator.


How to store cooked food


Food storage processes have also gone through an evolution over the century. With the invention of refrigerators, people can breathe a sigh of relief as they made it too easy to store any food easily inside them. Moreover, deep freezers were also introduced primarily for the bulk storage of food. Ever thought about storing food without a refrigerator? Do you know how to store cooked food properly? Here you will come to know about storing the foods in many ways.


How to Store Food

Well, every innovation that arrives on the market brings some new set of problems that are hard to deal with. Refrigeration and food storage also have some common issues where food turns deteriorate, or it no longer remains the same as new. In the article, we are going to address some of the most common food storage problems. We will also advise some tips and tricks focusing on frozen storage which will help you store the food for a longer period without losing the flavor of the food or rotting it.

Let’s see how to store cooked food in a proper way.


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Wrap your Food

Wrapping/Covering is one of the most proficient food storage techniques most widely used around the globe. This method is suitable for travelers who cannot carry any other food storage with them. The main thing while storing food is to preserve the moisture in the food without letting the air get to it. By wrapping the food, you can hold the moisture in it, and also the food will remain fresh for an extended period.


So, what material should you use to wrap food? Well, there are many food wrappers available these days. Aluminum foil is the best material to wrap and store food while traveling. If you wish to store your food in freezers, the best options are freezer storage bags, plastic wraps and plastic coated freezer paper.


Freezer Burns

Freezer Burns is the process where the surface of the food dries off in a while freezing. In case you forget to cover your food before storing it in the freezer, there can be high chances of freezer burns to your food. It makes food dehydrated, and the dehydrated spot is left dry, tasteless, and affects the quality of food.



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Freezer burns happen because insufficient covering allows the air to get to the food. Leaked plastic bags are also responsible for freezer burn. Freezer burns leave brownish-gray spots on foods, and the food becomes dry. However, it damages the food to an extent where the food no longer remains eatable.


Freezing Cooked Poultry and Meat

Poultry and meat are the most troublesome ingredients to store. Cooked meat contains more content of moisture than raw meat, so it is important to preserve the moisture. For storing cooked meat and poultry in a freezer, the best technique is to wrap the meat tightly in a plastic wrapper/aluminum foil or keep it in a plastic box. Make sure to debone the meat and keep it in larger pieces before wrapping. Also, you should ensure that the air cannot get into the food.  After wrapping, immediately store the food at zero degrees Fahrenheit.


Type of meat you should freeze:

You can freeze almost all kinds of meat. People sometimes ask whether they can freeze tenderized meat or not. As tenderizing comes into effect while cooking meat, it can be frozen. However, you cannot store or freeze canned meat because:

  • Most canned foods have liquids inside them, and seals of the can prone to breakage while you freeze it.
  • Canned items are covered with moisture.

Hence, the food inside a can is already stored, so there is no need to store a can full of foods. You can keep it in a cool place, on your shelf, or in the refrigerator in a normal cooling mode.


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Freezing Time

One common issue about storing the food is freezing time. Well, there is no such limit regarding how long you should store/ freeze the foods in a refrigerator. But due to dehydration, the food may lose somewhat its flavor. Wrapping your foods well can keep the flavor of the foods for a long time.  If you wrap the food well it may remain fresh for years or two.


Nutrients Preservation

There is another primary objective of food storage and it is to preserve the nutrients of the food. Hence, food storage addresses the requirement very well. While you freeze the food, it does not lose the nutrients. Sometimes, the food only loses flavor. However, the protein content of meat or poultry slightly reduces while freezing. But it only occurs if you store it crossing the limited time of 9 months.


Storing Food In a pressure cooker

Modern-day pressure cookers are like hotpot. After cooking your dish, you can also store it in a pressure cooker. If you cook large dishes like a roast with vegetables, fish, meat dishes, and chicken, then you may want to store it overnight and have the leftovers the next day. As some of the Best Electric pressure cookers can keep the food warm even after 5 hours of cooking you can easily store the food in it.


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Wrapping Up

So now you have come to know how to store cooked food. All the above methods of food storage may help you saving cooked and uncooked for further eating. The refrigerators and freezer are the best food storage, wrap the food well the food will be fresh for a long. All the food storage mentioned above are hygienic and completely safe, you don’t have to worry because you can consume your food anytime without any loss of your health. Just you need to know how to store cooked food.


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