The Differences Between Old and New Pressure Cookers

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The Differences between Old and New Pressure Cookers


I tell you to step by step The Differences between Old and New Pressure Cookers, A lot of time has been passed since the days when the pressure cooker was invented. With the lapses of time there a lot of changes have taken place in the pressure cooker industry. Earlier the pressure cooker was only a metal pot with a lid. There were two clamps on the sides that keep the lid together with the body. Now there are different types of pressure cookers starting from stovetop to electric ones. Some of them are multifunctional. With the growth of modern technology, pressure cookers have been evolved from the cooking pot to reliable and fast cooking utensils. In this article, we are going to talk about the features where changes have taken place from the old pressure cookers to new pressure cookers.


Materials Difference of Pressure Cooker


In the earlier times, pressure cookers were made from low-grade aluminum only. Now, most pressure cookers are made from stainless steel. Aluminum is used too but in the case of low-quality aluminum, there is heavy-duty industrial quality aluminum used now. These high-quality materials ensure the strength and durability of the modern pressure cooker.  They are also great at transferring heat, so even cooking is possible now which was not possible in the earlier days.


Handles Difference of Pressure Cooker


In the earlier days, the handles of old pressure cookers were made from metal or low-quality plastic. Both of them transfer heat. So people had to use clothes to touch the pressure cookers. Nowadays handles are made from materials that do not transfer heat. So the stay cools during the cooking process, and you can handle your pressure cooker without burning your hand.


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Built-in cooking Function Difference of Pressure Cooker


In the earlier days, the pressure cooker was just a cooking pot. It is a lot more than that now. Now there are electrical pressure cookers where there are built-in cooking functions. Usually, an electrical pressure cooking has a 6-10 cooking function like boiling, warming, sautéing, grilling, etc. There are also other features like delayed cooking. If you choose this feature, you can delay the cooking procedure up to 90 minutes (may vary in different brands). There is also a feature called keep warm. It will automatically keep your food warm after it is done. It can keep the food warm for up to 10 hours.

Lid Difference of Pressure Cooker

The lid is the top of the pressure cooker that is closed to make the pressure cooker a concealed cooking unit. There have been changes in the top too. Now there are lids made from glass. These glass lids are durable, and they let you see the doneness of the cooking. In the earlier days, you have to cook blind. There are features with the lid now too. In many models of the electrical pressure cooker if you don’t close the lid perfectly then the cooking process will not start. A similar thing will happen after the cooking too. If the inside pressure is not equal or reasonable to outside pressure, then the lid of the pressure cooker will not open.

Safety features Difference of Pressure Cooker

The greatest changes are made in this feature. In the earlier days, almost everyone had a story of an accident related to the pressure cooker. Now the pressure cookers are one of the safest utensils to use in a kitchen. The modern pressure cookers have lots of features to prevent an accident and keep you safe. There are automatic vents and regulators now which automatically release the pressure when the inside pressure passes the limit. Now with the new pressure cookers, you will be able to cook in different pressure settings like 5psi, ten psi, or 15psi. In the electrical pressure cookers, the safety features are more prominent. Almost every part of the pressure cooker has a safety feature. For maximum safety, there are kill switches in the electrical pressure cookers. If the cooking temperature gets too high, then it will automatically disconnect itself from the power source.


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Multifunction capacity Difference of Pressure Cooker


Now pressure cookers are built from 6-42 quarts. This size variation has enabled them to lots of different things. The pressure cookers with the significant size can be used as the c

There have lots of changes from the old pressure cookers to a tanner. Now there is a cooking rack available too which allows cooking multiple items at the same time. urn themselves into the modern pressure cookers. There are more changes underway as we are talking. All these changes have made modern pressure cookers more versatile and safe at the same time. Now you can use a pressure cooker to cook faster than any time before. Read The Top Pressure Cooker Reviews from

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