FAQ About The Pressure Limit Of Pressure Cookers

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FAQ About The Pressure Limit Of Pressure Cookers


All the people who use a pressure cooker on a daily basis are known for the differences in pressure settings and pressure regulations. If you are a newcomer in pressure cooking and not well known about these topics, then this article is going to help you. Here we are going to answers the questions asked by a lot of people who want to know about the 15psi pressure cooker and other pressure-related cooking questions.


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What is the difference between the standard and non-standard pressure cooker?

In order to keep a general similarity in all the pressure cooker cookbooks and recopies there is an unofficial standard for the pressure setting. For the American pressure cooker, the pressure setting is defined as such that the maximum pressure would be 15 psi. In the case of the European cookers, this setting is about 13 psi. So if a pressure cooker does not fall within this range, then it will be termed as the non-standard pressure cooker.

The others that have similar pressure settings will be termed as the standard pressure cooker. To make it clearer, you have to know that there no global standard set by anyone and there are no international pressure cooker organizations. For the USA according to the UL rating, there is an American Appliance Testing standard that states that the nominal operating pressure of a pressure cooker will be 15ksi or less. And in Europe, the CE rating said the simple pressure vessel should be between 7.2 to 15 psi.

So Europe may have a different set of pressure for many countries but which are made for the USA has a maximum 15psi pressure setting. The manufacturers of America sell their pressure cookers in the USA only so they follow the 15 psi pressure rule.



Do the pressure cookers reach the 15 psi pressure cooking limit during cooking?


To make this clear you have to keep in mind that there are two different units in the method of measuring pressure. In the USA, the imperial system is followed and in the whole world follows the metric system of measuring. So the unit in the USA is psi and in the entire world in the unit is a. So the European manufactured pressure cooker is designed for 100kPa maximum pressure.

If you translate it into psi, then it becomes around 14.5 psi. So if you have a pressure cooker from any European company, then it will not reach 15psi. But if you have a pressure cooker from an American manufacturer then it is designed with a maximum of 15psi pressure limit, and it will reach the limit of 15psi during the cooking process.

Will using a non-standard pressure cooker affect the cooking time?


There is no formula to ensure it. If you are cooking grain type dish or a vegetable dish, then you need to make some little time adjustments during cooking. But in the case of the tough meats and whole-grain dishes you need to add several minutes to the total cooking time.

The main thing to remember that if you are cooking a big meal under allow pressure then you not add more minutes according to the size and type of the ingredients. In the recipe websites, there is a variation of time, and often side notes are added to ensure the time added to describe the time difference. The size and capacity of your pressure cooker are also going to create some variation in cooking time too.


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Do the electric pressure cookers reach the 15psi limit?

Most of the pressure cookers do reach the 15psi pressure limit, but they do not cook at 15psi usually. The reach the 15 psi often limits the warming process for a brief time. They reach the limit to get warm and prepare for the cooking process but get down at a lower pressure limit during the cooking process.

Usually, they operate at 11.6psi pressure. To know more, you can check the operating pressure of your pressure cooker. You can find more in the manuals you got along with the pressure cooker when you bought it. This operating pressure will be a pressure limit that will usually be in the cooking pot during the cooking time.

All these answers might give a total idea about the 15psi pressure cooker and pressure regulation. To learn more, you can go through the manuals thoroughly or read our other articles on different pressure cookers.


Electric pressure cookers can be your ideal kitchen item to cook daily meals.


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