7 safety features of modern pressure cookers

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7 safety features of modern pressure cookers


7 safety features of modern pressure cookers


With significant progression and technological innovations, modern-day pressure cookers have ensured 100% safety and also free from doubts of risk. The modern Best Pressure Cookers are provided with the best features that make pressure cooking safe and sound. Day by day the features of improving and the pressure cooker are being developed. They are not insecure like the olden day’s pressure cookers. There are core 7 safety features of modern pressure cookers. Let’s read the detailed information about those amazing features.

Pressure cookers have evolved a great deal from the time they are invented. The three years of their existence have taken the world of cooking to a whole new level. They were mainly designed to lessen cooking time by locking the pressure inside them. The idea worked well and gained popularity among the common people. The usage of pressure cookers in homes and industrial kitchens kept on increasing. Now they have become the must-have cooking ware in almost every kitchen.

The pressure cooker has brought ease of cooking for the users with convenient cooking. Besides, it brought some major concerns to think of. Human safety is the foremost of those concerns. As the functionality of pressure cookers is to lock pressure inside, in the past they were vulnerable, and there was a risk of explosion if not rightly monitored. In the recent past, the safety precautions of a pressure cooker were not enough, and pressure cookers continued to pose threats to people.


The Change of Pressure Cooker

Many people were unwilling to buy pressure cookers due to the facts and figures that pressure cookers are murderers. However, the cooker has got nothing to do with the pressure cooker itself. The manufacturers are the ones to blame because the inappropriate material and weak safety mechanisms would lead to disasters. But the time has changed the age of Best Pressure Cooker and Best Electric Pressure Cooker has arrived. You won’t have to worry much about safety.

Most renowned pressure cooker brands offer the best pressure cooker which is both reliable and durable. They cause no harm or threat to human lives. The states of the art safety systems installed in them are very pleasant. These modern pressure cookers are also known as second-generation pressure cookers.

What’s new in the article? I am going to discuss some amazing safety mechanisms and precautionary gadgets that will ensure you a safe and enjoyable experience with your new pressure cooker.


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Comparison of Pressure Cookers

Before discussing the safety features of modern pressure cookers, you should know the difference between the current and the older pressure cookers. It will help you understand the reason modern pressure cookers are safer and reliable as compared to the previous models.



Pressure Cookers in Olden Days

Pressure cooker production was stopped after the end of World War 2. Manufacturers who were previously making war equipment switched to making pressure cookers. This was the time when pressure cookers hit the markets with a bang. Production increased, and stores have a great sale out of those pressure cookers. On top of that, people started selling the old pressure cookers in garage sales.

However, the manufacturers did not have enough to make the pressure cookers which completely ensures safety for the people. Hence, regardless of the sales,  the quality of those pressure cookers was suspicious.

There were some concerning factors about these pressure cookers:

  • It was made out of aluminum which was used to react with the food inside.
  • The safety measures and precautions were nowhere to be found, and therefore, these pressure cookers posed a serious threat to human lives.


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Modern Pressure Cookers

7 safety features of modern pressure cookers


Modern pressure cookers have taken the risk out of the equation. It mainly happened because of a vast number of explosion incidents that occurred with low-quality pressure cookers. The manufacturers were bound to take steps for better engineering and coming up with safer designs and made the best pressure cookers.

The results were amazing. Due to the latest technologies pressure cooking is completely safe now. Since the competition is challenging, the manufacturers are continuously updating the safety systems of pressure cookers. These pressure cookers come with a user manual guide that demonstrates how to work with the pressure cooker correctly.

There are some core safety features that modern pressure (Best Pressure Cookers) include.

  • Safety pressure valves.
  • Stainless steel body.
  • Encapsulated Dock.
  • Visual indicators.


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Electric Pressure Cookers

7 safety features of modern pressure cookers


Are you wondering that the Best Electric Pressure Cooker is far safer than the expensive stovetop pressure cookers? You are wrong. Honestly speaking, stovetop pressure cookers may be costly, but they contain more than five great safety features and mechanisms as compared best electric pressure cooker. The best electric pressure cooker only has two or three safety features. So if you intend to purchase a pressure cooker that has high-level safety features the modern stovetop pressure cooker will be the best choice for you. But if you prefer automated cooking then you can go for an electric pressure cooker.

However, it is a better idea to read the manufacturer’s guide before choosing the best pressure cooker for you.


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Safety Features in Modern Pressure Cookers

7 safety features of modern pressure cookers


Well, the modern pressure cookers have been so well engineered that you need not worry about their handling. There are no risks of exploding and also other accidental occurrences. Modern pressure cookers are more advanced and reliable than olden days pressure cookers. So now we shall see the 7 Safety Features of modern pressure cookers that make them so durable and trusted.


1.    Locking Device

All modern pressure cookers have the function of a locking device on top of the lid. The locking device is one of the best safety features. It only opens while the heat of the pressure cooker is at an optimal level and when the lid is safe to open. The locking device responds to the pressure build-up inside the cooker. It also helps the food to be warm for 2 hours after cooking. Interlocking lids are super high so that you can carry your cooker with its handle.


2.   Pressure Release Valves

Pressure release valves are a kind of regulator that maintains the inner pressure of the cooker to a controlled value. When there is enough pressure build-up inside the cooker, these valves lessens the pressure by opening up. There are spring two types of valves, i.e., spring-loaded pressure relief valves and jiggle top valves. The design techniques may be different, but their primary purpose is the same, and that is to ensure pressure control inside the pressure cooker.


  • Spring Loaded Valves

These valves improved in such a way that the valves are suitable for activities above the boiling point of water. Renowned companies like Magefesa, Kuhn-Rikon, and Fagor manufacture spring-loaded pressure valves. The designs are simple and efficient. These valves ensure effective pressure release without letting the temperature inside the cooker drop. Spring-loaded valves pop up and assume steam release once the pressure inside the pressure cooker has raised notably. This is an indication process that reduces the heat supply of the pressure cooker when necessary


  • Jiggle Top Pressure Valves

Presto has become famous for their quality of making the perfect cookers maintaining all the safety matters. The Presto pressure cookers come with Jiggle top pressure indicators. These pressure valves work perfectly when the air inside the cooker is fully evacuated. The jiggle top pressure valves are different in design from the design firm of spring-loaded valves. The pressure can be placed on top of the lid after evacuation. Jiggle top pressure valves work well during the pressure reaches the optimum level. These valves also release excessive steam during the process.


3.   Pop up Indicators

Pop-up indicators are another high-rated safety function in modern pressure cookers. It helps the pressure valves to perform the task accurately. These signs consist of a weight attached above the stem. The stem contains markings and measurement scales on them. It seems like a stopwatch or timer. Some indicators also have red rings around them. The indicator is kept with its stem inserted inside the cooker and the weight resting on top of the lid. When pressure builds up, the gauge starts to pop up, and the value of the indicator shows the exact pressure inside the container. In the case of red rings, the first red circle indicates lower pressure while the second red circles suggest that the pressure has reached the highest value.


4.   Gasket Release Aperture

A gasket release aperture is placed under the lid alongside the pressure release valves. When the pressure reaches an optimal level, the gasket comes upwards and releases the pressure through this aperture. It ensures temperature and pressure maintenance inside the cooker.


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Pressure indication Stage:

The modern pressure cookers go through an alternation of pressure indication processes which allow users to cook conveniently and well as with safety.


The indication stages:

  • The indication forms a hissing sound when it reaches the minimum pressure level for the valve. The sound is audible enough, you can hear it from outside the kitchen. It also tends to become louder when the pressure increases.
  • The valve has escape holes. If the pressure rises to an extreme level, the steam escapes from these vent holes to maintain the pressure inside.
  • A safety steam exit hole in the rim of the lid releases excessive pressure in case the exit holes are clogged due to steam.
  • The final stage of pressure release occurs when the gasket is pushed upwards, and the steam escapes through the aperture located on the edge of the top.


5.    Safety Handles

Controlling a pressure cooker requires a lot of expertise. The handle of a pressure cooker is also very crucial. It should be heat resistant. Thanks to modern pressure cookers, handling a completely stuffed pressure cooker is no longer a challenge. Different companies use various types of handles and materials. Typically the handles are made of hard rubber and plastic material that can bear high temperatures. People should ideally look for a longer handle on one side and a shorter one on the other side. There are many advantages of such a handle design.

  • It will help you to carry with ease even when they are full.
  • The Locking system becomes much handier.
  • Longer handles stay cool and prevent your hands from burning.


6.    Encapsulated Heat Base Design

Encapsulated Heat Base Design is one is a great feature. It is usually not looked after as much as the other safety functions in a pressure cooker. However, the foundation of your pressure cooker can ordain the time it will last. People often complain about having developed a hot spot under their cooking utensils due to continuous heat exposure to one spot while cooking.

But, modern pressure cookers are equipped with a state-of-the-art Three-ply base encapsulated design. The design functions as an aluminum core sandwiched between two stainless steel layers.


The design has tremendous advantages:

  • Aluminum tends to heat up quicker than the other material, so the food gets cooked up in a flash.
  • Aluminum reacts with the food, but since it is sandwiched between stainless steel layers, the problem no longer remains
  • The three-layered design also lets the base heat evenly. Therefore, there are no hotspots developed under your pressure cooker.


7.    Manufacturing Material

Reactive metals like copper and aluminum can cause damage to your food. Also, they tend to heat up a little too quickly or slowly for food, so there left a chance of getting burnt and scorched food. However, the best pressure cookers come with stainless steel technology which results in perfectly cooked meals every time.

Stainless steel is lightweight and super high. Hence it can hold a large quantity of food inside. It is easily washable and also dishwasher safe. It does not get hot too much like copper and aluminum containers. Therefore the food quality remains good. The pressure cooker also looks very shiny for the stainless steel design.


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Several companies and manufacturers around the world produce high-quality pressure cookers which have the state of the art safety functions and mechanisms installed to ensure that people are free from any risk of burning or explosions while cooking. These pressure cookers have made kitchen life a lot more enjoyable and exciting. You can even try the amateur cooks and rookies with pressure cookers. This is the level of safety the best pressure cookers provide.

Modern pressure cookers are the best pressure cookers. They have made cooking time easier for most people around the globe. The intelligent designs and efficient cooking of modern pressure cookers are indescribable. Modern pressure cookers offer convenience, durability, reliability, and safety to the users. The best electric pressure cooker is the bliss of modern times.

Shortly, there are no other alternatives to the best pressure cookers. So, do not hesitate to choose the best pressure cooker or the best electric pressure cooker to ensure your safety while cooking.



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