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Pressure Cooker Whistle



If you have used a pressure cooker in your lifetime, then you must have heard the sound of the whistle when the pressure comes out through the gasket, and you hear the shivering sound. All of us know how the pressure cooker works, and the Pressure Cooker Whistle is a part of it. If you don’t know then to clarify how the process works. At first, you put the ingredients in the pot, and then you typically lock the lid and make the pressure cooker airtight. Then the cooking process starts. When the cooking starts, the water or any liquid turns into the vapor that creates the pressure.  As the vapor cannot get out, and the heat increases its temperature so the volume of the vapor increases which results in the rise of the pressure in the pressure cooker. With the increasing pressure, the temperature also increases. This increased temperature makes the cooking faster that ultimately decreases the pressure cooker cooking time than the usual wide pot cooking time. So the pressure is the most important part of the dish. All the pots can withstand a minimum amount of pressure. If it gets above the limit, then the explosion will take place.


To make cooking safe with a pressure cooker, there is few mechanisms to control the pressure so it cannot get the maximum amount inside the pot. The gasket is one of them. It is nothing but a metal piece that has a particular quantity of weight. If the pressure becomes more than needed, then the pressure from the inside pushes it upwards and gets released from the cooking pot. When this happens, you hear the pressure cooker whistle. As the pressure gets released the inside pressure of the pot decrease, and it can no longer keep pushing the gasket upward, so the gasket drops down, and pressure can no longer release from the container. With this action, the whistle also stops. So this will make you clear about why you hear the noise during the cooking process. You can also forcefully push the gasket upwards to release the internal pressure and at that time you can also hear the whistle.


Get a Discount Link for Pressure Cooker Whistle


Usually, your average pressure cooker can withstand about 15lbs of pressure per square inch of the cooking pot. So when the pressure rises above then this you will hear the whistle. Keep in mind that if you listen to the noise of the pressure cooker frequently during the cooking process then you need to turn down the heat source. To be exact, you hear them two times in less than four minutes you need to do this. But this can vary for a different pressure cooker for different recopies. In some recopies there is a whistle count to follow. In those cases, you have to make sure that the recipe is for your particular model of a pressure cooker. Otherwise, you will not be able to perform the cooking entirely.


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