Pressure Cooker Basics

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Pressure cookers are one of the most common and most frequently used kitchenware. They are meant to facilitate easy cooking and boiling. Pressure cookers hold several advantages over conventional cooking. They are preferred for their convenient cooking tasks. Pressure cookers can be very helpful, especially for performing amateur cooks. The pressure cooker produces food in a quick process, and they are also renowned themselves for this time-consuming functionality. The ease of use and their beneficial outputs made them charming. However, it is also important to make sure that the kitchenware you use is safely handled to prevent unexpected accidents while using. So, the crucial thing is you need to learn the pressure cooker basics to feel free while cooking.


Pressure Cooker Basics

pressure cooker basics


A pressure cooker has a straightforward process. It is a sealed pot having a valve over there which is used to control the steam pressure of the inside of the cooker. The high pressure of the steam of the pressure cooker helps to raise the boiling temperature of water at its normal boiling point of 100°c. Thus, it also contributes to increasing the pressure inside the pot, and as a circumstance the speed of cooking increases.

Here are some pressure cooker basics that you must know to have a sweet time while cooking.



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Food items like tomatoes get burnt quickly if kept on high flame for a long time or if not stirred properly. But the recommendation for you is not to stir because stirring may cause damage to your cooker. So, you are advised to add them at the end, thus eliminating stirring. Pressure cookers reach the correct pressure over a high flame and cook your food perfectly.


Lock the lid in place

It may sound frothy, but surprisingly many users simply put the food in the cooker, turn the heat on and just cover the lid on the top, without noticing that the lid has been locked or not. As a result, there is no buildup of pressure and the food may remain uncooked. It will also waste your fuel. So check the lid lock and try to lock it in time.


Bring to high pressure

Always maintain the rule of filling 2/3rd of the cooker cause it is very crucial while pressure cooking. After putting the ingredients in the pan with the demanded amount of water put it on the flame set the heat to maximum. The pressure will start to rise in a few moments.


Turn the heat to high

The temperature depends on the quantity of food you are cooking. Typically, It takes 20 minutes to reach the optimal pressure. As the pressure cooker cooks under pressure, it is better not to fill the cooker above the recommended level.


Reduce heat

Once the required pressure is reached, you can reduce the heat and still maintain the pressure. Initially, you may find it difficult, but after a couple of attempts, you will come to know the time to lower the heat and to an extent. It varies with the design and specification of the cooker. Some of the cookers take a bit of time to reduce their heat. On the other hand, electric pressure cookers are smarter, and they can reduce the heat immediately.


Quick Pressure Release

The quick pressure release method has some certain advantages as it is fast, both automatic and manual. This process operates only in 2 or 3 minutes, and that’s why known as the most rapid method of opening. Different mechanisms are used to release the pressure. We regularly use the valve as the pressure releasing mechanism. We also use another device like a button, a lever, push, etc. This method is best suited for the quick cooking of foods and vegetables. But it can’t be suitable for the large or jiggle type pressure cooker. The recommended type of opening for a large type pressure cooker is a Natural method of release where you can use a simple fork tine to lift up the weight and then release the pressure out.


The natural method of pressure release

The natural way of releasing pressure is the slowest among all types of pressure cookers. The process needs from 10 to 30 minutes of time to release the pressure. This time depends on the kind of pressure cooker (their structural design, material, etc.) and the fill level. Again, when the pressure cooker is filled than the required level, it takes a bit much time to release the pressure. The natural method of releasing pressure is recommended to use mostly for types of foods like fruits, grains, and legumes because it helps to prevent the bits of foods or the foams from coming out of the pressure cooker. This process is also suitable for the foods that need to be cooled down slowly to constrict the early evaporation of their moistness.


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Pressure cooking mostly requires enough water and proper pressure. In some cases, and some methods for cooking, but in most of the cases, you can get the best food result from your pressure cooker. So, knowing these pressure cooker basics, you can make the cooking process very simple with time.

These are the most often used approaches applied when using a pressure cooker. Before starting up with your pressure cooker go through the instruction manual. Soon you will come to cook healthier foods for you and your family comfortably. Try out the Best Electric Pressure Cooker to consume more time.


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