Best Fagor 9-inch Silicon Gasket

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Best Fagor 9-inch Silicon Gasket

Fagor 9-inch Silicon Gasket

Best Fagor 9-inch Silicon Gasket, then you know the importance of the pressure is to cook food in the cooker. When you close the top, the gasket fills the gap makes the pot airtight. As the pot remains airtight the pressure increases due to the heat and temperature rise dramatically. This heat makes the food cook rapidly. So the gasket plays a great role in ensuring the pot is airtight. But you often need replacement as it is silicon-made the product, and sometimes it tears apart. If you are using the Fargo brand and you need a 9-inch Silicon Gasket, then it is available.


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Product Details:

  • Materials: Silicone
  • Brand: Fagor
  • Diameter: 9.”
  • Can be fitted in all 6-quart or smaller Fagor pressure cookers

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Buy Fagor Silicon Gasket from Amazon

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