Cuisinart Sealing Ring – Best Cuisinart CPC-SR600 Sealing Ring

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Cuisinart CPC-SR600 Sealing Ring

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Are you using a Best Cuisinart CPC-SR600 Sealing Ring? Does the sealing ring of your pressure cooker get softer day by day? Does it become discolor, is there is food smell in your ring? Are you sure you will not stick yourself without a sealing ring just before twenty minutes of Thanksgiving dinner? It is time to change your pressure cooker’s sealing ring. Cuisinart presents the new Cuisinart CPC-SR600 Sealing Ring. It is the same version you are using now in your pressure cooker. This sealing ring is identical for CPC – 600 though it will fit into plates that have 8.7 or 8-inch diameters.

Product information:

  • Material: Made of silicone.
  • Outside diameter: 9.3 to 8 inches.
  • Color: White
  • Seal the gap between the body and the cover correctly. Make the pressure cooker airtight.
  • Fits in a CPC-600 pressure cooker


Buy Cuisinart Sealing Ring From Amazon


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Buy Cuisinart Sealing Ring From Amazon

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