Are Pressure Cookers Safe To Use?

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You are already known about the incredible pressure cooker. It’s the most used kitchenware nowadays. The handiness and comfort of cooking have increased their popularity. However, despite all the advantages of the pressure cooker, there is a question among the new users “Are pressure cookers safe to use?”

Well, the pressure cooker is a pressurized container that makes use of steam and heat to cook food. The pressure cooker does not get the power of pressure cooking from high heat. Instead, it uses pressure and of steam to cook food. This device features a valve that functions to seal the steam to create a high-pressure atmosphere. This function helps to increase the boiling point of the water inside the cooker, and as a result, the pressure builds up. By this process, foods are cooked earlier than other cooking methods.


are pressure cookers safe to use

Are Pressure Cookers Safe To Use?

A pressure cooker is an essential kitchen appliance that utilizes time properly and saves energy. Moreover, the food you cook in a pressure cooker gets an extra flavor. Still, there are a number of homeowners who fear using it due to safety concerns.

The days of unexpected mishaps have passed away. Far before, due to the lack of technology, many accidents occurred using pressure cookers. But, modern best pressure cookers or best electric pressure cookers are perfectly engineered that you do not have to worry about your safety. They are more advanced, reliable, and safe to use. The following are some of the safety features that will prove whether the pressure cookers are safe or not.


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Pressure release valves

The pressure-releasing valves are also known as pressure regulators. It regulates the pressure by assuring the pressure does not pass away through the preset valve. When pressure built up at the max level, the valves release the pressure by opening up. But the electric pressure cookers release the pressure according to the timer you set.

Locking device

The modern best electric pressure cookers come with a locking device on the top of the lid. The device works appropriately to the pressure developed inside the cooker. Locking devices keep the user safe by opening in due time. It means that the lid only unlocks at the time when the pressure inside is released properly and safe to remove. Some of the pressure cookers have interlocking lids which offer more safety. You can easily carry the pressure cooker with that lid without worrying that it will open.

Automatic pressure control

The automatic pressure control mechanism is an advanced technology added to modern pressure cookers. The modern pressure cooker features a pressure sensor that maintains the pressure between 70kPa-80kPa and 10.12psi ~ 11.6 psi. If the pressure passes 105kPa, the steam release valve will start to release the pressure slowly.

Pop up Indicators

It is another valuable safety feature in modern pressure cookers. They precisely and accurately function to indicate the pressure values inside the pot. The indicator is stored with its stem included inside the cooker. The indicator will pop up whenever the pressure builds up. Also, the readable content on the indicator tells the exact pressure inside the container. With this feature, one can easily read the increasing and decreasing pressure.

Automatic temperature control

Most modern pressure cookers feature a thermostat below the inner pot which operates to regulate the pot’s internal temperature so that it is within a protected range. However, this will depend on the kind of food you cook.

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Lid close detection

The modern pressure cooker won’t activate pressure cooking if the lid is not properly closed or is missing.

Gasket release aperture

Aside from the pressure valves, modern pressure cookers feature a gasket release aperture positioned under the lid. When the pressure inside the cooker reaches the highest limit, the gasket is pushed upwards to discharge pressure through the opening. This ensures the temperature and pressure are maintained inside the device.

High-temperature cautioning

On a few occasions, water or dampness may run low in the pressure cooker. In such a case, the pressure won’t develop inside the pressure cooker. Rather, it will begin warming up, and till it achieves the most extreme temperature level, the cooker will stop heating.

Leaky Lid Protection

The pressure cooker lid can leak because of different causes. That implies it won’t achieve the preset pressure level, something which may make the food being cooked to consume. An advanced pressure cooker will identify this by measuring the preheating time, and if it’s unusually long, the machine will naturally change to warm mode to stop food warming.

Safety handles

Not at all like old-day pressure cookers, the features of the present pressure cookers is not anymore a challenge as it used to be. They accompany made of hard rubber and suitable plastic that can withstand high temperatures. The handles make it simple for the users to carry the cooker even when it’s full. Some pressure cookers have longer handles to which remain cold preventing the user from burning their hands.


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Main Safety Features

One approach to utilize your pressure cooker securely is knowing how to discharge pressure safely. Most modern pressure cookers have a lot of safety features that make it difficult to open the device until the pressure has been released. There are three routes in which you can release the pressure.

1) Quick Release

Remove your pressure cooker from the warmth and the switch. The food will quit cooking quickly by discharging steam. It’s imperative to guarantee the pot is pointing far from you. It might take up to one minute to release the pressure.

2) Running water discharge

This is the prescribed technique for releasing pressure. When you eject the pot from the heat, water runs over the sides in the sink. Ensure that the pressure vent is far from you.

3) Regular pressure release

In this technique, the user needs to wait for the pressure valve to drop. The pressure will release gradually as the nourishment keeps on cooking. Be that as it may, along these lines of releasing pressure may take significantly longer than different approaches.


In this modern-day, the best electric pressure cookers have made cooking fun and also stress-free.  It seems quite a bit funny (Pressure cooking is cooking without pressure).

That news of pressure cooker explosions was heard far before. But after the invention of the modern pressure cookers people have again started to keep faith in the pressure cookers. These pressure cookers have replaced the old pressure cookers by promising top-level safety concerns. However, these pressure cookers offer safety, durability, and comfort to the users. So, we can say with no doubt that the pressure cookers are safe to use.


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