5 Amazing Things Rice Cooker Can Cook

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5 Amazing Things Rice Cooker Can Cook


5 Amazing Things Rice Cooker Can Cook


Though the name is the rice cooker, it can cook much more than cooking rice. It not only makes rice but also conveniently makes a wide range of various foods. The rice cooker works very simply; it uses moist heat to cook food perfectly for a period and to trap the flavors of the food inside the pot. Some rice cookers have slow cooking settings, but even with the basic rice cookers, you can make more than rice. The truth is, there are lots of home appliances that we believe or have been led to believe were made just for one purpose. Perhaps you did not know that your rice cooker can cook more than rice. In this article, you will get introduced to 5 things that you can make with a rice cooker.

You can’t imagine the capability of your rice cooker. Let’s check out the 5 Amazing Things Rice Cooker Can Cook.


Breakfast Meals

When you are in a hurry to make breakfast for yourself or your family, the rice cooker may help you make a quick snack.

Some food item that you can make with a rice cooker are listed below:



Boiled eggs

5 Amazing Things Rice Cooker Can CookThere are a lot of methods of making the perfect boiled eggs but do you know you can also boil them in a rice cooker? The deep pot of a rice cooker can boil many eggs at a time. Eggs are easy to peel, although it won’t save you any time over just using gas. The rice cooker boils the eggs with the steam function; it results quite similar to the usual method of boiling eggs.


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• Frittata

You can make perfect frittatas with a rice cooker, and the best thing is that you won’t have to flip them. They will be cooked from top to bottom, indiscriminately, with no concerns at all. You will just need to use the typical cooking setting, and before the cooking is done, you will have enough breakfast for two or even three depending on the size of your rice cooker.


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Nothing is better than that if your rice cooker performs wholemeal cooking. Your rice cooker can make:


  • Steamed meats and vegetables

5 Amazing Things Rice Cooker Can CookBesides cooking rice, you can use this trick to add some extra flavor. With the steaming tray, you can cook the vegetable alongside rice, and it will improve the flavor of the rice. It is very simple to cook. Just you have to cook your rice first and when it is almost cooked use the steaming tray to place your vegetables on top. You can also do the same with meat. The combination of taste you can add to your rice is boundless you just have to be a little bit creative with the items you are steaming.


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Ram roast

5 Amazing Things Rice Cooker Can Cook

You can use your rice cooker to cook a variety of meat dishes including pork and ham. Ram roast is one of the tasty meat dishes. To start out, just place the following ingredients: ram meat, curry, chili sauce,  soy sauce, onions, garlic,   lemon juice, and coriander. Then set the settings warm for a couple of hours. The results will be amazingly outstanding.


You will find that the ram roast is cooked better than you cook it on a stove.


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5 Amazing Things Rice Cooker Can Cook


It seems quite unbelievable to you, right? You can even use your rice cooker to make soup. It is simple as water. Just prepare your ingredients and then drop them in the cooker pot, after that add water. Use the cook setting and cover it with the lid. Look through the glass, and when the soup looks right just change the warm level. The soup will be cooked, and it will blow your mind at how efficient and great the soup will be. You can make varieties of soups with this appliance you just have to get creative. I prefer making Pritkin soup.


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Snacks And Desserts

For most of them who do not have an oven, a toaster or they are just too lazy to switch on the oven and wait for it to warm and bake then they are in luck because the rice cooker will ease the task for them.


• Cheesecake

5 Amazing Things Rice Cooker Can Cook

Do you know that your rice cooker can mimic your oven or toaster oven? You can easily make a cheesecake with it. Just make the ingredients and then put on the normal warm setting. Wait for an hour your cake will be ready. Once the cake is cooked, you will have the easiest method of making a cheesecake that you will need the oven anymore.


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• Hummus

5 Amazing Things Rice Cooker Can Cook

Invite your friends to treat them with your homemade hummus. The rice cooker will ease the task for you. It will take only half an hour for the chickpeas to cook. Then you can puree them with the rest of the ingredients, after that cook them for three hours; the hummus will be ready. This dish is quite simple with mind-blowing results.


It is needless to say, cause you can guess that you can use your rice cooker to cook other grains. Grains like risotto, beans, peas, grits, quinoa, maize, and polenta can be cooked comfortably with your rice cooker. The procedure of cooking them is simple as usual. You can cook the grain the same as you cook rice. Though it takes much time to be ready, the results are outstanding. The rice cooker is making perfect grain dishes like black bean chili and even hot vegetable cake. After You Finish cooking the different grain dishes, you will see a limitless effect.


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Last Words

That’s all from 5 Amazing Things Rice Cooker Can Cook. There are countless others that can extend to over two hundred. The things you can do are tremendous, and the only thing that can limit you is your imagination. Here are some of the other dishes that you can cook with this fascinating multipurpose home appliance. You can make; mac and cheese, egg custards, seafood among others.


What else to cook with a rice cooker? You have already come to know the answer. You know what it is capable of. The rice cooker can work instead of your oven and even the toaster also. However, the only downside of cooking with a rice cooker is the cooking style is low piety. The efficient way of cooking is undoubtedly likely to everyone. Shortly, the rice cooker is an ideal way of cooking your food effortlessly and hands-free, just sit back and enjoy the great taste and aroma.


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