Differences Between Pressure cookers and Rice cookers

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If someone talks about the revolutionary kitchenware, he/she can’t skip the name of the pressure cooker and the slow cooker. Comparing their task or usability will be a bit tough task. Both of the incredible cooking devices cook individually in their way. Firstly, a pressure cooker uses a pressure cooking method that cooks food faster than any appliances. On the other hand, a slow cooker is used for some specifics recipes that need a long cooking term to be prepared. However, a pressure cooker and a rice cooker both of these are incredible and have been part and parcel of cooking time so far. Now, we are reviewing their capability and functionality. Let’s see the differences between pressure cookers and rice cookers.

Everyone who regularly works in the kitchen knows how slow cookers work. They may take a long time of 8 hours to cook. Regardless of the fact, both of them can cook delicious and delicate food without letting you do it manually there are obvious reasons for choosing any of the two utensils. These fantastic tools can take up heavy-duty jobs of stewing the meat, and cooking grains bean whatever you like!

Though they result from the same efficiency, still a question creeps in mind what’s their real differences.  Here’s a complete guide to answering your concerns.


Differences Between Pressure cookers and Rice cookers

Differences Between Pressure cookers and Rice cookers

A pressure cooker and a rice cooker both of these are incredible and have been part and parcel of cooking time so far. Making the difference or comparison between them is quite a bit difficult task.


The Difference in Cooking Process

Slow Cookers

As the name implies, slow cookers cook slow, and the reason for that is they use a little amount of heat. It cooks food in low heat for an extended period. Slow cookers are also known as “Crock-pots.

Slow cooking is similar to conventional cooking, and its purpose prepares the food in the best probable manner. A slow-cooked food is very fragile, delicate, and has the right taste for the tongue.

Pressure Cookers

With a slight understanding of how pressure can manipulate heat, you can understand the function of pressure cookers. The basic definition of the pressure cooker is, “An appliance that cooks the food quicker than any conventional cooking process, using steam and pressure.”

Liquid, Chiefly water, is necessary to give the steam to the framework. High weight causes the boiling point of water to increase up to 30 degrees Celsius, making the food cook quicker than ordinary.


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Difference in Working

Slow Cookers

Slow cookers use less heat than a pressure cooker or other appliances. But it takes a long time of minimum of 4 hours. Some of the recipes need 8 hours to 10 hours or maybe longer. It need only the minimum level of heat to cook foods.


You have to put the food inside the pot (the heating unit) and cover it with a lid. The greater advantage of the recipes that you cook in the slow cooker is it doesn’t recommend stirring over and over. However, the procedure is more towards hands-off cooking.


You need to be very much organized with slow cookers though. All of the ingredients must be inside before you leave for work, and when you return, the food legitimately cooked and prepared to be served.


Pressure Cookers

The utensil must be firmly fixed without the littlest of gaps to give a chance to the steam to getaway. The steam reduces interior temperature causing the breaking point of fluid to ascend by 20 to 30 degrees.

At the point when the pressure is achieved, the outer temperature is turned off (electric weight cookers naturally cut the source of temperature) enabling the pot to keep up the pressure for a couple of minutes before it starts to decrease (as the weight valve opens consequently).


With the release of steam, the interior pressure starts to move down and coordinates the room temperature. The period between turning off the heat and finish pressure discharge permits the food an additional time to cook which is not possible in slow cooking.


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Foods they can Cook

Slow Cookers

Though it is a time-consuming method, the meals are cooked with such a flavor that you won’t get from other cooking processes. When it comes to slow cooking, you can cook nearly everything. However, here is a list of items slow cookers are best at:


  • Soups
  • Stews
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Beans
  • Desserts


Pressure Cookers

You can cook anything independent of how short or long cooking time the food takes to be prepared. According to the built-in functions, pressure cookers are best in making the following:

  • Rice
  • Vegetable
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Grains
  • Dried beans
  • Soup
  • Stew
  • Desserts


Difference in types

Slow Cookers

Slow cookers typically come in stovetop models. They rely on some external heat. There are electric slow cookers in the market, but they’re not as popular as the ordinary ones.


Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers are also categorized into electric cookers and stovetop models. Both of the models work similarly. The Stovetop pressure cooker needs to be controlled manually where the best electric cooker has built-in functions which work automatically. You don’t have to operate it manually.


The difference in Opening Methods

As inspected before, foods inside the pressure cooker use additional time in the wake of reducing the temperature, in cooking. This offers to ascend to various opening techniques to ensure that the food takes only the perfect measure of time and heat.


In general, there are three procedures of opening pressure cookers, specifically:


  • Coldwater release
  • Quick-release
  • Natural Release


Each of these processes depends upon the kind of ingredients you are cooking.

But when you cook with a slow cooker, there is only one way to release the pressure. Just open the lid.


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Difference in Maintenance

Slow Cookers


Slow cookers are less demanding to keep up. You simply need to clean them with common strategies and store them like some other utensil. On the other hand, using a pressure cooker, you must be watchful.


Pressure Cookers


You have to deal with the cover, the pressure discharge valves, the gasket, the container, the base of the pot, and whatever other thing that looks vital. Make a point to clean them thoroughly and replace the parts if damaged. Otherwise, you have to face unwanted steam release and other accidents.


Are You Thinking about Substituting?

Regardless of the possibility that you need to, you can’t replace one utensil for another. They take after various strategies for cooking your foods, in this way, they also have some materials which differ from one another. Slower cookers can’t withstand high heat, where pressure cookers may not feel the low heat that is applied to them.


Besides, the recipes – the ingredients, the amount, and the measure of liquid/water required by them, differ from one process to another process.


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With so many differences between the two cooking tools, you can have both in your kitchen for cooking the same recipes differently. Your choice to pick any one technique relies upon how much time you mean to spend in the kitchen and how much space you have. Be that as it may, considering the busy life and the requirements of the families, pressure cookers are more appropriate, a genuine need for a broad range of kitchens.


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