VonShef Vacuum Food Saver

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VonShef Vacuum Food Saver and Sealer System

I wished to start off my canteen. It was a small business plan of selling non-fried snacks for close working people and school students. However, I had no helping hand. Making those snacks was easy for me. But I wanted to deliver soft, crunchy snacks to my customers as if they could eat fresh. Then, when I saw an advertisement for these vacuum sealers, I determined to buy a VonShef vacuum FoodSaver and sealer system. It had become my helping hand gradually.

Now, I can easily pack snacks by vacuuming each pack, putting snacks into it, and sealing it with Seal-a-Meal. My customers love my hygiene food to buy.



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Straightforward Structure and attractive design

VonShef vacuum sealer weighs 3.9 pounds. It looks flat and square with the shiny black-silver combination. The manual operating system makes the vacuuming and sealing process easier. The touch button controls the process, and the patented removable drip tray helps to seal smoothly. You need to keep the filled bag between the sealing gap and close it with the locking lid.

Then, you see a clearly mentioned push button (Seal or Vac/Seal). Press the button on the control panel and the bag would be automatically packed after vacuuming, sealing, and shutting. You can vacuum seal or only seal the food-filled bags. If you feel like packing moist, semi-liquid foods, a drip tray will help them sealed keeping the surrounding clean and clear as it absorbs the leftover.

It also includes pulse function to control vacuuming in small stages. This model is ideal for the soft, moist types of food packages indeed.

  • Seal the food in seconds retaining its freshness and nutrients for longer!
  • Allows both a vacuum sealing and sealing only
  • Prepare meals for use with a Sous Vide
  • Protects food from bacteria and also prevents freezer burn
  • Pulse functions to control vacuuming in small stages. Ideal for soft food packages


Get Best Foodsaver Vacuum Food Saver On Amazon

The VonShef Vacuum Sealer does vacuum, seal, and store varieties of food responsibly. Also, it assures that there would not be any air left after the bags are sealed. As we know, air penetrates into foods and makes them easy shelf life. Also, airflow destroys the food taste and more importantly, the nutrition. So, bacteria, mold, yeast readily grow.

However, I spared my worries onto VonShef because it keeps the food as nutrient and fresh as ever. The VonShef vacuum sealer removes air and seals in flavor and quality so you can now enjoy the benefits of a scientifically proven food storage method that keeps food fresh up to five times longer compared to other home methods.
The VonShef vacuum sealer enables you to lessen your cooking time and allows you to preserve highly perishable seasonal fruits, vegetables, meat, and whatnot. Additionally, you can get a great marinated taste in minutes instead of hours!


Get Best Foodsaver Vacuum Food Saver On Amazon


Vacuuming and sealing process

Liquid items and semi-liquid foods, as well as meats that may leak liquid, should be pre-frozen before sealing to ensure liquid doesn’t enter the machine. Otherwise, it may damage parts. But after pre-freezing, VoShef would seal bags better.

Firstly, you need to ensure that the top cover is pushed down to close properly both sides before sealing. And, leave at least a 2″ gap between the food item and the end of the bag to ensure a tight seal. Keep the bag as straight as possible before closing the lid, as any gaps, folds, or wrinkles could prevent the vacuum function from working properly.



Stainless Steel Housing makes it look stylish. It possesses a wide sealing that exceeds a max of 11.5 inches to prevent airflow into sealed bags. High vacuum pressure lets the air out completely. It is low noise designed (78db). VonShef keeps food hygiene five to six-time longer than other storage systems. Moreover, VonShef shows friendly nature with its easy lock system.


Get Best Foodsaver Vacuum Food Saver On Amazon


If any liquids or leftover enters into the machine, it might damage and then you have to bother to repair parts.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  Q.Does this model comes with bags?

  Ans: No, you need to buy the bags separately.

  Q.Can VonShef vacuum and seal Mason containers? Is there any feature?

  Ans: Yes. But you need to buy an attachment separately that would seal jars with a port.

 Q.Can I pack and seal cooked foods for months?

Ans: Yes. You can enjoy the fresh taste of cooked foods after a whole lot of time you unseal packet.

 Q.Can I reuse the bags?

 Ans: Yes, you can. Even you can reuse one packet several times after washing and drying it.

Q.Can one only freeze raw/ uncooked foods only?

Ans: No, You can preserve varieties of cooked, uncooked foods, cookies, snacks, crunchy, moist foods. Almost anything you like to.


Get Best Foodsaver Vacuum Food Saver On Amazon

Final findings and resolution

Now we all can benefit from the power of vacuum sealing! Be free to buy in bulk and save money, preserve the fruits and vegetables for a week-long, cook at the weekend with your heart’s content knowing you can keep it all, prepare make-ahead meals to store in portion sizes, and get the taste of different food items instantly. VonShef follows a technique in which vacuum-sealed food is placed in a water bath and cooked at a very precise, temperature.

VonShef Vacuum Food Saver and Sealer System, Get the Best Vacuum Sealer for your family from a successful kitchen


Get Best Foodsaver Vacuum Food Saver On Amazon

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