Distinction between stovetop and electric pressure cooker

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Distinction between stovetop and electric pressure cooker

The revolution of the pressure cooker is taking place, and it is being evolved and changed by the day. So it is a great time to look to find essential differences between stovetop and electric pressure cooker. Let’s see a comparison between these two products on some critical factors.


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Time Needed to Cook

The electric pressure cooker needs more time to get heated and pressurized. There is a coil underneath the electric pressure cooker that creates the heat. The stovetop takes less time because it takes the heat directly.  Even the electric pressure cools down slower than the stovetop due to its better insulation materials in the body.

High Pressure

High pressure with the high temperature makes it possible to cook the food in lesser time by the pressure cooker. In this case, the electric pressure cooker is better than the stovetop. Comparing to an electric pressure cooker the stovetop is not so technological. So, the electric one will cook faster when the required pressure is achieved.

Heat Regulator

Regulation of heat is easier for the electric pressure cooker than the stovetop. If a person has just started learning to use a pressure cooker then he will find it difficult to use a stovetop to regulate specific heat. For the electric pressure cooker, it is pretty simple and straightforward. All you have to do is  to set the temperature and then the pressure cooker will do the cooking


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The most important factor for the pressure cooker is the safety. Safety is ensured by the security valves in the pressure cooker. These valves release the extra pressure when it is needed. The various manufacturer uses different types of the valves in their product. In the case of the electric ones, there is the primary valve that controls the pressure. It works automatically with the help of the regulator. If this fails, then the cooker will automatically cut the power source to reduce heat and ensure safety, but there don’t have such as no function in the stovetop.

Available Cooking Functions

The pressure cooker has multiple functions where you will be able to cook food in a different way. Even you will not need an expert to use these functions. For the stovetop cooker, cooking functions are limited, and you will not be able to cook different kinds of foods. Although you will be able to use some slow cooking methods in the latest versions of the electric pressure cooker.


It is pretty easy to store in the pressure cooker like you store regular pots you have. But the stovetop needs a particular procedure to store, and it needs special care too.


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