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Induction Pressure Cooker

Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Using an Induction Pressure Cooker


The induction pressure cooker is the latest edition in the world of pressure cookers. These pressure cookers have an induction coil at the bottom of the cooking pan. It gives them a unique ability to the cooking pan that allows the bottom of the pan to searing heat, but the top edges and the lid of the pressure cooker remain cool. So you will be able to touch these parts without any worry about safety. There are few things you need to keep in mind when you are using an induction pressure cooker because they don’t work like a normal stovetop or electric pressure cookers. As almost all of us know how to use a typical pressure cooker we try to use the induction pressure cooker in a similar way. Doing such will not only spoil your food, but it may cause some damage to you too. So here are the things you have to keep in mind when you are using an induction pressure cooker.


You cannot preheat an induction pressure cooker. Usually, we have a habit of preheating the base of a typical pressure cooker over a low flame for some time when we prepare ingredients like onions or garlic. If you do such with your induction pressure cooker, you will burl the oil or onions you have put into it. Due to the induction under the pan of the pressure cooker takes only 15 seconds to get hot enough for sautéing. So if you keep preheating for a long time, you will burn the cooking ingredients.


You need to slice the ingredients before which you are going to use for aromatic purposes like onions, garlic, or different leaves. Because if you have tried to do it after putting the oil in the pan you will burn the oil before you finish slicing the ingredients.


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You cannot bring your induction pressure cooker to the pressure when it is on high heat. If you do this, a few things will go wrong. To understand these things you need to keep in mind that it does not work like a regular pressure cooker. In an induction-based pressure cooker, the maximum pressure can be reached within just 4 minutes when it is on high heat. So if you do so the cooking time will be over but you will be left with undercooked or overcooked food as you will have no control overeat and pressure. The pressure cooker may not be able to let the pressure out sometimes which will let the food cook at a low temperature again.


You cannot bring the pressure cooker on medium heat too. If you think you can do this to compensate a few minutes by changing the recipe from low-pressure cooking to medium pressure cooking, then you will be making a mistake. Because you cannot alter a recipe of an induction pressure cooker likes that.


You cannot walk away from your induction pressure cooker right after adjusting the heat of the pressure cooker. Because the will be still, the heated difference in different parts of the cooker. The cooker may be at the exact pressure, but the temperature is not the same throughout the pressure cooker. The aluminum disk base of the pan might be piping hot, but the temperature of the part of the pressure cooker is not the same yet. So if you just walk away from it, there can be a rapid fall of heat due to the transition of heat from the base to the other parts. It will result in a decrease in pressure. Ultimately you will not have your food done at lower temperature and pressure than required, and you will have undercooked food.


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You need to keep around your induction pressure cooker for five minutes to adjust the heat correctly in case if you have a very wide pressure cooker. Otherwise, you will have undercooked food.


You should not use the timer of your induction pressure cooker. Because if you set any time with the timer the pressure cooker will automatically turn it off after the time is elapsed.


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Reading all of these instructions might turn you not to buy an induction pressure cooker. But you need to keep in mind that there a few things you will need to follow no matter that kind of pressure cooker you buy. So it is better to get used to them so that you can have a perfect meal every time you use an induction pressure cooker.

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