Compare Pressure Cookers

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compare pressure cookers

So many brands and products are available on the market now to make your head spin when you are comparing them to each other. If you don’t know what you need and what is fundamental to compare pressure cookers with another one, this can be a terrifying job. So here the comparison is done for you on three main piers of any pressure cooker: Technicality, Size & price. Hope this will help you too when you are making the comparisons.

Technicality: Stove Top or Electric


So if you do not have too much technical knowledge, then try to compare which pressure cooker will be the easiest to work with and which is the best convenient for you. A stop pressure cooker will have a manual heat regulation system. It will help you to know the exact pressure accuracy. Also, the durability of the stove pressure cooker is better than a standard electric pressure cooker. The extra parts and replacements are very available for a stove pressure cooker. You can find these things quickly. For the electric pressure cooker, sometimes it is hard to find the replacement parts once the warranty time is expired.

The main difference between a stovetop and an electric pressure cooker is the mechanism of the built-in heating system. The electric pressure cooker has its heat source because it has an integrated heating system. But a stovetop pressure cooker needs an extra heat system. Also, an electric pressure cooker does not require manual heat adjustment. There is a digital technology ensuring automatic heating. On the other hand stove, the top pressure cooker has a manual heating system. This system will allow the cooker to select the heat.


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Size, ingredient

compare pressure cookers

Depending on the size they can be divided into four groups. Have a look at the chart below to know which one you need and you can compare their usage too.

Over 10 liters,

Under 5 liters, This is really useful for couples or single people. You can easily cook one course of a cozy meal for your small family with this one.
5-7 liters This type of pressure cooker is for families who have around 3to 5 members. It can easily cook the full meal for them without being bulky
in size.
7.5 – 10 liters It is ideal if you want to cook for more than six people, or you cook in large portions or you wish to preserve food by home-canning.
Pressureliters, large like these are usually used for catering works or in semi-commercial purposes. You will be able to cook for 15
peoples easily with these pressure cookers. You can use them for canning purposes too.

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Depending on the price you can compare pressure cookers in three different categories: Budget ($), Mid-Range ($$) & Premium ($$$). Have a look at their good & bad both characteristics to know what you will get when you buy them. This comparison will help you to choose which one you want, and you don’t have to compare a $dollar product with a $$dollar product.


Budget ($) • They are an economical choice and right choice for fresh users

• Usually made of aluminum which makes them lighter

• These are quite good at heat-conducting and ensures even cooking

• Great choice for camping or traveling with

• Sometimes the parts are not easy to clean

• Will discolor with a range of time and they are prone to damage too

• Sometimes they lack usual features like quick-release valves

Mid-Range ($$) • Usually most preferred products among the users

• Generally stainless steel is used to make them which ensures durability

• Has a longer span of life than aluminum cookers.

• Parts are quite easy to clean as they are pretty smooth

• Generally have duel settings of high and low pressure to cook

• May does not last for a generation if frequently used

• They lack special features which are available in the premium ones

Premium ($$$) • Build from stainless steel

• Heavier than other two range of cookers and that’s why they can be easily knocked over

• Parts have real smooth and shinier finishes and they are really easy to clean

• Flavors does not remain in the pot after washing

• Have lots of accessories which help in cooking

• No maintenance cost is needed

• Have lots of different pressure settings which allow cooking food of various ranges from the main dish to deserts.

• Gives you more control & accuracy in cooking



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