Best S9888 Metal Safety Fuse

Best S-9888 Metal Safety Fuse (Pressure Cooker Accessories )

S-9888 Metal Safety Fuse, Fits Mirro Pressure Cookers

Using a Pressure cooker for a long time sometimes brings some problems too. Some of the models have quite a few parts, and you need clean each one properly. In doing such, you sometimes lost them. If that part is safety fuse that it is the matter of a headache as you will not be able to use the pressure cooker safely again. If you are using Mirro, then it is good news. Best S9888 Metal Safety Fuse will solve your problem. It is a metal safety fuse. It comfortably fits all the models of Mirro and Micro Matic, even the old models too. S-9888 Metal Safety Fuse can be used in products where metal screw-type fuse is used.

Product Details:

  • Type: Metal
  • Brand: Union
  • Screw type Safety Fuse
  • Fits all the models of Aromatic and Mirro

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