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Pressure Cooker Weight

All You Need To Know About Pressure Cooker Weight


Using a pressure cooker, either a stovetop or an electric one can change the efficiency of your cooking time dramatically. If you use a pressure cooker on a daily basis, then you are familiar with the whistle of the pressure cooker. The noise happens when the inside pressure puts the weight upwards the moisture release through the lifted space at high speed. In this article, we will discuss pressure cooker weight.

Different models of pressure cookers have various types of weight in their pressure cooker regulators. When the inside pressure goes high than required the regulator goes up. It does not go up earlier due to the weight. The weight keeps it down. There is an equilibrium with the weight and internal pressure. So the until the pressure gets more than the required one the weight of the regulator is good enough to keep it in place. When the pressure is more than expected, it takes more than the regulator weight can control. So the regulator goes up. Nowadays there are lots of models of pressure cookers, and there are different weight systems too. In the pressure cookers which operate only one pressure limit, there is only one weight. In the case of the pressure cookers which works in different pressure limit, there is a spring-loaded weight. It enables it to work in various pressure limits. In these pressure cookers, there are three pressure limits to choose from. They are 5psi, ten psi, and 15 psi. When you want a pressure limit, the spring sets the weight up to work with it. So the different pressure settings can work. If your pressure cooker has no specific pressure limit to choose from, then you have the pressure functions. It usually happens in the case of the electric pressure cooker. There you have to choose from functions like everyday cooking or medium pressure cooking or high-pressure cooking.


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In the case of the electric pressure cooker, there is no visual weight like a stovetop pressure cooker. In the stovetop pressure cooker, there is a regulator on the top and within it, the weight is placed. So in the case of the stovetop pressure cooker, you have the power to manipulate physically the weight or the regulator. You can pull the weight up anytime you want and release the central pressure. But that is not possible in the electric pressure cooker. But there are functions to control the inside pressure. You will see that after the cooking process is done, you can choose from natural pressure release or instant pressure release. The function may differ in different models of pressure cookers. But you will have some option to release the pressure.


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Usually, the pressure cooker weight is attached to the regulator and made from stainless steel. Sometimes it is made from high-grade aluminum too. Usually, the weight has to go through lots of movement due to the up and down action of the valve. Moreover, the moisture passes right close to it. So it may wear down after a year or two. But you have nothing to worry about that most of the brands have equivalent weight, and you can get them easily from the manufacturers.


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