Pressure Cooker Valve

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Pressure Cooker Valve

All You Need To Know About Pressure Cooker Valve


Using a Pressure Cooker Valve can turn your hectic cooking life into an organized one. From the invention of this product, it has come a long way. Earlier the main negative site of a pressure cooker was the lack of safety features. Now in modern pressure cookers, you can have several safety features to ensure safety. Some electric and stovetop pressure cookers have more than ten safety features installed in them right now.

No matter that brand or what type of pressure cooker you are using it surely has some specific safety features. The safety valve is one of them. It was attached to the very early models of the pressure cooker and still used too. A pressure cooker valve controls the internal pressure level of a pressure cooker.


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To understand how a pressure cooker works, you need to have an idea about the working method of a pressure cooker. When you use a pressure cooker, you can cook it in a very short amount of time. The reason behind this is that you cook the food at high temperatures and high pressure.

When you close the lid of your pressure cooker, you make a confined place for cooking. When you put it over a heat source, the bodies of the pressure cookers get heated. At first, the liquid you put in the pressure cooker will boil and turn into moisture.

Like the pressure cooker, the pot is a confined place the moisture cannot get out of the pressure cooker. It causes the inside pressure of the pressure cooker to increase. With the increasing pressure, the inside temperature will also increase and it will cook the food faster than traditional cooking. Safety feature like the pressure cooker valve comes into work in this place. It has weight, and it is synchronized with the inside pressure limit.

When the central pressure crosses over the limit of it gathers enough momentum so it can push the valve upwards. When the valve is pushed upwards, moisture can get out from the inside, and the pressure will be down too. When this happens, you usually hear the sound that is called the whistle.

Usually, a pressure cooker valve is made of a material of stainless steel. Some vents are made of aluminum but in most cases, it is made of stainless weight. It has a minimum amount of weight so it can counteract the required amount of central pressure. It works like a clamp. Its radius in the top part is bigger than the bottom part.

The lower part is narrower than the top. So when the inside pressure lifts it up, there is an empty place around the bottom part so that the pressure can let out. Now there a few types of valves available in different models of the pressure cooker. There are no valves that are spring-loaded. So it can be opened and closed within moments.

So with the modern pressure cooker, the control of the inside pressure is more accurate. They let minimum moisture out during the cooking process. So it takes lesser time to cook, and ingredients like meat and fish do not lose their juices. It also cuts down the amount of water you need to use during cooking.

You will need only half a cup of water to pressurize the pressure cooker completely. So you will get more nutrients from your food. Now there are also features like a quick release that works itself. In case, severe pressure it will open to let out all the central pressure, and the cooking process will come to an immediate halt in this process.

It will allow adding different ingredients at different times of the cooking process. So you can have work with real complicated recipes without any problem. The cooking process will start again as soon as you will put the lid on and turn on the heat. It will also allow you to check the doneness of the ingredients which is essential for the same recipes.


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In the electric pressure cooker are some different types of pressure cooker valves too. Almost all of them are automatic, and you do not find them at the top of the lid. In the case of the stovetop pressure cookers, you will be able to find the pressure cooker valve quickly. In the maximum cases, it is placed at the top of the lid.

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