Pressure Cooker For Canning

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Pressure Cooker For Canning


How to Use a Pressure Cooker for Canning


Canning by pressure canner is healthy. A Pressure Cooker For Canning is similar to a pressure cooker. The difference between a normal pressure cooker and a pressure canner is the size. Pressure Cooker For Canning is huge in size. Also, a Pressure Cooker For Canning does not only cook but also preserves the food. The pressure canners you will find on the market are made of an aluminum cast. Most of them come with an extra tray and pot. So now we are going to discuss the pressure canner, how it works, what is the safety precautions etc.



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How the pressure cooker works as Canner

The old Pressure Cooker For Canning was heavy. So users felt a problem lifting or move the pressure canner. Now, most of companies are making lightweight pressure canners. They are made of aluminum. Some companies are using stainless steel in the body. Both of them are good and have longer durability. A lid will be placed on the top of the gasket. You may find some Canners that have knobs with the lids instead of the automatic lid. There will a gauge too to control the pressure. Two types of gauge, dial gauge or the weighted gauge. You will find some other parts with the Canner like the weighted port for ventilation, a safety vest, and, of course, a removable rack. Pressure cookers are capable of doing a quart by one layer or deep layer. Deep layers are used to do smaller size jars. If you use a water bath canner, there is no need to fill the jars with water. The main tricks of the pressure for a Canner are the water. Use the manual of the canner to know how much water produces how much pressure. First, the water starts to boil in the canner, and the pressure will vent through the lid. It will push out the air outside from the canner. Now the jars are full of water and steam. This time both of them will have a common temperature. The temperature will be almost 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Normally it will be high than 212 degrees Fahrenheit which is the temperature of the open water canner. It will happen because of the increased pressure. There will be no air in the canner, only steam or water vapor. Because of this reason, the heat will equally conduct to all parts of the jar.

How to use a pressure canner


Suppose you are very fond of vegetables. You have your garden and will collect the vegetables in the next winter. So now you are thinking to buy a Pressure Cooker For Canning, but you have no idea how it will work. That’s not a problem at all. Now we will discuss step by step that how a pressure canner works. You can also take help from the manual you will have with the pressure canner. But now, if you follow our instructions accurately it will be a very easy task for you.

  1. At first, start the stove and put the burner high. Now place the pressure canner on the burner.
  2. You will find a metal rack with the Canner. Now put the rack inside of the canner. Add 2 or three inches of water (hot).
  3. Fill up the jars with water. Put the jars on the rack. Make sure you place the lids and the rings on the jar.
  4. Now seal the lid and leave weight from the vent petcock or port.
  5. Now turn the burner at the highest peak. Keep heating until the water reaches the boiling point. When the water starts to boil, the steams will exit through the vent port. Let the steam exit for at least 8 to 10 minutes. It will ensure that there is no air in the pressure canner.
  6. Now put the weight back on the vent port. In a very few minutes, the pressure inside the canner will start to rise.
  7. After some time the pointer of the pressure gauge will reach the desired pressure level. Most of the time it will be 11 Ibs. Now start to do the timing.
  8. Now adjust the burner so that the desired pressure will remain to continue. Use the user manual to do this. Cause different gauge juggles differently.
  9. When you reach the end time (5 or 10 minutes to finish, though it varies by the size of the jars and different food), turn off the stove. Then allow the pressure canner to become cool and let the pressure vent properly.
  10. Lift the weight from the vent port. Remove the jars from the canner very carefully. Put them on a towel or a cooling rack. Let the jars become cool. It will take overnight, approximately 8 hours.

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Tips for using a pressure canner

Always be careful while using a Pressure Cooker For Canning. While using, try to remain the pressure constant and don’t let it drop. Use the burner to control the pressure during canning. If the pressure goes too much low, put it on the right amount and start the timing again from the beginning.  If you are over 1000 feet from the sea level, take help from the canner’s manual about the time and the pressure. Before start canning, always make sure that there is no air left in the canner. To make sure there is no air, leave the port (vent) open for at least 10 minutes. Do not forget to put the vent port back. Do not start cooking until there is enough steam in the canner. Make sure that the water reaches the boiling point so there is enough steam. When the steam starts to produce pressure, do not low the burner until the pressure reaches the point.

That is all you need to know. Always maintain safety features while using a Pressure Cooker For Canning. Always use the handle for lifting the Canner. Always clean the pressure canner after using. If you need to know more information and features about the pressure canner, look into your pressure cooker’s manual. Get your Best Cooker that is reviewed by the Best electric pressure cooker


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