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World Kitchen Beef Jerky

 World Kitchen Beef Jerky

World Kitchen Beef Jerky



If you are a beef jerky lover, you really won’t like to miss out the World Kitchen Beef Jerky. The World Kitchen is a trusted name to the jerky lovers. It is not too spicy, and it has just the right smoky flavor you are looking for. The people, who always look to get the best beef jerky, must try world kitchen.

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Product Description

The World Kitchen Beef Jerky has three flavors- World Kitchen Peppered Beef Jerky, World Kitchen Teriyaki Beef Jerky, and World Kitchen Old Fashioned Beef Jerky. The taste these three flavors differ completely from each other. The peppered beef jerky is made from lean beef, and the USDA inspects the quality of the beef.

To ensure the quality and freshness, the jerky is packaged by resealable bags. The beef is not formed or chopped; only lean beef strips. The World Kitchen Teriyaki Beef Jerky has a ¾ ponder; teriyaki is also made from the strips of real beef. It has a smoky flavor, and it is simple to open and resealable.

After opening the beef package you have to use it within 3 days or refrigerate it. The Old Fashioned Beef Jerky has a traditional flavor as its name indicates.

But it is enriched with protein. It remains moist on the shelf unlike other brands, which tends to dry up quickly.

The ingredients of old fashioned jerky are- Slice of beef, water, brown sugar, salt, vinegar, papaya juice, garlic powder, black pepper, natural smoke flavor, mono sodium glutamate, citric acid, and sodium nitrite.

If you are looking for the right beef jerky, it has to be the World Kitchen. That’s the reason they get a huge number of positive customer reviews on Amazon. They prepare their beef with utmost care and diligence.

The World Kitchen Beef Jerky is committed to ensuring maximum quality and tasty jerky to substantiate the value of your money.

Lem Jerky Cannon

Lem Jerky Cannon


If you are looking for a heavy duty Lem Jerky Cannon that has a large capacity, then you should consider the Lem jerky cannon. This jerky cannon is an excellent tool, heavy duty and it works superbly.

The LEM jerky maker is an outstanding product that will lead you to a whole new world of snack making. This cannon simply outsmarts all other plastic jerky makers available in the market.

If you are used to making strips or sticks of beef or turkey with other plastic jerky makers, then you should try the Lem jerky cannon once. I am definite that you will find it 100 times better than the plastic ones.

This supreme jerky maker contains 1- ½ lb. of meat. This cannon is built very strong to last a life time.

The sturdy and durable materials of the product make it a well-desired gadget in the market. It is a well-built product, easy to clean and extremely effortless to use.

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Product Description

This jerky cannon is built with anodized aluminum. The Cannon comes with two stainless- steel nozzles- 3/16” x 1- 3/16” flat nozzle to prepare jerky and a ½” diameter round nozzle to make snack sticks.

To allow easy loading and intersection, the ends of the barrel are flared. The nozzles attach fast with the retaining ring. Alongside the aluminum barrel it has a plastic coated steel handle, a stainless- steel rod and a compact plastic piston to ensure durability.

The 2/1” diameter round nozzle produces snack sticks. It comes with a nylon brush. That makes the jerky cannon super-easy to clean. The cannon is built to work season after season.

It also includes Backwoods Original Jerky seasoning pack and Backwoods Snack Stick Seasoning pack.  The Lem jerky cannon comes with a complete direction.

You can’t compare anything with the LEM Jerky Cannon. It offers maximum service to the jerky lovers. If you go through the product review online, you will surely find a lot of users extolling the LEM cannon.

Almost all the users found this product commendable, and they suggested other jerky lovers to buy one. To some people, the cannon may look clumsy, but it doesn’t need to refill so often, so it helps a lot.

It is a solid product and should last for a life time. It can be the best gift to anyone who loves to prepare jerky.

If you are looking to get a fine jerky maker, don’t look anywhere else, it is highly recommended by the users. Let’s make your own jerky for your next outdoor trip with the Lem jerky cannon.