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Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes That You Can Relish

healthy slow cooker chicken recipes


My sister is very smart when it comes to cooking. She can cook numerous tasty delicacies with her creative cooking skills. She cooks the most complicated dishes in no time, thanks to slow cookers. Be it a family get-together or Friday lunch, she is all set to amaze everyone with her culinary skills. My sister uses slow cookers all the time. According to my sister, using slow cookers you can cook fantastic dishes in a creative and healthy way. They are designed for perfect cooking and easy serving.

In this modern era where everyone is suffering from diseases like hypertension, atherosclerosis and high blood cholesterol level, there is an absolute necessity for healthy cooking techniques.  Here come the amazing slow cookers to the rescue! Plus, everyone is seeking something that is easy and fast. For instance, if you are running short of time in the morning, you can prepare everything the night before. For this reason, slow cookers have potentially become extremely popular in the food industry.

What is a slow cooker?


If you are a busy mother or an office worker, a slow cooker is a perfect option for you. If are running late for work or have important projects to submit, but do not have much time to spend in the kitchen, a slow cooker will save you a lot of time and effort. Also, if you are a beginner and want to explore the joy of cooking different delicacies, slow cookers are the perfect choice for you.  You can easily put the desired ingredients in the correct amount and slow cooker will do the difficult job for you. When you return, you will see the perfect dish ready to satisfy your hungry tummy. Undoubtedly, slow cookers will be beneficial for home chefs!

In case of difficulty, you can use the user manual to guide you. You can also change the temperature, heat and cooking pressure according to your choice. FDA recommends cooking the food at 130F.

Why Use Slow Cookers?


Cooking with slow cookers is relatively a safer mode of cooking. There are various options that you can adjust, such as time, pressure and heat. All these are not present in traditional cooking. Cooking with slow cookers is also more convenient than cooking with traditional pots and utensils. Cooking in the traditional way has some severe health hazards. Generally, the cooking pots are made of steel or any other metals. Due to extreme heat, the chemicals leach out and contaminate the food. This can lead to cancer. Plus, there is no need of constant stirring. Slow cookers can automatically adjust the heat for even cooking. FDA recommends cooking the food at 130F-140F. With slow cookers, you can easily maintain the desired temperature (high, medium and low).  You can cook your food for a long period of time without the trouble of overheating. Besides, once you are done the cooking, you can store the food in the slow cooker. This will prevent microbial contamination as slow cookers prevent the growth of bacteria. These brilliant benefits will surely melt your heart.


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The Benefits


If you are concerned about your health and want to lose those extra weights, a slow cooker will help you achieve your goal with minimum trouble. Also, such slow cookers come with alluring benefits that will dramatically change your cooking game. You can cook for 28 hours straight!

  • Cooking the food slowly and consistently will help to retain the nutritional benefits. The vitamins and essential minerals will still be present even after long hours of cooking.
  • Easy to handle and operate. This means anyone can be a great cook!
  • You can enjoy the delightful flavors!
  • The elegant stainless steel finish is eye-catching.  
  • Cooking requires minimum or no oil. This is quite helpful for patients or adults suffering from any disease.
  • You can adjust the time and cooking pressure.
  • The dish is cooked in broth or water, so this adds extra nutrition to the food.
  • You can try different cooking techniques, such as baking.
  • Various dishes can be cooked with slow cookers
  • Dishes retain their original aroma and flavor because of slow cooking. Dishes contain their original water content, so they do not dry out fast.
  • Does not require constant stirring, so you can turn the cooker and complete other important tasks.
  • No bacterial growth.
  • There is 0 possibility of burning the food.
  • There is no chance of burning the food since the cooking is done in low heat.
  • Throughout the long cooking process, meaty items, such as beef, chicken, and lamb, are tenderized. So enjoy juicy meals at every time of the day!
  • Slow cookers use less energy than electric or any other kinds of an oven.
  • Slow cookers are travel-friendly. Therefore, you can carry it anywhere.
  • No chance of overheating.
  • It is extremely easy to wash and clean.  
  • The device is budget-friendly.
  • Slow cookers come with manufacturer warranty.
  • With the lid and handles, there is no chance of burning yourself.


Some Easy Short Recipes with Slow Cookers


If you want to enjoy the brilliant smell of freshly cooked meal once you get home after a long tiring day, try these recipes at once.


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Chicken Meatballs Dipped in Tomato Sauce


Cooking oil




Minced beef




  1. Heat the slow cooker. Add oil, the put in onion, parsley, celery, and garlic. Once it is cooked.
  2. Prepare the meatballs. Take finely minced meat and add plenty of black pepper, oats, garlic, and paprika. Mix them well. Take the mixture in your hand and shape them into balls.
  3. Take another frying pan and add oil. Fry the meatballs until they are brown.
  4. Transfer the meatballs into the slow cooker with the previous mixture
  5. Now add the tomato base and salt. Let the dish cook for 5 hours.
  6. Serve the delicious meatballs with steamed rice or spaghetti.


Veggie Bolognese










  1. Finely chop the carrots, mushrooms, and onions.
  2. Preheat the slow cooker. Add oil, and then add the finely chopped vegetables in the slow cooker.  Stir frequently.
  3. Add the herbs, ketchup, tomatoes, and stock to make a fine sauce. Then add salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Then add the spaghetti and cook.
  5. Serve with freshly grated cheese.


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Slow Chicken Chili Onion



Ground chicken

Chili Powder

Roasted Tomatoes

Black Pepper

Sweet Potatoes


  1. Preheat the slow cooker. Add sufficient oil and then add tomatoes, onion, and roasted tomatoes.
  2. Now add the chicken and add chili powder.  Cook the chicken for straight 6 hours.
  3. Serve the dish with your favorite tasty topping.


Cooker Chicken and Noodles



Chopped Onions


Boneless Chicken


  1. Place the chicken, chopped onion, and noodles in a slow cooker.
  2. Add the celery.
  3. Add sufficient water.
  4. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  5. Cook for 8 hours.


Hungarian Beef Goulas



Chopped Onion

Minced Garlic

Bay Leaves


Corn Starch


  1. Place the beef in the slow cooker. Add chopped onions, salt, paprika, and pepper to taste.
  2. Add tomatoes, broth, and sauce. Allow sufficient time to simmer.  Add the bay leaves.
  3. Lastly, add the cornstarch and parsley.
  4. Serve with your favorite vegetables.


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How to Take Care


It is completely mandatory to keep the cooker clean and hygienic. There might be a buildup of oil and grime from the previous cooking session. This needs to be immediately removed because this can hamper the performance of the slow cooker. You need to wash the device on regular basis with a mild cleanser and allow to dry.


Customer Opinion


We have carried out extensive research in the market. The result is overwhelming. The customers are satisfied with the performance of slow cookers. They confessed that slow cookers have made the laborious task of cooking a lot simpler.  Now, they can cook healthy and tasty dishes easily. Besides, the health benefits are numerous. Everyone highly recommends cooking with slow cookers. Gradually, several renowned companions are coming up with their superb ideas to improve the slow cookers. There is a huge variety to choose from, each with its different functions and benefits.  You can shop in the big supermarkets, or you can order them from various websites, such as Amazon, target, eBay.




Certain steps need to be followed at times in order to enjoy the benefits of slow cooking. You should not remove the lid too often. Removing the lid will cause heat loss, and cause uneven cooking. For monitoring purpose, the lid is made up of a transparent material, so you can easily see the cooking process. Do not add excess water. With slow cookers, there is no water loss. Adding excessive water can make your dish bland.


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Final Word

Who doesn’t wish to surprise everyone with mouth-watering dishes? I believe, everyone does. Are you bored with the same old fries and chicken recipes? Are you craving for something soothing to your taste buds but got no time? If yes, the slow cooker has got all the answers to your questions. Say goodbye to your long hectic hours in the kitchen, and embrace yummy, tongue-tingling dishes that will surely satisfy your heart and stomach. Now, you can enjoy more time with your family and friends without much hassle.

Get yourself the smart and stylish slow cookers that will be a fantastic addition to your kitchen. This compact device will save your space and give your kitchen a stylish look. This appliance is easy to operate and maintain. Undoubtedly, this saves a lot of money and energy, and most importantly, your precious time.   You can still enjoy the same aroma, flavor, and taste with slow cookers. Additionally, there are advantages of temperature control, pressure control, and time control. This has been regarded as safe and smart by many. It comes with manufacturer warranty, so if there is any trouble you can always get it solved. There are easy recipes as mentioned above. They require the basic ingredients, and we guarantee you the marvelous taste. Some people swear by slow cookers. Some have achieved their fitness goals because slow cookers have helped them to keep their calories in check. So, be smart like my sister and get yourself a slow cooker today!


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Meals you can cook in a slow cooker and Freeze

Slow cookers are quite similar to pressure cookers. The difference between a pressure cooker and the slow cooker is; a slow cooker cooks food for a long period of, time and a pressure cooker cookers cook food instantly by the pressure produced. Howsoever, as a busy man, you will have to think out what you are going to have for dinner. In some of the cases, you may be working late or making dinner every evening might be impossible. If you don’t have enough time to cook, you can try slow cooking meals and freeze them over the weekend. In this article, I am sharing some meals you can cook in a slow cooker.


Meals you can cook in a slow cooker

Preparation usually takes less than an hour. Besides, you can do other tasks while the meal is cooking. The good thing about making these meals are; they can be frozen and used even after a week or two after cooking. If you do not have an idea where to start, the following are the meals you can cook in a slow cooker and freeze.


Let’s look forward to the meals you can cook in a slow cooker.


Cuban Ropa Vieja

meals you can cook in a slow cooker

Ingredients are:

  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • White sugar, olive oil and vegetable oil (1 Tbsp)
  • Tomato paste (6 ounces), green bell pepper (sliced into strips),
  • Small onion sliced
  • Canned tomato sauce (8 ounces) and cup beef broth
  • Garlic Cloves chopped and pounds beef flank steak


Cooking Procedure:

Heat the vegetable oil to medium temperature in a large skillet. Brown the flanks on each side and put the beef in the slow cooker. Pour the tomato paste and add the beef broth, then add all other ingredients. Stir until it blends well, cover the lid and cook it for 4 hours on high heat. You can serve it with rice.


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Slow Cooker Pumpkin Turkey Chili

meals you can cook in a slow cooker

Ingredients are:

  • 1 tablespoon chili powder, olive oil and pumpkin pie spice
  • 1 can season black beans (15 ounces),
  • Canned chili beans (15 ounces), can diced tomatoes (28 ounces), chopped pound ground turkey and onions.
  • 2 cups cubed fresh pumpkin
  • 3 tablespoons brown sugar


Cooking Procedure:

At first, heat the olive oil in a wide soup pot over medium heat. Fry turkey for 10 minutes or until it gets brown. Now put the turkey in the slow cooker and add rest of the ingredients. Stir it well until it mixes properly. Set cooker to lower heat and cover the lid and cook for three hours. Your food will be ready.


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Slow cooker cranberry pork

meals you can cook in a slow cooker

Ingredients are:

  • 1/3 cup fresh salad dressing
  • 1 boneless pork loin roast (3 pounds)
  • Sliced onion and
  • Canned cranberry sauce (16 ounces)


Cooking Procedure:

Heat the oil. Then mix onion, salad dressing, and cranberry sauce in a medium bowl to make a mixture. Place 3-pound pork in the slow cooker and add the mixture. Stir them well. Cover and cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours.



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Texas-style baked beans

meals you can cook in a slow cooker

Ingredients are:

  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon chili powder and garlic powder
  • One cup barbecue sauce, small Vidalia onion (chopped and peeled),
  • Canned chopped green chile peppers (4 ounces) and pound ground beef
  • 3 tablespoons of hot pepper sauce such as Tabasco to taste
  • 4 cans baked beans with pork (16 ounces)


Cooking Procedure:

Firstly, heat some butter oil in a skillet and then brown the ground beef over medium heat. Put it in a bowl after draining the oil. In a large bowl of at least 3 and 1/2 quart, mix the barbecue sauce, green chiles, onion, baked beans, and ground beef. Season this with hot pepper sauce, chili powder, garlic powder and brown sugar. Cook it on low for 4 to 5 hours, or high for 2 hours. Your delicious dish will be ready.


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Slow cooker chicken Marrakesh

meals you can cook in a slow cooker

Ingredients are:

  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • One teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin and ground turmeric, salt and dried parsley
  • 1 onion sliced, can diced tomatoes (4.5 ounces) and can garbanzo beans (15 ounces drained and rinsed)
  • 2-pounds of skinless, and boneless chicken breast halves(cut in 2 pieces)
  • 2 large sweet potatoes, (diced and peeled)
  • 2 large carrots, (diced and peeled) and garlic cloves minced


Cooking Procedure:

At first mix the salt, parsley, black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric and cumin, and sprinkle over the vegetables and chicken in a bowl. Then place the chicken breast pieces, garbanzo beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, garlic and onion into a slow cooker. Add the mixture and pour in the tomatoes and stir it well. Cover the slow cooker and set to high and cook for 5 hours.


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Slow Cooker Beef with Root Vegetables

meals you can cook in a slow cooker

Ingredients are:

  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 4 small red potatoes, quartered
  • 2 carrots, peeled and chopped
  • 1 turnip, peeled and chopped
  • 1 rutabaga, peeled and chopped
  • 3-pound chuck roast
  • Salt and ground black pepper
  • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1 (15-ounce) can tomato sauce
  • 2/3 cup brown sugar
  • 2 teaspoons chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin, mustard powder, garlic powder

Cooking Procedure:

At first put the potatoes, carrots, turnip, and rutabaga in the slow cooker. Season the beef slices with salt and black pepper. Rub flour all over beef. Brown the beef in the butter oil. Whisk tomato sauce, brown sugar, chili powder, cumin, mustard powder, and garlic powder together. Pour the mixture over beef. Cover the lid and cook it on low heat for 12 hours or on high for 8 hours.


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Wrapping It Up

Well, these are the meals you can cook in a slow cooker. You can prepare all these recipes in less than an hour. This means that if you plan on doing most of your tasks over the weekend, you can pinch in cooking one or more of these meals. The benefit of having several slow cooked frosted meals is that you can have a meal ready in less than fifteen minutes. Just you need to take it out of the refrigerator and warm it. This can be very helpful when you work late, and you have family members to feed.

You can find all the mentioned ingredients in any grocery near your location. The preparation and cooking procedures are simple, and you do not have to be professional cooker to cook them. You can easily serve all the above recipe among 12 adults according to the portions. Try this meals today I promise you will get the benefit of having a slow cooker.




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What Can I Cook In a Pressure Cooker?

 What Can I Cook In a Pressure Cooker?

Are you asking this question “what can I cook in a pressure cooker” yourself? The answer is that you can cook almost anything starting from the grains to the meat. Here is a list for your convenience.

  • Applesauce
  • Apples, sliced
  • Apricots (see Peaches)
  • Asparagus
  • Beans – Lima (fresh)
  • Beans, dry
  • Green and wax beans
  • Berries, whole
  • Beets
  • Carrots (sliced or diced)
  • Cherries, sour or sweet
  • Corn (cream style)
  • Corn (whole kernel)
  • Clams (whole or minced)
  • Crab
  • Fish (except tuna)
  • Fruit Purees
  • Grapefruit or Orange Sections
  • Lamb
  • Meat (ground or chopped)
  • Meat (strips, cubes, or chunks)
  • Mushrooms (whole or sliced)
  • Nectarines (see Peaches)
  • Okra
  • Orange (see Grapefruit)
  • Pasta Sauce (no meat)
  • Pasta Sauce (meat)
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Peas (fresh green)
  • Peas (dry)
  • Peppers, hot or sweet (bell, chili, jalapeno)
  • Plums
  • Potatoes (white, cubed, or whole)
  • Potatoes (sweet)
  • Poultry (without bones)
  • Poultry (with bones)
  • Pumpkin and winter squash (cubed)
  • Rabbit (see Poultry)
  • Rhubarb
  • Spinach and other greens
  • Soups (vegetable, dried beans/pea, meat, poultry)
  • Soups ( seafood)
  • Stock (beef or chicken)
  • Stock (vegetable)
  • Tomato juice [/sociallocker]
  • Tomato sauce
  • Tomatoes (whole or halved)
  • Tuna (pre-baked)
  • Vegetables, mixed

See the list category wise

What can I cook in a pressure cooker

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  • Tapioca Pudding – no soaking, stirring or waiting!
  • Make a Super-Fast Lemon Marmalade under pressure
  • Limoncello Ricotta Cheesecake-in-a-jar
  • Hot Hot, Hot Chocolate Fondue!
  • Tipsy Amaretti Stuffed Peaches in Minutes!
  • Red Wine Stewed Pears – Fruity & Sweet!
  • STEAMY! The New Christmas Pudding
  • NUTS! Pressure Cooked Chestnut Spread Recipe
  • Pressure Cooker “Baked” Apples – really easy!
  • Pumpkin Cutie Pies OR Filling for baked pumpkin pie
  • Dulce de Leche! Pressure Cooked Condensed Milk
  • Chocoflan – The Mexican Impossible Cake! Learn More


Also, Here we have enlisted some easy recipes that you will be able to cook with a pressure cooker in a short period. With these recipes, we will try to let you understand that it is possible to prepare any food in a pressure cooker.


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Final Verdict

If you go through this list, then you won’t have to worry about what to cook in a pressure cooker. Whenever you feel this, you can choose any of these recipes to cook. By following these recipes, you will be able to cook starters to desserts with your pressure cooker. In case of you thinking whether you can cook all the types of meat then you have already the answer now. We have given two meat recipes here. So it shows that it is possible to cook any kind food in a pressure cooker.

Electric pressure cookers can be your ideal kitchen item to cook daily meals.

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Beef Stroganoff In a Pressure Cooker

Beef Stroganoff In a Pressure Cooker

Beef Stroganoff In a Pressure Cooker

Are you jealous of those tasty, mouthwatering, tempted and enriched restaurant cooked beef and mutton recipes? Wondering that how they get such perfection in their cooking without a slight of being burned or undercooked? Maybe you’ve tried heart and soul to achieve the same wonders at home. But you might have left one stone unturned to prepare homemade rich foods like restaurants. This post discusses how to prepare delicious BEEF STROGANOFF in a pressure cooker.

So, you have heard about the versatility of a pressure cooker. Pressure does a lot, even above it is supposed to do. You can throw any cooking challenge to your cooker. It won’t stop until making the perfect food for you. However, there is nothing better than having rich restaurant dishes cooked at your home. The pressure cooker is there for you to help cooking whatever recipe you want to prepare. Just you have to follow your recipe properly and give it up to the pressure cooker.


Are you a fan of beef or you salivate the time when you see any meaty dishes? Do you like the individual way the beef is cooked? Then you should know more than those particular ways of cooking meat. There are plenty of beef dishes, but Beef Stroganoff is somewhat exceptionally delicious than others. Meaty recipes like Beef Stroganoff is quite impossible without a pressure cooker. So, let’s try different.

We should look forward to cooking Beef Stroganoff in the pressure cooker.


But, before you try the procedure and cooking method, ingredients and recipes, you should go through some of these beef stroganoff cooking tips to ensure your safety before using a pressure cooker.


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Pressure Cookers


Pressure cookers have become an undivided part of the world’s daily life. The reason is that they’re quick and they’re more proficient than other cooking approaches. From vegetables to roast, risotto to curries, stews, soups, and desserts, pressure cookers can cook everything.

In the recent past, you might have heard about some accidents regarding pressure cookers. The reasons behind this accident were, unawareness of people and the pressure cookers were not handy as now. Nowadays people are gaining awareness about safe cooking and also invented pressure cookers which ensure your safety while cooking. Pressure cookers with innovative features and specifications not only save your time but also save a valuable life from any desperate accidents.


Multiple discharge valves

In modern times, efficient backup safety systems and valves are provided with a pressure cooker. For removing the pressure and for preventing valve logjam, engineers have produced multiplex release valves.


Interlocking systems

Currently, the pressure cookers are equipped with interlocking systems. The pressure cookers also contain the tool to compare the inner and outer temperature. Sometimes, people try to uncover the lid, if the time is not accurate the pressure cooker may explode. When the pressure inside is increased to the optimal level, the cooker starts to release the pressure slowly. The interlocking system prevents the lid from being opened and saves from explosions or accidents.


These were some tips and ideas to ensure your safety. Let’s brief you with the instructions as to how you can cook your stroganoff beef.


Roll Into the Kitchen

Beef Stroganoff In a Pressure Cooker

Well, the time might vary depending upon the different sorts of recipes you opt to add to the beef and as well as the type of cooker you choose. Beef Stroganoff will only take 45 to be ready. The cooking process is very low as you thought.

The joy of cooking is always pleasant. Let’s roll into the kitchen. Now we will go through the cooking procedure of Beef Stroganoff.



  • 3/4 cup beef broth
  • Two tablespoons. flour
  • Three tablespoons. oil
  • One tablespoon. garlic
  • One large onion, chopped
  • Two tablespoons. Tomato paste
  • 1/4 lb. fresh sliced mushrooms
  • One tablespoon. Worcestershire sauce
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 cup sour cream
  • One pkg. Egg noodles or rice, cooked and drained


[su_button url=”″ style=”3d” background=”#d33b40″ size=”6″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Discount Link For Recipe Book[/su_button]



  • Brown the meat in your pressure cooker
  • Add some flour and mix it well.
  • Stir in the onion, mushrooms, beef broth, garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce, and tomato paste. Mix all these correctly.
  • Cover up the pressure cooker lid to build pressure and let the food be cooked.


  • After that,
  • Take up the lid.
  • Stir it well until it mixes.
  • Serve it with hot rice or noodles.
  • You can decorate it with chopped parsley.
  • So, before trying several cooking methods, ingredients and recipe try this Beef Stroganoff recipe using your pressure cooker.


Follow the recipes and tips and Unleash Hunger!


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TO Sum Up:

Cooking under pressure is not unpleasant. A pressure cooker blew up things up in a moment. You could have tried many meaty dishes in a pressure cooker but beef stroganoff somewhat different.


Pleasure is when you have enriched homemade restaurant dishes like Beef Stroganoff in your dinner table. You are just a few steps behind the mouthwatering meal. Just you need to mix your recipe and put in into the pressure cooker. The best electric pressure cooker won’t let you feel any stress while cooking. But you need to be alert at the time of dealing with heavy dishes.


To know more about pressure: Wiki

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Cooking Rice in a Pressure Cooker

Cooking Rice in a Pressure Cooker

cooking rice in a pressure cooker

Cooking has been one of the common principal tasks for everyday life. From proficient cooks and chefs experts to homemakers all have been eager to locate that unique recipe that will achieve their assignments in a short time. To do the cooking tasks swiftly, there are also some great cooking devices like the pressure cooker or rice cooker. Pressure cookers perform to cook almost every recipe, and a primary task of the rice cooker is to cook rice alongside some specific dishes. However, steaming rice in a rice cooker be normal but whoever tried to cook rice in a pressure cooker is a genius. This post will talk about the process of cooking rice in a pressure cooker.


Getting comfort has been the best longing for people. Maximum times, this is quite an attempt to the time spared per task which in the end gives you additional time for unwinding. The coming of innovation has made ready for all people to improve and stimulate these tasks. How about cooking rice in a pressure cooker? Cooking rice in a pressure cooker! Sounds decent though. Not to worry. Do not think about spoiling the time being. Hang up and read the process of cooking rice in a pressure cooker.


[su_button url=”″ style=”3d” background=”#d33b40″ size=”6″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Discount Link For Recipe Book[/su_button]


Working Principle of a Pressure Cooker


While, people do as such to engage countless sitting in dinner halls anticipating their menus, and to encourage their children with eager, healthy recipes they can complete before running for the game. Now, this still has been a fantasy, and there is a cooking strategy that generously limits your time for cuisine, encouraging you to cook your meat, pork, and vegetables in minutes.


Pressure cookers have still been the best cuisine device that gives accommodation, worth of food and the proficiency that different strategies need significantly. They are not a unique thing since specialists fabricated them best prior.


Earlier, they were not as simple and straightforward as they are today. It`s required too many functional changes, use safety gadgets and progress toward becoming what they are today –  3rd generation era best cookers with many cooking features and implicit settings for basic recipes.


The engaged guideline of a pressure cooker is very genuine, yet it requires a ton of push to outline a pressure cooker for safe cooking. It`s assigned to expand the inner pressure, making the food cook well a given time. Also, the food inside is superbly worked, which wouldn’t have been conceivable with basic cooking techniques.


Pressure cookers are known specialists with regards to kneading food, whether it is any meat, grains, or vegetables. You can make the food in half the time it takes to cook in a daily container. They appear in an assortment of sizes and styles. A little pressure cooker is sufficient for vegetables, potatoes, and rice while a substantial pressure cooker is ideal for roasts and chicken.


[su_button url=”″ style=”3d” background=”#d33b40″ size=”6″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Discount Link For Recipe Book[/su_button]


Origin of Rice

cooking rice in a pressure cooker

There are two grass classes that rice has seized from:

  1. Asian rice – Oryza Sativa
  2. African rice, – Oryza Glauber


Nutrients of Rice

  • The reason behind why rice is devoured the most in the world is that of its nutritive and caloric plan.
  • 100 grams of rice contains 130 calories
  • It contains 0.3 g fat
  • There is no cholesterol in cooked rice, so people with high cholesterol issues can eat it.
  • It contains sodium and potassium of 1 mg and 35 mg, individually.
  • There is 28g starch in rice including 0.4 g dietary fiber.
  • It additionally contains 2.7 g protein
  • Among different nutrients, rice includes calcium, iron, vitamin B6, and magnesium.

Significance of Rice

Rice best the rundown of world’s dietary vitality supply with 20% utilization, while wheat supplies are 19% and maize (corn) 5%.

In case you’re worried about high cholesterol, hypertension, or you need to get back fit as a fiddle; you can attempt stained rice. It contains shading colors and has cell reinforcement properties that are known to be valuable to well-being.

For these reasons, having rice in your everyday routine eating routine is vital for you and your friends and family.

Here is how you can prepare it very efficiently in no time, also if you are alone and serving abroad or someone with a continuous workload.


[su_button url=”″ style=”3d” background=”#d33b40″ size=”6″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Discount Link For Recipe Book[/su_button]


Cooking rice in a pressure cooker

While cooking rice in a pressure cooker is an easy task that it sounds. To spare time, as well as to save your reputation from destroying and over-cooked rice, here are a couple of essential tips that proved to be useful. There are many approaches about cooking rice in a pressure cooker.


One strategy is a considerably simpler than other procedures and is known for the best outcomes. It is one of the routes in which the rice goes right in the container that regularly works for most pressure cookers.

Usually, rice takes around 3 minutes to 7 minutes to cook thoroughly. The time term of cooking in the given range depends on the kind of rice you select to cook.




  • One cup white rice
  • some water
  • 3 tbsp. of oil



  • At first, close the cover and ensure you bolt it fitly after including the rice, water, and oil in the pressure cooker.
  • Then, following 3 minutes, turn off the stove heat and sit tight for 10 minutes. It will give the steam a chance to cook your rice and reduce any types of rawness in your food.
  • Finally, give the inward pressure an opportunity to release actually.
  • Have rice with a variety of gravy or other servings.


[su_button url=”″ style=”3d” background=”#d33b40″ size=”6″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Discount Link For Recipe Book[/su_button]


Final Words:

If you don’t have the rice cooker in your home, then feel no stress because the friendly pressure cooker is there for you to handle the task. While boiling rice in a rice cooker if you notice that your rice is somewhat undercooked, you should simply include some water in the pressure cooker.


Cooking rice in a pressure cooker is more comfortable than you cook in a rice cooker. Try not to cover it wholly with the land place it on medium temperature and do not stir the rice constantly. Something else, the rice will end up noticeably soft.

Feel your cooking time with Ease and Comfort with Best Electric Pressure Cooker.


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5 Recipes that you haven’t tried with your Pressure Cooker

5 Recipes that you haven’t tried with your Pressure Cooker

5 Recipes that you haven't tried with your Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker cooks a lot. There is nothing new to say to the people who know about the functionality of pressure cookers. The pressure cooking method has brought comfort to your cooking time. Pressure cookers not only spare your mistakes by soaking the beans before cooking but also hide your skills of making thin soups by giving it the perfect thickness and flavor it deserves. Even it makes the stubborn vegetables tender. So, you can try anything with your pressure cooker. There are plenty of delicious dishes that you haven’t sought to cook with your pressure cooker yet.  How about trying some new recipes? Here are 5 recipes that you haven’t tried with your Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker saves the valuable energy, save your time and get the whole thing done before you know it. Pressure cookers are the smartest and inexpensive way to say, “Hello” to cooking. With a pressure cooker, even a novice can cook like a professional, and that’s what the chefs hate much!


What else? Oh, Yes! You can cook delicious and moist meals in your pressure cooker. So, if you’re fed up with your daily cooking recipes, let this steam locking device take up the job! And it will never disappoint you.


Well, this post talks about the incredible food products that your pressure cooker can cook. With so many things mentioned already, there’s still a long way to go. Why not giving your cooker some challenges? Here’s something you haven’t tried with your fantastic cooking tool five incredible things that you thought only a slow cooker would cook. Let’s take a look if a pressure cooker can do anything else besides cooking vegetables, rice, meat or soup.


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The amazing Food Products

Vegetable Stock

Do you prefer to homemade stock? It’s incredible, simply spare those remaining fresh veggies and organic fruits before this procedure. You can start with a brisk DIY vegetable stock. Sounds decent!


  • There are no distinct components that must be included or kept away. You can gather garlic cloves, onion skins, celery leaves, carrot tops or whatever’s accessible.
  • Set all the stuff in your pressure cooker and include flavors and different herbs as indicated by your likings.
  • Presently load the water into the pot until it tops the veggies.
  • Now, enable the whole thing to pressure cook for ten minutes.
  • Finally, you have to strain the vegetables, and the leftover liquid will make a prepared stock.


You can refrigerate the stock in ice blocks, or you can refrigerate it to reuse in three to four days. At whatever point you have a recipe that requires seasoning or liquids, you can skip time by including the stock. Or, on the other hand, you can give a unique flavor to the recipe with your vegetable stock.


[su_button url=”″ style=”3d” background=”#d33b40″ size=”6″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Discount Link For Recipe Book[/su_button]



If you’ve gotten fatigued with those canned beans stuffed with sodium, you can make your own with the continuance of your pressure cooker. It’s worth quoting; there’s no preferable approach to cook beans then pressure cooking.

Primary preparation can take a day or two because of you may have to soak the beans before lastly placing them into the pot for cuisine. And then, these resolute vegetables take a few hours to prepare in regular cookware.

With pressure cookers, beans can cook in below thirty minutes, or 20 minutes, to be exact. The best part occurs when beans are pressurized. During this whole period, they are cooked with flavor.

It depends on upon the components you’ve included. You can put herbs, flavors, a little measure of salt, and some other thing for more flavor because these things will merge mutually and give you astoundingly delightful beans at last.

If you continue using, you’ll make sense of the measure of time and liquid required to cook each of the accompanyings:

  • Soft beans
  • Whole beans, or
  • Bean soup



Delicious Stew

A well-trained home cook realizes that the core component of a decent stew is its stock. The nature of stock into two words:

  • Measure of flavor in it
  • Its thickness

Fortunately, your pressure cooker can mix both qualities into the stock. It encourages the flavor to move inside the stew and squeezes the starches out and into the sauce.

You can utilize potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and other bland root vegetables to set up the delightful sauce that will drench up the flavor you’ve included. Now, you simply need to mix some of beans and veggies. Thus your favorite stew will be ready to serve!



[su_button url=”″ style=”3d” background=”#d33b40″ size=”6″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Discount Link For Recipe Book[/su_button]



Caramelized Vegetables

The pressure cooker has a unique quality to moisturize food. This trademark can be used to get ready magnificent caramelized onions and other root vegetables without overcooking them.

Cooking vegetables is a complicated job because we require the intense flavor from them, and pressure cookers are efficient in separating that flavor. It creates a high measure of warmth, yet at the same time, it keeps them from consuming by keeping them humid.

In around twenty minutes, you can get the caramelized vegetables on the table, instead of waiting for them to cook for a considerable hour inside the stove. Pressure cookers carry out the work in a way that does not dry out the vegetables.

You can use these veggies in soup and make your carrot soup or French onion soup entirely.



Jellies and Jams

Do you like jams? However, you don’t have enough time to make the particular variant. It’s very genuine because jams and jellies take hours of cooking and you need to be available constantly. That is not the situation with pressure cookers.


A pressure cooker has that remarkable capacity to cut off fruits fastly. Indeed, even the hard and safe sacks of pears and apples can’t stand a possibility.


What precisely occurs inside, is the warmth stays flat, so the juices don’t get enough warmth to get away. Hence, the finished result will have adjusted sugar. You should attempt DIY sticks in your pressure cooker. It’s very quick.


[su_button url=”″ style=”3d” background=”#d33b40″ size=”6″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Discount Link For Recipe Book[/su_button]



Now that you have five excellent ways to treat yourself. With your incredible pressure cooker, you can begin a new journey to explore the hidden miseries of cooking. Unlock the hidden miseries with the pressure cookers. There is a broad range of choices waiting for you, such as soups, sauces, desserts and rice dishes. So, why don’t you through new challenges to your pressure cooker?


Note to follow: Use the Best Electric Pressure to bring comfort to your kitchen life.


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Pressure cooker potato salad

Pressure cooker potato salad

Pressure cooker potato salad

Pressure cookers have kept up their positions to be the best cooking tools on the substance of this world. Why? It is a result of their excellent property of building more pressure inside than the environmental pressure outside.


These kitchen devices are designed for the purpose of saving your time as well as to keep up the taste and the sustenance in whatever you choose to cook in these pressure cookers. From your chose veggies to your picked meat. You will have result in a maximum time of 60 minutes. However, there is no one but want to learn about a new recipe. How about making a potato recipe? Today I am going to share pressure cooker potato salad.


[su_button url=”″ style=”3d” background=”#d33b40″ size=”6″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Discount Link For Recipe Book[/su_button]



The principal thing that pops up in your mind is French fries when you read or hear somebody say “potato.” Every one of our lives we have been filling ourselves with prepared cheddar potatoes, pureed potatoes; potato wedges and French fries with different plunges and sauces. Making this scrumptious and satisfying of supplements vegetable ruinous for your wellbeing by browning and preparing.

Did any point entered your thoughts that how you wound up having such delicious vegetable in your stock and at you eating tables??? What is by all lists your most loved veggie that conveys an excellent dish.

  1. The potato began from the Andes Mountains of South America.
  2. At the point when in the 1500’s Spanish pilgrims attacked South America, the Spanish hero brought gold back to Spain, yet they additionally brought the potatoes.
  3. Step by step they ascendant was acknowledged in America and additionally Europe from low-class nourishment to illustrious height in the veggie chain.
  4. Potatoes are known to convey inside themselves a huge proportion of the following nutrients.


  • proteins,
  • vitamins A and B,
  • potash, soda, and
  • Alkaline salts.

Today these potatoes are a regular vegetable in the Western dieting menu. The inquiry is whether potato diets and potato servings of mixed greens are beneficial for slim down. They assured do seem to be wellbeing with these nutrients in them.

Salads can likewise help reduce your risks of getting the disease.  You can manage them whichever way and they will keep on surprising you with excellent taste. Regardless of whether you choose to prepare, brown, and grind them or also get potato gravy.


Never may have the vast majority of you would have guessed the potato count calories and expending potatoes without the dread of getting additional calories or even getting into shape without stopping these potatoes. Indeed, you have arrived at the correct place for the ideal formula to entice your taste buds without the dread of increasing much.


Pressure Cooker Potato Salad

Pressure cooker potato salad

It is noteworthy to recall that what`s Bravo, may not be useful for others. In this manner, look for medicinal counsel before you begin an eating routine. Nevertheless, the potato diet can likewise demonstrate to helpful for you to get more fit and stay wellbeing.


Antiquated or fairly better to say traditional potato salad is a most loved summer formula for picnics and grills. This formula is a surprise, fast and easy; you can make the awesome breakfast, early lunch, lunch, evening snacks or maybe supper in the morning before you go to work.


When you return home, it will be chilled and prepared to dig in. This potato salad can likewise be filled in as an ideal side dish for roasted chicken, steak or burgers.


[su_button url=”″ style=”3d” background=”#d33b40″ size=”6″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Discount Link For Recipe Book[/su_button]



  • 3 large or 5 medium potatoes, peeled and cubed
  • 2 tbsp. of mustard
  • 2 cups of water
  • One small chopped onion
  • Two eggs
  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 tbsp. lemon juice or white vinegar
  • 2 tbsp. parsley, chopped
  • Oregano ½ tsp.
  • Salt and pepper to taste




  • Carefully put the eggs over the diced potatoes in the cooker
  • Fill the cooker with water to such an extent that your eggs and potatoes are 2 inches somewhere down in the water.
  • Tight the cover after carefully putting in the top on the pressure cooker.
  • Put it on the cooker on medium heat for around three to four minutes.
  • Following the time has passed, turn off the cooker and open one of the valves.
  • Let the residual steam discharge naturally
  • At the point when all the steam has loosened, carefully open the cover.
  • To check whether the potatoes are smooth and delicate, embed a knife in it. On the off chance that the knife guides into the potatoes, you are ready
  • Isolate the eggs into an ice water bowl and include peeled potatoes in a different bowl.
  • Mix up mayo, onion, mustard, lemon juice, parsley.  Oregano and vinegar toss, Salt and pepper and blend it until well mixed.
  • Then move your potatoes in that better. Hurl it thoroughly until the potatoes mix with the better.
  • Decorate your salad with the slice of eggs.


Your wellbeing bowl of salad is ready to enjoy without any second thoughts!


[su_button url=”″ style=”3d” background=”#d33b40″ size=”6″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Discount Link For Recipe Book[/su_button]


To Sum Up


You can’t find any other best alternative like the pressure cookers. They are versatile in cooking and also convenient evenly. No other cooking device is as good as a pressure cooker. Once you are get introduced with the versatility of a pressure cooker, you will find it the best of all.


However, there is a  lot to cook with a pressure cooker. A pressure cooker is able to cook uncountable recipes. You just need to know the perfect cooking method, and also you have to follow the appropriate recipe to result in the best for you.


Make the best pressure cooker your cooking partner it won’t disappoint you.


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How to Cook an Indian Feast with a Slow Cooker

How to Cook an Indian Feast with a Slow Cooker

How to Cook an Indian Feast with a Slow Cooker

Naan, tikka masala, and curry all these delicious names of food is included to Indian cooking. The Indian Foods are very much delightful. Once you taste Indian food, further you can’t resist your temptation cause it has an endless depth of flavor. However, the Indian cooking has a mass mysteries.

The slow cooker is ordinarily an excellent way to unlock the deadlocks and secrets of Indian cooking. It allows cooking Indian recipes for the seasoned and unseasoned chefs alike. Slow cookers save you from the trouble and time while cooking amazingly sumptuous meals.

How to Cook an Indian feast in a slow cooker?
The mysteries of Indian cooking has the appropriate spices. The article has the some of the main ones. Let’s cook an Indian feast with the slow cooker.



Cardamom – Usually there are 3 kinds of cardamom; Madagascar cardamom, green cardamom, and black cardamom. Most of the Indian recipes require the use of green cardamom. The use of the seeds is highly recommended compared to the ground form as it holds more of the flavor.



Cloves are used in many cooking recipes as well as in Indian Curries. It can be utilized either in their whole form or ground spice mixes.


Mustard seeds

Mustard seeds are indispensable for Indian cooking, especially in the tempering method. The seeds should be heated up in oil to release its flavor when it pops. These seeds are must to many of the Indian Recipes.



The seeds of this millennia-old spice are heavily used in Indian cooking.



The seeds of this cumins are preferred to the ground form as they retain its flavor to the recipe you cook.

The following are some master chef’s advice about Indian cooking in a slow cooker: They prefer this ingredient while cooking an Indian Feast.


[su_button url=”” style=”3d” background=”#d33b40″ size=”6″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Discount Link For Slow Cooker[/su_button]



The following are some insightful chef’s advice about Indian cooking in a slow cooker:

How to Cook an Indian Feast with a Slow Cooker

Temper the spices

This results in the infusion of oils with spices. It is distinguished by popping the seed and release the flavor/aromas.

Using The Slow Cooker To Cook

To get the best outcome, you should experiment the Indian Recipes with a Slow Cooker. This is because the recent versions cook relatively fast compared to the old models and also the slow cooker attempts to hold the perfect flavor of the foods.


Soak Legumes and grains

The cooking will be easier if you soak the legumes and grains in fresh water before cooking. It will help you to significantly reduce the cooking time and in removing the flatulence factor.


Garam masala

The Garam Masala is a mixture of many spices. This includes 1/2 teaspoon of ground nutmeg. 1/2 teaspoon of ground cloves, one teaspoon of ground cinnamon, 1 1/2 teaspoons ground black pepper, 1 1/2 teaspoons fresh ground cardamom, 1 1/2 tablespoons freshly ground coriander and one tablespoon of ground cumin. These all should be combined and appropriately stored in a container that is airtight (airproof). Garam Masala is an old ingredient, and the Indians use this in a variety of Indian Recipes.

That’s all from the instruction. Now, we should look forward to the process of cooking an Indian Feast with a Slow Cooker.


[su_button url=”” style=”3d” background=”#d33b40″ size=”6″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Discount Link For Slow Cooker[/su_button]



Slow Cooker Punjabi Eggplant With Potatoes Recipe

The detailed recipe will help you to cook Punjabi Eggplant With Potatoes with a slow cooker.



• 1-2 tablespoons of chopped fresh cilantro.
• One tablespoon of kosher salt.
• ¼ cup of canola oil.
• One teaspoon of turmeric.
• One tablespoon of garam masala.
• Six peeled and coarsely chopped cloves garlic.
• One tablespoon of ground red chile pepper.
• One tablespoon of ground cumin.
• Two seeded and minced jalapeño chiles.
• One teaspoon of grated fresh ginger root or ginger paste.
• One peeled and chopped red or medium yellow onion.
• Two medium Yukon Gold potato or Idaho peeled and cut into 1/2-inch dice.
• Two medium eggplants with stem end removed and cut into dice 1/2-inch thick.



How to Cook an Indian Feast with a Slow Cooker

• Combine the potato, eggplant, turmeric, gram masala, ground chile pepper, cumin, jalapeño peppers, garlic, ginger, oil, properly in a 4- or 5-quart slow cookers.
• Stir the mixture well so that the oil and spices are distributed in the slow cooker.
• Cook it for two hours in a High Temperature and keep stirring.
• If there’s still water left in the pot, then set the cooker to Low Temperature and cook it for 1 hours.
• Add cilantro and some salt to add more taste. It is not advisable to add salt during cooking as absorbs a lot of moisture from the eggplant.
• Serve it with some rice or even topped with Raita.
The above recipe will be enough for eight people. If you have more, just increase the number of ingredients put in the recipe.


[su_button url=”” style=”3d” background=”#d33b40″ size=”6″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Discount Link For Slow Cooker[/su_button]


Last Words

Indian foods are very delighting. You can understand the taste until you have the taste. The above insightful information shows how to make an Indian feast in a slow cooker. So don’t late to try it.



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Best electric pressure cooker recipes

 Best Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

Best Elecctric Pressure Cooker Recipes

Eating food is not a hobby, but we like it all the same. With newer and easier cooking appliances in the market, many people are trying new recipes. However, you may not get what you’re expecting. That’s why today, I have chosen to give you some of the best electric pressure cooker recipes as I know many households have these appliances and they aren’t making the most out of them.

You may bump on few that you have prepared before, and that’s fine. Additionally, you’ll find others that you’ve never tried. The choice is yours to make. Out with the old and in with the new or simply old is gold and new is worth the try? Let me cut the chase and roll out the top 8 best electric pressure cooker recipes of 2017 starting with the best electric pressure cooker chicken recipes.



Electric Pressure Cooker Chicken Recipes

Best Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes


Electric Pressure Cooker Teriyaki Chicken Wings

If you want chicken wings in a quick, delicious, sauce cooked for about 7 minutes under an electric pressure cooker, then the Teriyaki is your best shot. This recipe keeps your chicken wings soft, tender, and juicy. With a final crisped up oven touch that leaves them sticky and sweet! Use this recipe to make your own.



  • 2-3 pounds of chicken wings drum and wings separated
  • 6 tablespoons of sesame oil or (vegetable oil)
  • 1 cup of low sodium teriyaki sauce
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon of crushed red pepper and toasted sesame seeds for garnish


Combine your teriyaki sauce, lemon juice, sugar, 4 tablespoons of sesame oil, and chicken wings. Refrigerate for up to 2 hours (if in a hurry) or overnight to marinate. You can use a Zip lock bag.

Add 2 tablespoons of sesame oil to your electric pressure cooker pan. Select Browning. When the oil is hot add chicken wings to brown. Preserve marinade. Use tongs to add chicken. Brown the wings from all sides.

Pour marinade over the browned chicken. Lock lid. Select high pressure. Keep for 7 minutes. At the beep, turn off the pressure cooker. Use natural release for 10 minutes. Follow with quick pressure release to remove remaining pressure. Remove lid when valve drops.

Use tongs to remove chicken wings. Place wings on cookie sheet. Place in an over. Set temps to 4000. Leave for 6-8 minutes until crispy. Serve with toasted sesame seeds. Add red pepper if you like. This is simple and one of the best electric pressure cooker chicken recipes.


Electric Pressure Cooker Lamb Recipes

best electric pressure cooker recipes


Electric Pressure Cooker Luscious Lamb Shanks 

I have visited the New Zealand a couple of time. They are known for sheep. It was here that I first tasted the Luscious Lamb Shanks. Being a lover of new recipes, I had to learn this too. Here is what I found.



  • 4-5 lamb shanks
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 3 large cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 tablespoon tomato paste
  • One large lemon
  • 1 1/2 cups chicken broth (you can use homemade or canned)
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper grated zest of
  • 1/3 teaspoon fresh ground pepper
  • 1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes, diced
  • 1 tablespoon pesto
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/2 cup dry vermouth or white wine
  • 2 cans white butter beans, drained/ 3 cups home-cooked white beans (add these at the end, not initially)



Pre heat oven to 425 degrees F. Dry the shanks thoroughly. Use a towel if you must. Rub the shanks all over with salt. Do the same with pepper. Set the roasting pan in the oven. Leave it uncovered for 40 minutes. Make sure the shanks are a little browned. Remove and pour out fats.

Stir remaining ingredients in one bowl except for the beans. Place the mixture in electric cooker. Follow with lamb shanks. Bring to full pressure (HIGH) leave for 25 minutes or more until tender. Use quick release when ready to relieve the pressure. Release the lid and remove shanks.

Season to taste using pepper or salt: add drained white beans. Heat in liquid: Serve shanks while hot. You can serve with mashed potatoes or roasted veggies. This is arguably one of the best apart from some electric pressure cooker boneless chicken breast recipes.


Electric Pressure Cooker Meatloaf Recipe

best electric pressure cooker recipes


Electric Pressure Cooker BBQ Bacon Meatloaf

Talking of the best meatloaf recipes rings a bell. My dad loved meatloaf. They were his favorite. And growing up with delectable pressure cooked meatloaf in smokey bacon and smothered in awesome BBQ sauce was my favorite experience. Try out this electric pressure cooker meatloaf recipe for Sunday dinner sometime.



  • 1/4 teaspoon seasoned salt
  • 1/2 cup BBQ sauce, divided
  • 2 lbs ground beef
  • 3 eggs, beaten
  • 3 bread slices
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 teaspoon salt / black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons dried parsley
  • 8 bacon slices
  • 3/4 cup grated cheese (Try out the Parmesan)



Soak your bread in milk for several minutes. Add cheese, grounded beef, seasoned salt, salt, black pepper, parsley, and beaten eggs and blend until smooth.

Fold a sheet of tin foil – enough to cover your meatloaf. Shape the meat mixture into a loaf. Lay the bacon slices on top. Tuck them under the meatloaf. Spread a quarter cup BBQ sauce on top of bacon.

Set your trivet in the pressure cooker pot. Add 2 cups of water and place your meatloaf on the sling. Set onto the trivet. Lock the cooker’s lid. Select high pressure for 20 minutes. Watch out for the timer.

At the timer’s beep, turn off the cooker – do a quick pressure release. Remove meatloaf and set side on broiler pan. Spread the remaining BBQ sauce over meatloaf. Broil for up to 5 minutes. Leave the BBQ sauce to start caramelizing.

Use instant read thermometer to break the meat loaf. If the center has reached 155 degrees F, remove the meatloaf and serve when warm. If not keep it in until cooked. This is perfect for a 6” x 7” meatloaf.



Electric Pressure Cooker Pasta Recipes

best electric pressure cooker recipes


Electric Pressure Cooker Bow Tie Pasta

For the easiest and the best electric pressure cooker pasta recipes; the bowtie pasta rocks! This has always been my perfect midnight meal recipe.  Simply quick, easy, and delicious for anyone who’s looking for a quick fill: the first time I tried it on an electric cooker I was nervous, but I made it through. Thanks to an online recipe that I found. Here is an easy pasta sauce recipe.



  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 pound lean ground sausage (I used chicken sausage)
  • One finely chopped onion
  • 2 cloves garlic (crushed)
  • 28 oz. can (crushed tomatoes in puree)
  • 1 teaspoon dried basil
  • 1/8 teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 3 1/2 cups water
  • 16 oz. Bow-Tie Pasta (choose your best brand)



Select Browning sauté and put olive oil in the pressure cooker’s cooking pot. Wait for oil to sizzle. Sauté the chicken sausage, garlic, and onion: Make sure the meat is brown, and the onion is tender. This might take up to 10 minutes. You can drain if necessary.

Add the remaining ingredients. Stir to combine. Select high pressure. Set the time to 5 minutes. Wait for the beep and turn the electric pressure cooker off. Use the quick pressure release button. Wait for the valve to drop and carefully remove the pressure cooker’s lid.

Stir the mixture once again. Select simmer. Leave to cook, often stir, until the pasta is tender. This may take up to 5 minutes – season with pepper to taste. Serve while warm.


Electric Pressure Cooker Vegetarian Recipes

best electric pressure cooker recipes

Creamy Mashed Potatoes in Electric Pressure Cooker

Unlike the many electric pressure cooker chicken recipes that I have tried, the creamy mashed potatoes are arguably the simplest electric cooker recipe I have ever tried. I think coz’ one of the first foods that I learned to cook in a pressure cooker was potatoes. I would recommend this recipe as one of the best electric pressure cooker vegetarian recipes.



  • 2 lbs. potatoes, peeled and quartered
  • 1 cup water
  • 4 tablespoons butter (1/2 stick)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • 2/3 cup whole milk



Peel your potatoes. Cut them into the quarter. Set them into the steamer basket. You can also put them on a metal trivet of your pressure cooker. Add enough water. Set on high and pressure cook. You can leave for up to 7 minutes. After 7 minutes/ when the timer beeps use quick release for the electric pressure cooker.

Warm your milk and butter. Make sure butter melts. You can use a small saucepan. Put hot cooked potatoes into the bowl of an electric mixer. Mix on medium speed until smooth. While mixing, pour the mixture of hot milk/ butter.

Mix until the potatoes thicken (at first they often look runny – keep mixing until the mixture thickens). Serve warm. For vegetarians and easy recipes, the Creamy Mashed Potatoes in Electric Pressure Cooker is usually a great option to go with.



Electric Pressure Cooker Pulled Pork Recipe

best electric pressure cooker recipes

Electric Pressure Cooker Pulled Pork

Unlike the electric pressure cooker chicken recipes this one needs easy cooking. It is still the very best you could have a quick electric pressure cooker pulled pork recipes. It is so tender it will shred so easily when pulled. And with a smokey and sweet sauce, you’d go any lengths. Make it easier, faster, and delicious using this electric cooker recipe.


  • 4 lbs. boneless pork shoulder – cut in two pieces
  • 2 cups barbecue sauce (divided)
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 – 2 tablespoons vegetable oil



Add oil to the cooking pot. Select Browning. Wait until hot. Brown pork on both sides (3 minutes each side). Set aside when well browned.

Add I cup of BBQ sauce. Add a half cup of water. Stir to combine and add browned pork. Mix with all accumulated juices.

Select high pressure. Set timer to 75 minutes. Wait for the beep. Turn off the pressure cooker. Use natural pressure release. Wait until the valve drops. Carefully remove the meat from the pressure cooker. Shred it. Use a fork. Discard any excess fats.

Drain cooking liquid. Reserve half a cup. Use a fat separator to drain fats from juices. Set shredded pork in the cooking pot. Use the remaining 1 cup BBQ sauce and reserved cooking juices. Set to simmer and stir to cook.

Serve on toasted rolls. You can add BBQ sauce if you like.

This is an awesome recipe. One caution: don’t substitute leaner cut meat. The pork will release lots of juices. This will keep your meat extra tender.


Electric Pressure Cooker Easy Recipes


The Creamy Chicken and Broccoli with Rice

Imagine yummy chunk bites of chicken and broccoli served in creamy cheese sauce with rice, duh, that mouth watering, isn’t it? Especially, if it is easy to cook, inexpensive, and ideal for a suitable family: don’t worry, it’s all that. And better still it awesome if you are looking for the best electric pressure cooker easy recipes. Here is how it is made.



  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1/2 cup of chopped onion
  • 1 14 oz. can of chicken broth
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper
  • 3 cups chopped broccoli (lightly steamed)
  • 1/8 teaspoon of red pepper flakes
  • 1 tablespoon of dried parsley
  • 4 oz. light cream cheese (cut into cubes)
  • 2 tablespoons of cornstarch
  • 3 tablespoons of water
  • 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • 2 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts



Take your chicken breasts and salt them. Add the pepper. Set your pressure cooking pot aside and add in oil and butter. Select Browning preset. Make sure the butter is melted. Brown your chicken breasts. Set the browned chicken breasts aside on a plate.

Add the onions to the electric pressure cooker pot. Cook the onions until they are tender. You can stir occasionally. Keep them for about 5 minutes. When ready, stir in the chicken broth. Add in salt, red pepper, parsley, flakes, and finally the browned chicken.

Cover the mixture. Lock the lid. Select high pressure. Leave it for 5 minutes. Wait for the timer to beep. Turn off and use the quick pressure release button. Set your chicken on a cutting board. Cut it into bite pieces. Now dissolve your cornstarch in 3 tablespoons of water.

Select simmering option. Add cornstarch to the mixture. Stir constantly. Add the cubed cream and shredded cheese. Stir the mixture until both are melted. Add in diced chicken. Add also steamed broccoli. Simmer for up to 5 minutes to heat the broccoli and chicken.

You can now serve over white rice and garnish. This is a simple recipe. I have done it before, and we loved it. My family loved it too. If you are looking for something new, try it in the electric pressure cooker boneless chicken breast recipes too.


Electric Pressure Cooker Indian Recipes

best electric pressure cooker recipes

Electric Pressure Cooker Indian Butter Chicken

The best electric pressure cooker Indian recipes are hard to find. I have tried Naan before, and I know a good Indian recipe when I get one. This one is another great recipe. It is great for electric pressure cooker chicken recipes too.



  • 2 jalapeno peppers, seeded and chopped
  • 10 boneless skinless chicken thighs
  • 2 (14-ounce) cans diced tomatoes and juice
  • 2 teaspoons ground cumin
  • Two teaspoons kosher salt
  • 3/4 cup heavy cream
  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter
  • 3/4 cup Greek yogurt
  • Two teaspoons garam masala
  • 2 teaspoons ground roasted cumin seeds (roast on the stovetop in a small pan)
  • Two tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1 tablespoon paprika
  • 1/4 cup firmly packed minced cilantro
  • 2 tablespoons fresh ginger root, peeled and chopped
  • 2 tablespoons water



Cut your chicken into quarters. Blend tomatoes, jalapeno, and ginger together. Make sure they turn into fine puree. Brown your chicken using butter. Add the chicken pieces when the butter has melted off the foam. You can brown for up to 3 minutes. Add one piece at a time.

Remove the browned chicken and set aside. Add ground paprika and cumin to the butter in the pot. Cook them while stirring rapidly. You can keep them for up to 15 seconds. Add salt, cream, tomato mixture, yogurt, and chicken pieces. Add any juices that have accumulated.

Stir the chicken. Make sure the pieces are coated. Cover and lock the lid. Put on high pressure for 5 minutes. Watch for the beep. Turn off and use natural pressure release for 10 minutes. Stir in the masala and roasted cumin. Mix cornstarch and water and stir into the pot. Select sauté and leave to boil. Turn off the cooker, stir in minced cilantro and serve with Naan/ Rice while warm.


How to Choose the Best Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

best electric pressure cooker recipes

You mention it, but the truth is over the years that I have been in the kitchen I have come to realize that choosing the best electric pressure cooker recipes is no mean task. Experience has taught me that there are a thousand and one things that we must keep in mind. But the most important options of all are the following.


The Size of the House Hold

The number of guests that you intend to cook for is very important. Certain recipes will easily fit large numbers of people while others may require a lot of work. In case you have a small crowd we always suggest that you opt for simple to cook recipes that will take a shorter time and lesser energy too. Electric pressure cooker pasta recipes are some of the best considerations of these.


The Type of Pressure Cooker

Certain electric pressure cookers are designed for specific functions. While many cookers will prepare meat, others may only prepare greens, fruits, veggies, and cereals. The recipe you choose should, therefore, be your cooker’s specialty. In fact, if you need a cooker with slow cooking options you should choose a recipe that befits that function. Always look at the control panel and user manual for every recipe details. This is especially cool for electric pressure cooker vegetarian recipes.


The Overall Cost of the Recipe

Lamb recipes cost a little on the high. Meatloaf recipes and pulled pork recipes might cost more too. However the best electric pressure cooker easy recipes will cost less. Depending on your budget the cost of a recipe might force you to opt for another. You could go high or a step low. Either way, cool recipes are easy to find and choose what fits your pocket guarantees the best results.


The Duration of Preparation

Believe or not but time plays a key role in the preparation of the best meals. If you don’t have time to keep the timing, then you might as well settle for poor results. For commendable recipes, you must be ready to keep up the timing. In case you are using a slow pressure cooker, patience will be a factor. Electric pressure cooker chicken recipes need time. Always choose recipes as per the time you can spare.


The Size of Pressure Cooker

An 8-quart electric pressure cooker can feed up to 8 people or more. 3-quart cooker will feed lesser people. The size of the electric pressure cooker that you have therefore determined the type of recipes that you’d settle for. Electric pressure cooker lamb recipes will need larger cooker as opposed to easy recipes that can easily do with smaller cookers for salads.


Your Daily Personal Schedule

If your daily schedule is tight, you could settle for easy recipes. Juggling between work, the gym, and home is not easy. Sometimes you’ll come home drained. I have been there before and trust me it’s not a good feeling. If you have a tight schedule, a fast recipe or an easy to cook recipe will be the bomb. Recipes such as the electric pressure cooker pulled pork recipe might be a little time-consuming.


Why are Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes the Best?

From the eight electric pressure cooker recipes that we have mentioned above, I am sure you have found the best. Personally, I would settle for electric pressure cooker chicken recipes any day or anytime. But what makes electric pressure cooker recipes the best? We compiled a few tips that will guarantee any recipe lover a chance to pick one from our list.


Easy to Prepare

Many electric pressure cooker recipes are easy to prepare. The reason for this is simple. Most cookers have ideal functionalities that allow you to mix all your ingredients at once. You don’t have to set them in one by one. At the end of it, all the recipe is still delectable and very tasty. This makes electric pressure cooker recipes some of easiest to prepare especially for most electric pressure cooker Indian recipes.


Work on Preset

Additionally, almost all electric pressure cooker recipes will work on presets. If you choose a pressure cooker that has the digital control panel and cooking presets, you won’t have to worry about keeping watch, lowering and raising the heat, or say burned up food, no! The truth is most of these recipes can easily cook on digitalized preset pressure cooker recipes especially those that come customized with the user manual.


Uses less Energy

Electric pressure cookers are designed to save time and energy. Since these recipes can be easily cooked in a pressure cooker, they use less energy. This makes them ideal and timely for any person who has had a long day. Some of the ideal ones such as the electric pressure cooker vegetarian recipes will even cooker faster as compared to when prepared over conventional cookers.


Good for Many

They are also super ideal for different sizes of crowds. Pressure cooker recipes are even cool for Thanksgiving, vacations, family get-together, and religious festivities. You could serve as few as two and sometimes more than eight people on the same recipes. This will, however, depend on whether you are ready to add up the measurements of the ingredients. But in all the recipes are still awesome.


Takes Short Time

Apart from saving energy, the best electric pressure cooker recipes also save time. All you need to do is set your cooker to the most suitable temperature and leave your food to cook. And because they are super ideal for short time preparation, these recipes are some of the best. You can push them in for a quick fill or timely cooking. This is especially true for the best electric pressure cooker easy recipes.




Final Verdict

Well, these all are the best electric pressure cooker recipes that will bring a whole new level of temptation. Hope you have found your favorite one.

However, the best electric pressure cooker recipes are some of the easiest dishes you could go with. Whether for large groups, religious festivities, simple get-together parties and more.