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5 tips to get the most out of your pressure cooker

A pressure cooker is an airtight pot that is used to cook foods using an enormous pressure inside the pot. A Huge amount of steam generates inside the airtight pot, and it builds up the huge pressure. This pressure helps to cook food at a faster rate. Because of its multiple benefits, the pressure cooker is mostly used and famous household apparatus using in our day to day life every day. But for getting the best benefits from it and making the most beneficial uses of pressure cookers. We need to choose the possible best pressure cooker or at least follow some criteria to be contained by the pressure cookers that we are going to use. Otherwise, we might not get the best performance of the pressure cookers. In this post, you will be known to 5 tips to get the most out of your pressure cooker.



5 tips to get the most out of your pressure cooker

5 tips to get the most out of your pressure cookerA pressure cooker proves to be useful while getting ready slow cooker sort recipes and dishes but don’t have time to wait, particularly those of us who lead restless ways of life and have almost no opportunity to spend in the kitchen cooking. So, what are some of the best ways to ensure that you get the most out of your pressure cooker?

5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Pressure Cooker


Always check your kit before use and read instructions before using a new set

Pressure cookers mostly come with safety feature and user manual. Make sure to peruse the instruction altogether (particularly when utilizing an alternate kind of cooker to what you are utilized to). This guarantees you are up to the date of the do`s and don’ts which promise you safety all through. The warmth created from the pressure cooker can be unsafe if not appropriately taken care of. Checking your pack is additionally critical as it guarantees you use a fully functional cooker. Further, checking your equipment will let you decide the parts that need replacements, for example, the rubber gasket. Also, make certain to counter check the valves to guarantee they are free from debris. All these assume a crucial part in securing your safety and that of your friends and family during use.


 Liquid Matters

As the science behind pressure cookers is that they cook through steam, make sure to check your liquid levels to allow adequate evaporation and transformation into steam. By and by, the directions will control you on the recommended measure of liquid to utilize. Always try to adjust the water levels relying upon the kind of recipe, however never go underneath the suggested levels. Besides, don’t overload the water to such an extent that there is lacking space for the steam to cook up the food. Use the marks put on the sides of the cooker as a guide on the preferred levels (all cookers accompany least and most extreme markings inside the pot). If you overfill, at that point, be prepared to clear the wreckage as a portion of the food will be ejected. Thus, to be sure, observe the following….


  • Do not put more than 2/3rd of liquid when cooking veggies and meat
  • Avoid filling the cooker when cooking with liquids such as soup and casserole
  • It is good to fill more than a third full while cooking foods like Pasta and Rice.


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Time every meal

The best rule of using a pressure cooker is undercook than overcook. Itis is always better to undercook than overcooking if you don’t want to spoil your recipe. However, if you undercook the food, you can systematically bring the food back under wanted pressure.

Do not hesitate to add liquid if needed. Some foods such as brown rice will require more time than white rice. On the other hand, fish and vegetables need a bit more time relatively as considered to other foods. Therefore, do not neglect to take your time to understand the recommended heating levels of your recipe before you start cooking.


Release the pressure

There are three suggested methods to release the pressure of your cooker:-

  1. Natural Release Method
  2. Quick Release Method
  3. Cold Water Release Method


  • The first includes taking the cooker off the heat and consequently allowing it to cool gradually. This method is ideal for foods that take long cooking times.
  • The second one: You have to turn on the valve that releases pressure. Be careful about this method. Don’t forget to use gloves to avoid burns from the hot vapor that will rush out.
  • Lastly, with the third method, you can use cold water to cool the pressure cooker. This method is appropriate for sensitive recipes that might get overcooked.


Select the method that suits your preferences the most. However, allowing the cooker to cool itself might take longer than the last two release processes.


Always clean your pressure cooker appropriately

It is essential to take note of that pressure cookers are not intended for putting away nourishment. Make sure to clean the cooker using a running tap and furthermore take off the top seal for an intensive clean. Depend on the guidelines to direct you on the fitting cleaning strategies and how to unblock the individual parts that may obstruct over continuous use. Guarantee that your weight cooker is completely dried to consider air to circle. At last, rest the top in a topsy-turvy position rather than fitting it back into its pot.


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Wrapping It Up

Watching the above tips will guarantee you get the most out of your pot. Will you cook better dinners, as well as your weight cooker, will last longer to guarantee you get the administration you wanted amid buy. If you experience any difficulties, don’t hesitate to refer to your user manual as different cookers come with their respective instructions.


Electric pressure cookers can be your ideal kitchen item to cook daily meals.


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Pressure cooker Size Guide | Choosing the Right Size Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are well-known kitchenware all around the globe. There vast capacity and efficiency of cooking made them famous. As a pressure cooker has the versatile capability of cooking, it can do more than you think. However, buying a pressure could be difficult because there are dozens of options available out there on the market. Therefore choosing the right size which is suitable to your needs is also considerable. Maximum of the people get confused in the process and end up choosing the wrong one. It is important to research about your needs before buying the right pressure cooker. There are many points which you must take into account. Howsoever, we have a pressure cooker size guide for you to choose the suitable size pressure cooker.


Pressure cooker Size Guide

pressure cooker size guide

Let us find out the various important tips to be considered when buying this common kitchen appliance. Though it is a standard device, there is a need to spend some time understanding the various things before spending money on it.



Have Budget In Mind For Your Pressure Cooker

Firstly, you should keep a budget in mind because pressure cookers come in different price ranges depending on the features, function, materials, design and most importantly size. So you must have a budget in mind. Having a budget will also help you to focus within that price range instead of getting confused in the process.


Choosing the Right Size is Important

When it is involved to the most popular sizes, remember the following:

Four Quarts – Good for single use or couples and also for creating a single side dish.

Six Quarts – Popular in small families with a number of 3-5 people. Ideal for almost all full meal recipes, but not it is not big enough to store.

Eight Quarts – Ideal for big families with more than 6 persons and it comes with a deep space and a large one to store.

There are three primary attributes of a pressure cooker that impacts price. They are the following:


The functions and specifications

You could either go for a pressure cooker that takes a shot at gas or other fuel or pick one which keeps running on electricity. In spite of the fact that both have their exceptional features, pressure cooker which keeps running on ordinary fills is known to cook better and all the more consistently.


The material

The following important is the material out of which these pressure cookers are made. They are accessible in aluminum and furthermore specifically grades of steel. Thus you should choose and pick the correct material which is solid, and in the meantime warm retentive and it must be in a position to cook quick. Moreover, it should be resistant to consumption and rust.


Size matters

Size is one of the most prominent attributes which one you must take into account when buying a pressure cooker.  They are accessible in various sizes extending from 2 liters to 12 liters. Despite the fact that it ‘s difficult to pick the ideal measured weight cookers, there are a few benchmarks which maybe could offer assistance


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Tips for selecting the Right Size Pressure Cooker

In spite of the fact that it’s difficult, to sum up, the size of a pressure cooker for all homes but we can make a starting somewhere. A one liter-measure pressure cooker could be reasonable for a solitary individual. Given this rationale, for a family of six, a 6-liter weight cooker can be adequate. However, this would vary bit relying upon the sort of food that they cook. With regards to cooking meat and different other comparable types of food things, it may be smarter to go in for a marginally bigger size pressure cooker. This is on account of you may need to include a considerable amount of water and furthermore different vegetables and fixings alongside it.


Never Cook With Over-Sized Cookers

If a 5-liter cooker would carry out the activity for you, there is no point going in for 7 or 8-liter cooker since it would prompt a misuse of fuel and cooking time will furthermore be longer. You will also wind up losing a considerable size of essential nutrients given the loss of steam and heat which could be huge. It would likewise prompt quicker wear and tear of the weight cookers on account of inability to keep steam and heat caught in a sealed condition.


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There are many important points which you must remember as far as pressure cookers sizes are concerned. You should buy it after gathering the right knowledge and information from as many sources as possible. If that you don’t know it would dependably be smarter to go for one size higher instead of ending up choosing the smaller one. Hope our pressure cooker size guide will help you buy the perfect size pressure cooker for in the next time.




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Are Pressure Cookers Safe To Use?

You are already known about the incredible pressure cooker. It’s the most used kitchen ware nowadays. The handiness and comfort of cooking have increased their popularity. However, despite all the advantages of the pressure cooker, there is a question among the new users “Are pressure cookers safe to use?”

Well, the pressure cooker is a pressurized container that makes use of steam and heat to cook food. The pressure cooker does not get the power of pressure cooking from high heat. Instead, it uses pressure and of steam to cook food. This device features a valve that functions to seal the steam to create a high-pressure atmosphere. This function helps to increase the boiling point of the water inside the cooker, and as a result, the pressure builds up. By this process, foods are cooked earlier than other cooking methods.


are pressure cookers safe to use

Are Pressure Cookers Safe To Use?

A pressure cooker is an essential kitchen appliance utilizes the time properly and saves energy. Moreover, the food you cook in a pressure cooker gets an extra flavor. Still, there are a number of homeowners fear using it due to safety concerns.

The days of unexpected mishaps have passed away. Far before, due to the lack of technology, many accidents occurred using the pressure cookers. But, modern best pressure cookers or best electric pressure cookers are perfectly engineered that you do not have to worry about your safety. They are more advanced, reliable and safe to use. The following are some of the safety features that will prove whether the pressure cookers are safe or not.


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Pressure release valves

The pressure releasing valves are also known as a pressure regulator. It regulates the pressure by assuring the pressure does not pass away through the preset valve. When pressure built up at the max level, the valves release the pressure by opening up. But the electric pressure cookers release the pressure according to the timer you set.

Locking device

The modern best electric pressure cookers come with a locking device on the top of the lid. The device works appropriately to the pressure developed inside the cooker. Locking devices keep the user safe by opening in due time. It means that the lid only unlocks at the time when pressure inside is released properly and safe to remove. Some of the pressure cookers have interlocking lids which offer more safety. You can easily carry the pressure cooker with that lid without worrying that it will open.

Automatic pressure control

The automatic pressure control mechanism is an advanced technology added to the modern pressure cookers. The modern pressure cooker features a pressure sensor which maintains the pressure between 70kPa-80kPa and 10.12psi ~ 11.6 psi. If the pressure passes 105kPa, the steam release valve will start to release the pressure slowly.

Pop up Indicators

It is another valuable safety feature in the modern pressure cookers. They precisely and accurately function to indicate the pressure values inside the pot. The indicator is stored with its stem included inside the cooker. The indicator will pop up whenever the pressure builds up. Also, the readable content on the indicator tells the exact pressure inside the container. With this feature, one can easily read the increasing and decreasing pressure.

Automatic temperature control

Most modern pressure cookers feature a thermostat below the inner pot which operates to regulate the pot’s internal temperature so that it is within a protected range. However, this will depend on the kind of food you cook.

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Lid close detection

The modern pressure cooker won’t activate pressure cooking if the lid is not properly closed or its missing.

Gasket release aperture

Aside from the pressure valves, modern pressure cookers feature a gasket release aperture positioned under the lid. When the pressure inside the cooker reaches the highest limit, the gasket is pushed upwards to discharge pressure through the opening. This ensures the temperature and pressure are maintained inside the device.

High-temperature cautioning

In a few occasions, water or dampness may run low in the pressure cooker. In such a case, the pressure won’t develop inside the pressure cooker. Rather, it will begin warming up, and till it achieves the most extreme temperature level, the cooker will stop heating.

Leaky Lid Protection

The pressure cooker lid can leak because of different causes. That implies it won’t achieve the preset pressure level, something which may make the food being cooked to consume. An advanced pressure cooker will identify this by measuring the preheating time, and if it’s unusually long, the machine will naturally change to warm mode to stop from food warming.

Safety handles

Not at all like old-day pressure cookers, the features of the present pressure cookers is not anymore a challenge as it used to be. They accompany made of hard rubber and suitable plastic that can withstand high temperatures. The handles make it simple for the users to carry the cooker even when it’s full. Some pressure cookers have longer handles to which remains cold preventing the user from burning their hands.


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Main Safety Features

One approach to utilize your pressure cooker securely is knowing how to discharge pressure safely. Most of the modern pressure cookers have a lot of safety features that make it difficult to open the device until the pressure has been released. There are three routes in which you can release the pressure.

1) Quick Release

Remove your pressure cooker from the warmth and the switch. The food will quit cooking quickly by discharging steam. It’s imperative to guarantee the pot is pointing far from you. It might take up to one minute to release the pressure.

2) Running water discharge

This is the prescribed technique for releasing pressure. When you eject the pot from the heat, water runs over the sides in the sink. Ensure that the pressure vent is far from you.

3) Regular pressure release

In this technique, the user needs to wait for the pressure valve to drop. The pressure will release gradually as the nourishment keeps on cooking. Be that as it may, along these lines of releasing pressure may take significantly longer than different approaches.


In this modern day, best electric pressure cookers have made cooking fun and also stress-free.  It seems quite a bit a funny (Pressure cooking is cooking without pressure).

That news of pressure cooker explosions was heard far before. But after the invention of the modern pressure cookers people have again started to keep faith in the pressure cookers. These pressure cookers have replaced the old pressure cookers by promising the top level safety concerns. However, these pressure cookers offer safety, durability, and comfort to the users. So, we can say with no doubt that the pressure cookers are safe to use.


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Efficiency of pressure cookers

Pressure cookers are no doubt handy tools. They are so active for building up the flavor and texture of the food that what used to be a lengthy procedure now appears to be agreeable and easygoing. If you’re getting the same sort of food in less than the usual time, you should be proud rather than being suspicious about its quality and nutrients. To cook your food conveniently, choose the pressure cooking. It’s nothing but a technology which makes cooking faster than you usually cook. The high pressure inside the pressure cooker lessens the cooking time keeping the food quality better. The efficiency of pressure cookers cannot be described in words.


Efficiency of pressure cookers

Efficiency of pressure cookers

Pressure cookers are convenient devices. They are so fast to develop the texture and the flavor of your food in a little momentum.


  • It can cook a whole chicken in just an hour and a half.
  • You can get ready Risotto in six minutes rather than 30 minutes.
  • You don’t have to stir grits and polenta. Just pressure cook it in the high pressure.


What else?

For the high temperature inside, the pressure cooker caramelizes your food for extra flavor. It’s positively unthinkable with other cooking techniques.


Why food takes less time to cook?

Pressure cookers set aside significantly less opportunity to cook your most loved supper The elements of advanced pressure cookers give you an additional favorable position over conventional procedures for natural cooking, and they’re very protected too. Well, due to high pressure inside the pressure cooker the foods are cooked quickly and also perfectly than you cook in other utensils.


In any case, before you approach, you ought to realize why high pressure is vital in cooking.


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How Does A Pressure Cooker Work?

Do you know the way the pressure cookers work? Here are some things that made the cooking procedure speedy and safe.

  • The high-pressure doesn’t submerge in a liquid. It transfers heat to the food surface quickly.
  • There is a spring-stacked valve which ordinarily opens when there’s a lot of air inside, to give the air a chance to get away. As the heating begins, the vapor drives the valve up and shuts off the vent. As the weight rises, the vapor pushes the valve additionally up to reopen the vent to release the additional steam.
  • The valve contains a gauge pressure which is 10 or 15 psi above room weight. At these pressure levels, the boiling point of water rises to 114oC – 112oC. If you see your weight cooker accomplishing the correct pressure release it or else it will overpressure.
  • The pressure cooker has a fixing ring (an elastic gasket) that restricts air and steam from getting away. The caught air/steam inside the pot assembles pressure and makes the temperature rise. You should clean the gasket. Generally, the food particles stuck around the seal make steam to leak.
  • There are different types of a lid. A bayonet-style instrument pushes the cover against the sides of the pot. There are various tools with jolts bolts clamping around the exterior of the cooker. If you let the pressure to rise too high, then it may harm the mechanism.
  • At high pressure, the handle bolts and keeps the cover from opening. Along these lines, the food is cooked rapidly.
  • You need to top the liquid off to 2/3rd the limit of the cooking pot.
  • The pressure inside the cooker keeps on ascending, until the point when the pressure valve releases out because of the steam and water vapors inside.
  • Steam is primary for cooking food in a pressure cooker. In this way, you have to include enough water under the food container, above the bottom of the pot.

Some Basic things about the pressure cooker

A pressure cooker has a semi-fixed lid which is lockable. It additionally has a valve for controlling inward pressure. With the assistance of developed steam, it increases the pressure inside the container.


The rise of pressure let the water to reach the boiling point from 100oC (adrift level). As the temperature goes past and achieves 120oC, the cooking time drops altogether.


  • When the pressure inside the pot is 0 psi, the temperature will be 0oC or 212oF
  • When the pressure inside the pot is five psi, the temperature will be 104oC or 220oF
  • If the pressure inside the pot is ten psi, the temperature will be 113oC or 235oF.
  • If the pressure inside the pot is 15 psi, the temperature will be 121oC or 250oF.

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To Sum Up

Pressure cookers decisively being one of the best essential kitchen appliances to you. The efficiency of pressure cookers cannot be described. A best electric pressure cooker is the blessing of modern science. They have shortened your kitchen time and also made the cooking experience comfortable. But your user activity may not be suitable for the lack of your sensibility. So, try to maintain your cooking according to the appropriate way.

Now, that you know it all, you’re all set to cook your favorite recipes quickly. Make sure you check every part of the cooker before using it. Follow the manufacturer’s manual and understand how to use the cooker to cook different kinds of food.


Try out the Best Electric Pressure Cooker to consume more time.


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Pressure Cooker Basics

Pressure cookers are one of the most common and most frequently used kitchenware. They are meant to facilitate with easy cooking and boiling. Pressure cookers hold several advantages over conventional cooking. They are preferred for their convenient cooking tasks. Pressure cookers can be very helpful, especially for performing amateur cooks. The pressure cooker produces food in a quick process, and they are also renowned themselves for this time-consuming functionality. The ease of use and their beneficial outputs made them charming. However, it is also important to make sure that the kitchen ware you use is safely handled to prevent unexpected accidents while using. So, the crucial thing is you need to you learn the pressure cooker basics to feel free while cooking.


Pressure Cooker Basics

pressure cooker basics

A pressure cooker has the straightforward process. It is a sealed pot having a valve over there which is used to control the steam pressure of the inside of the cooker. The high pressure of the steam of the pressure cooker helps to raise the boiling temperature of water at its normal boiling point of 100°c. Thus, it also contributes to increasing the pressure inside the pot and as a circumstance the speed of cooking increases.

Here are some pressure cooker basics that you must know to have a sweet time while cooking.


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Food items like tomatoes get burnt quickly if kept on high flame for a long time or if not stirred properly. But the recommendation for you is not to stir because stirring may cause damage to your cooker. So, you are advised to add them at the end, thus eliminating stirring. Pressure cookers reach the correct pressure over a high flame and cook your food perfectly.


Lock the lid in place

It may sound frothy, but surprisingly many users simply put the food in the cooker, turn the heat on and just cover the lid on the top, without noticing that the lid has been locked or not. As a result, there is no buildup of pressure and the food may remain uncooked. It will also waste your fuel. So check the lid lock and try to lock it in time.


Bring to high pressure

Always maintain the rule of filling 2/3rd of the cooker cause it is very crucial while pressure cooking. After putting the ingredients in the pan with the demanded amount of water put it on the flame set the heat to maximum. The pressure will start to rise in a few moment.


Turn the heat to high

The temperature depends on the quantity of food you are cooking. Typically, It takes 20 minutes to reach the optimal pressure. As the pressure cooker cooks under pressure, it is better not to fill the cooker above the recommended level.


Reduce heat

Once the required pressure is reached, you can reduce the heat and still maintain the pressure. Initially, you may find it difficult, but after a couple of attempts, you will come to know the time to lower the heat and to an extent. It varies with the design and specification of the cooker. Some of the cookers take a bit time to reduce its heat. On the other hand, electric pressure cookers are smarter, and they can reduce the heat immediately.


Quick Pressure Release

Quick pressure release method has some certain advantages as it is fast, both automatic and manual. This process operates only in 2 or 3 minutes, and that’s why known as the most rapid method of opening. Different mechanisms are used to release the pressure. We regularly use valve as the pressure releasing mechanism. We also use another device like a button, a lever, push, etc. This method is the best suited for the quick cooking of foods and vegetables. But it can’t be suitable for the large or jiggle type pressure cooker. The recommended type of opening for a large type pressure cooker is a Natural method of release where you can use a simple fork tine to lift up the weight and then release the pressure out.


Natural method of pressure release

The natural way of releasing pressure is the slowest among all type of pressure cookers. The process needs from 10 to 30 minutes of time to release the pressure. This time depends on the kind of pressure cooker (their structural design, material, etc.) and the fill level. Again, when the pressure cooker is filled than the required level, it takes a bit much time to release the pressure. The natural method of releasing pressure is recommended to use mostly for types of foods like fruits, grains, and legumes because it helps to prevent the bits of foods or the foams from coming out of the pressure cooker. This process is also suitable for the foods that need to be cooled down slowly to constrict the early evaporation of their moistness.


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Pressure cooking mostly requires enough water and proper pressure. In some cases, and some methods for cooking, but in most of the cases, you can get the best food result from your pressure cooker. So, knowing these pressure cooker basics, you can make the cooking process very simple with time

These are the most often used approaches applied when using a pressure cooker. Before starting up with your pressure cooker go through the instruction manual. Soon you will come to cook healthier foods for you and your family comfortably.


Try out the Best Electric Pressure Cooker to consume more time.


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What to look for in a Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker has become one of the favorite kitchen appliances for most family homes. As the name implies, pressure cookers are capable of cooking almost all food recipes. The versatility of this kitchen ware defines that many people can benefit from having one. But have you ever think what to look for in a pressure cooker?

Probably you like the slow movement of food and can spend a lot of by praising the smell and taste. But what if not your day is off? What if it is not the “Relaxing Sunday”?

what to look for in a pressure cooker

Well, your satisfaction is something that can’t be compromised, but there’s always an efficient way to get the same amount of satisfaction in a smaller amount of time. Plus, you don’t have to clean all the messy pots, except the cooking your meal. It will not only save your time and energy but also give you a meal with immense flavor, better texture, higher nutritional value and more!

You’ve guessed it right! It’s the revolutionary modern-day pressure cooker that features some excellent functions which you cannot expect from any other cooking mechanism.
• Roasting
• Browning
• Preparing soup
• Stewing
• Baking
• Cooking beans, and more!
There’s hardly any food left on the menu that your pressure cooker can’t cook. Your pressure cooker is a magical device. No other appliance contains such versatility like a pressure cooker does.



What to look for in a pressure cooker

Things you must know before purchasing a pressure cooker mean buying the brand that is thought to be top notch. Some first class cookers don’t cook as productively as those that cost less. The productivity of a pressure cooker is dictated by the amount of consistent pressure is being applied inside of the pot while cooking a feast.

This pressure is known as working pressure and ought to stay consistent however out the cooking cycle. In 1917, the USDA(United States Department of Agriculture} set a standard of 15 psi(pounds per square crawl) for pressure cookers made in the US to target and demolish microorganism, for example, botulism and salmonella that are found on all sustenance and are connected with sustenance being misused.

All cookers don’t stick to this standard and take more time to cook than those that do. Most formulas that are made for pressure cooking are composed to prepare by the USDA standard. Recognizing what to search for, before purchasing, can be a fundamental stride in obtaining a cooker that gives the greatest funds in vitality and the time it takes to cook dinner.


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Things to consider

Pressure cookers today, are a considerable measure more secure than the particular case that grandma utilized and are outfitted with more security elements to avert blasts, that spooky their utilization previously.

Here are some points to consider before buying a pressure cooker. You will also be answered some common questions that pop up in your mind while thinking to purchase one.


Intend Use

How would you plan to utilize your cooker? Cooking, canning or both? The pressure cooker, you pick, ought not to be used for can sustenance. It doesn’t meet the USDA models for a canner if you anticipate utilizing it for both cooking and canning, purchase a pressure canner.



Size is one of the main things to consider. What size pot is sufficient to bolster your gang. The measure of the pot can be a huge consider the amount you pay for the comfort of cooking and nourishment under pressure. A six-quart pot is the most widely preferable size.



What is the greatest pressure your cooker will accomplish? Numerous cookers today accompany more than one setting of pressure for cooking different sorts of nourishment. They give adaptability in the cooking of foods that would break apart at a pressure of 15 psi. Purchasing a pot that holds fast to the USDA standard will give you the most extreme in reserve funds to vitality and time utilized as a part of setting up a feast.


Parts and Material


Are new parts promptly accessible for your cooker and for to what extent? A few brands have parts that are greatly hard to discover – the maker may be no more in business, or no more makes the parts for your image of a cooker. Experiencing both of these circumstances can make the pot you are considering purchasing, futile in a moderately brief time of time.


Durability and Guarantee

Stainless steel pressure cooker will be the best choice for you. Stainless steel pressure cookers are easy to clean and also and has a strong body which lasts long. These sorts of cookers also distribute the heat well.

What sort of guarantee does the maker offer? Guarantees ought to sufficiently long to permit you to get the greatest profit for your speculation. A short guarantee period puts you helpless before the maker, and you can end up in the position of supplanting your cooker sooner than you anticipate.


Recipe Booklet

The best pressure cooker will come with a user manual and also a recipe and instruction book. This is good in giving the user clear directions on how to safely operate the pressure cooker. It also provides some basic recipes to get one started



Cost is a very important consideration.  Always go for a pressure cooker that is readily affordable for you. You can always work with a budget. However, safety comes first while the rest can follow. The best way you could get experience is through the experience of others. This can be done through reading through electric pressure cooker reviews and ratings. Happy shopping!


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In short, look for stainless steel, lid locks, pressure valves, and safety features that prevent opening the lid while under pressure.

These are a percentage of essential inquiries to consider before settling on your choice to purchase, yet there are different truths you may need to consider before deciding on a decision from best electric pressure cooker as to which is the best pressure cooker for you.


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Buying an Electric Pressure Cooker

The electric pressure cookers are handy to use, and their great features has made things simpler for you. Electric pressure cookers are considered to be the smartest way to handle food stuff. The Electric pressure cookers are used for making food faster than traditional pressure cooking methods. They also save time and energy. The benefit of electric pressure cookers is beyond description. They have the ability to boost your recipe time. However, for faster cooking, there are no alternatives than electric pressure cookers. Without thinking otherwise, buying an electric pressure cooker will be a right decision.

The electric pressure cooker will be the best choice for them who want to save time and energy. An electric pressure cooker is faster in cooking comparing conventional pressure cookers. They can be used to cook several foods together in the same pressure cooker by using accessory pans or steamer baskets.  So, if you intend to buy an electric pressure cooker, this post is for you. Keep Reading…..


Things to consider while buying an electric pressure cooker

There is something you should consider before buying an electric pressure cooker:


Size Matter

You should think out the size of cooker you require. Electric pressure cookers are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Measure the size that you need before buying one. A small 4  quarts pressure cooker is sufficient for small meals, but if you have a family of 4 or 5, then you need to choose a 5 to 8-quart pressure cooker. Ensure that the size is adequate but not too big. For an electric pressure cooker to work properly, it needs to be filled to two-thirds of its capacity.


Usually, the size of the inner pot determines the size of the pressure cooker and also determines the price of the cooker. The inner container size ranges from 3 liters (3 quarts) to 6 liters (6.3qts). A pressure cooker above a 6-liter capacity is difficult to maintain as also be expensive for some of the consumers. So, it is mandatory to keep the budget in mind.


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An electric pressure cooker is a long term investment. Good quality, stainless steel pressure cooker will last 25-30 years, or even longer, depending on the maintenance.  The inner pot in an electric pressure cooker is a removable cooking pot which is made out of aluminum or stainless steel. The aluminum inner pots are available buffed and stamped, but aluminum is improper for the dishwasher. On the other hand higher quality stainless steel inner pots are made out of three-ply or copper-clad bottoms for uniformed heating. They are also easy to use.


Maximum people who want to buy cookers prefer stainless steel pressure cookers because of they last long and also easy to wash. People tend to buy stainless steel pressure cookers over the aluminum ones for the reason that it doesn’t absorb odors and flavors as aluminum pressure cookers do. Furthermore, aluminum is a softer metal with pits and stains and doesn’t have as long of the life as stainless steel pressure cookers do.


Final Thoughts

Usually, an electric pressure cooker conducts at a pressure range of 8 to 15 psi. It means this cooker operates at a temperature of 212°F to 257°F. So, an electric pressure cooker allows you can cook food at 257°F, which cannot do with a traditional cooker. One can choose the preferable pressure level depending on the food to be cooked, by pressing high or low-pressure buttons available on the control panel and then set the time you want. It cooks the food for a specified time and then starts beeping indicating that your food is ready.


Wrapping It Up

All right, I hope what I’ve summarized here helps you choose the right Best Electric Pressure Cooker machine for your home. Once you get that lovely machine, that matches your taste for Pressure Cooker. You’ll soon find out how blissful it is to save time every day and yet enjoy quality cook comparable to or even better than the 5-star hotel!

While searching for our best pressure cookers and after researching and reading so many reviews and customer comments, we concurred on the following products as the best pressure cookers. Let’s take a sneak peek on their detailed reviews.


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Fagor Pressure Cooker Models

Fagor Pressure Cooker Models

There are lots of pressure cooker brands since the revolutionary change of the pressure cookers. They offer different facilities with different design and outlook. From the very beginning of 3rd generation cookers, many companies established their own brand pressure cookers. Some of the brands got popular for their useful and exceptional addition to the product. Fagor is one of the most popular pressure cooker brands. The people’s favorite brand Fagor is manufactured by Fagor America. Fagor America was established in 1992, but it is wholly owned by Fagor, and it is headquartered in Spain. Now, Fagor is the fifth appliance manufacturer in Europe, and they are working since 1954. Well, Fagor America earned their fame at the time when pressure cooker sales fell off with the invention of the microwave. They had brought the innovative addition to the pressure cookers. Now, people are again discovering the benefits of cooking under pressure.


Fagor America is always exceptional and innovative. They have manufactured various quality pressure cookers. From that point of view, there are different kinds of Fagor pressure cooker models such as Rapid Express, Duo, Futora, Splendid and Elite. These pressure cooker models differ from the each other, and they have isolated function. So, you probably need one of these models right? This article will review to help you pick up the Fagor pressure cooker model that suits your needs. Keep reading.


Fagor Pressure Cooker Models: Six to choose from

Each of the models features various functions and has various components. Let’s have a look at the six models of Fagor Pressure cookers.


Rapid Express

The Rapid Express is their most initial and affordable pressure cooker. It has a design of European shaped belly. Though it has one pressure cooker settings, you can cook effortlessly. Rapid express features a visual pressure indicator and automatic release valve. This pressure cooker is made of durable 18/10 stainless steel. It is provided with a ten-year warranty. You can use it on any heating source like gas, ceramic, electric and induction. Rapid express comes with six-quart and eight-quart.


Fagor Splendid Pressure Cooker

The feature of Fagor splendid cooker is quite similar to the Rapid Express. This pressure cooker also has one pressure setting (15 psi), visual pressure indicator, automatic release valve. It also comes with the same 18/10 stainless steel and also has a ten-year warranty. The only real difference between Rapid Express and Splendid is that it is available in four, six, and ten-quart versions. There is also an alternative of buying a five piece set, which will contain either eight and four-quart pots, or four and six-quart pots. When you purchase the set, the lids are interchangeable so that you can use either as a pressure cooker or a regular saucepan. Also, you can use the ten quarts as a canner.


Duo Line

The Duo line of cookers has all of the above functionalities and also has additional pressure settings, it features for you to set it at either 8 psi or 15 psi. It comes with a stainless steel steamer basket with a trivet. It has the 10-year limited warranty. Duo Line pressure cooker is compatible with all heat sources just like the Rapid Express and Splendid. It comes with 4, 6, 8 and 10 quarts sizes.

The Duo also offers a combo package, and you can purchase a five piece set. The set contains an eight quart and a four-quart pot. It comes with a pressure cooker lid and glass which is interchangeable. It also offers a steamer/pasta basket. There is also an optional feature available; you can purchase a piece canning set.


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Elite Pressure Cooker Line

The Elite line is similar to Duo line pressure cooker. It also has two pressure settings of 8 and 15 psi. The Elite line comes with 4, 6 and 10 quarts. The design of the Elite line is the only difference. The handle of the Elite line is different from the Duo line. The elite line is provided with a steamer basket. You can also buy a set which comes with 8 and 4-quart pots with interchangeable lids. This pressure cooker either can be used under pressure.


Futuro Line

The Futuro line pressure cooker is exceptional than the above Fagor brands. It is constructed of durable 18/10 stainless steel, and it can be used with any heat type. It has a large steam basket. The design of the Futuro Line is gleaming. It has side handles to that will save a bit space.


It incorporates a triple safety system which functions a dual pressure control valve and two pressure release valves. The auto pressure release resists food particles buildup and makes it easier for you to clean it. The Futuro line pressure cooker also comes in a five piece set with 4 and 6-quart nesting pots.


Chef Line

The Chef line pressure cooker is the end of Fagor’s pressure cookers. This pressure cooker is very attractive than all other Fagor Brands. Chef line pressure cooker is manufactured in Spain. The handle is completely different from the other of Fagor pressure cooker models. This pressure cooker has two indicators with two distinct positions. It a contains a smooth auto release feature and also a removable timer. The 4-quart and 6-quart pots hold a max line indicator to prevent you overfill it. The Chef line has the max security level. Four pressure release valves are included to lock the lid. If the lid is not closed properly, the unit won’t create excessive pressures.


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To Sum Up

Well, there’s our listings and description of the Fagor Pressure Cooker models. Overall, our recommendation is to go for the Futuro line or the Chef line because they are well safe. Besides safety, you also get multiple pressure settings that can be set with a dial, and they are designed for easy cleanup.

Fagor is one of the leading pressure cooker brands. They provide some conventional style cookers. Hopefully, this review will help you choose the best one from the Fagor Pressure Cooker models.


Use Best Electric Pressure Cooker, to sum up cooking with ease.


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Starting off with your pressure cooker

Starting off with your pressure cooker

Starting off with your Pressure Cooker

Every single chef want to get their hands on the newly bought pressure cooker! You would also want to take off the covers and bring your cooker to the kitchen to try out the recipe you watched on a TV program, read it in a magazine, or watched on Youtube. We understand the emotions but wait, slow down for a while. Starting off with your pressure cooker can go bad. So, how about taking a test first?

Before you go for cooking with a pressure cooker, we would suggest you take a few test of your pressure cooker. By taking the test, you will be able to figure out how it works and it also helps you make your favorite recipe without spoiling the food.



Why Should You Test the Pressure Cooker?

Pressure cooking is more of science. For this reason, pressure cookers can be a bit more costly than traditional cookers. Therefore, it is important that you know the accuracy of its functions. Regardless of the fact that you might be using a pressure cooker from the same company as previous, but there is a difference between the features and functions.

When you test your pressure cooker, you will come to know how fast your cooker heats up and how much time it takes to build up to the maximum pressure inside it. There is a significant factor involved in it: each food takes its own time to cook, but the typical settings for a pressure cooker remain same.

To test your pressure cooker is even more important when you are using a second-hand pressure cooker. It will ensure either it is in cooking condition or not.


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How to test your Pressure Cooker?

Starting off with your Pressure Cooker

Have you made up your mind for testing your pressure cooker? Well, then we can now move forward and discuss the essentials of pressure cooking. There can be different techniques to determine the performance and the compatibility of a pressure cooker, but we will hang up to the general methods which are more familiar and comfortable to execute.

Here are some steps and list that you will need during the test

  • Pressure cooker (of course)
  • Water
  • A Cup with measurement scale.
  • Clock or a timer
  • Pencil and paper to note down important calculations


Preparing for the test drive:

Here is what you should consider before starting with the test. This phase is of quite an important, and it can save you from potential harms during the testing phase.


  • Examine the gasket and seal. Ensure that they are in good condition. Particularly in second-hand cookers, the gasket may cut from one or more places.
  • Make sure the vent of the pressure cooker is clear. It is quite important because excess heat passes through the vent to keep the temperature and pressure constant.
  • Check for cleanness of your cooker. It should be clean and tidy from both inside and outside.
  • Look closely for any leaks or holes that might be present in your pressure cooker. Usually, it doesn’t happen but it is always good to check things while buying and also before using it.


Starting the Test

At first, put two cups of water into your pressure cooker. Cover your pressure cooker and lock it, then let it rise to the maximum pressure. Bring the heat down to the minimum as soon as it reaches the highest pressure to maintain the pressure inside. By doing such, you can stabilize the pressure inside. It will let you find out the proper heat setting for your pressure cooker.


Keep the heat setting firm for a while and then note down the temperature on display. Once you get satisfied with the settings, note down the readings. Now you can go along to test the water level.




There are quite a few visible events by which you can identify whether your cooker is working fine or not. Normally, it could be a loud sound of hiss or steam escape. In case there is excess steam escaping from your cooker other than the reflex, then there is a problem with your seal and gasket of the lead. However, the gasket and seal are easily replaceable. To ensure better performance in future, it will be better if you ask the manufacturer for the replacement.


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Water Droplets around the Indicators


Initially, when you turn on the pressure cooker, you will see some water droplets around the indicators. This does not matter to concern though. The water will fade away in a while. Also, the water splatters around the Indicators until the pressure is full. If the water doesn’t stop spluttering around, it means that the pressure isn’t reached to the highest pressure.


If this occurs, then the lid is properly installed. You should take off the lid and place the lid correctly. The also problem happens when the sealing is not perfectly adjusted. However, if the problem persists, then there is something wrong with any of the rubber parts in your pressure cooker. There can be another issue, your vent and pressure release point are loaded. Always clean it properly so it can pass the steam well.


Water around the Rim

This is a crucial part. If you observe water around the rim of the lid or anywhere under the lid, you should stop heating the cooker right away. Take cold water to use the cold water release method to clean out the vent of your cooker.


Cracks and cuts in the gasket could be the reason for this water leakage, or your cooker is dented or bent from the place your lid should be installed. Never use a pressure cooker that doesn’t lid up properly. There is a risk of lid bursting out while cooking.


Pressure Release Method

There are many pressure release methods. Cold water release method and natural release methods are the suitable methods to help you understand your pressure cookers efforts. Be sure to note down the quantity of time each of these methods takes.


The Old Pressure Cookers

If you have purchased an old model pressure cooker or if you have a liking for vintage models then you have to be more careful.  Also, you should be much strict checking of all the safety elements in your pressure cooker. You can have a bit of trouble while fitting your cooker, and there will be occasional replacements of parts. Hence, to keep yourself free from such hassles you buy a new unit once in for all.


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To Sum Up:

Well then,  I suggest; before you are starting off with your pressure cooker you should test the efforts of the pressure cooker to ensure your safety. The Best Electric Pressure Cooker ensures every safety matter though. The test will also make you know about the whole functionality and you will make sure whether there is any problem with the cooker or not. Skip using the second-hand and try to buy a new one to keep yourself safe from risks. You can also see the list of Cheap Pressure Cookers to buy a new pressure cooker at a cheaper rate.


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7 Reasons to Use a Pressure Cooker

7 Reasons to Use a Pressure Cooker

7 reasons to use a pressure cooker

Pressure cookers are mostly talked and reviewed cooking apparatus nowadays. The versatility of a pressure cooker is beyond description. Cooking work, slow cook, pressure cook, and steam cook all are possible in a pressure cooker. Once you experience the pressure cooker, you can’t help yourself loving it. There could be someone who would prefer to cook with a slow cooker, but the advantages and versatility of a pressure cooker are more likely. However, there are some reasons that make sense to buy a pressure cooker.It would not be a bad idea to find out more about the various advantages and benefits of using a pressure cooker. Here are 7 reasons to use a pressure cooker.


7 Reasons to Use a Pressure Cooker:


  1. Cooking with pressure, cooks fast.


A pressure cooker is known for the fact of pressure cooking. And according to the opinion of specialists, pressure cooker cook 50% to 70% faster. It will help you to get your dinner half of the time than usual time.The heat remains inside, the combination of heat and steam gives you fast cooking experience which is very handy in our busy life schedule.


  1. You can cook any dishes easily

Are you foody? Or you love to eat different kinds of foods and try new recipes. Then owning a pressure cooker can ease your lifestyle.  With this cool gadget, you can cook almost everything you can think of. Fraying or boiling is also easy and fast. Every food will cook evenly and tasty. Electric pressure cookers these days makes cooking more efficient.


  1. Pressure cooker preserves the vitamins and aroma perfectly, like none others.

When you are cooking foods in a pressure cooker, the foods got trapped and steamed inside. There is nothing that goes out from a pressure cooker. The pressure cooker holds the nutrients inside it. The aroma of the food remains intact inside the pressure cooker. As the food gets trapped and heated inside, the vitamin and mineral are preserved well.


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  1. Spend less power/energy to cook, in a pressure cooker.

The pressure cooker saves fuel cost up to 33% to 40%. And this is a legit reason to converting into a pressure cooker user. The cost of fuel is increasing day by day. So it is important for any family to reduce the cost.

While cooking the heat remain inside, and less evaporation helps cook faster with little energy.  And foods cook in less energy. We can say Best pressure cookers help you spend less energy.


  1. Much better than a Slow cooker.


The pressure cooks much faster than a slow cooker. When pressure cooker takes 5 to 20 minutes in cooking different items, slow cooker takes 40mins to 1 hour +. This is the main difference between a pressure cooker and slow cooker. Both are lovely in their ways of cooking. But regarding efficiency and cooking, I prefer pressure cooker.


  1. Preserve food.


It is important to preserve the food well before serving it. In these case, a pressure cooker plays the best role. After cooking if you don’t remove the handle, the food remains hot for more than an hour.You can enjoy a hot meal after 1+ hour, and it’s a great criterion of a pressure cooker.


  1. Electronic Pressure Cooker is a bliss


Electronic pressure cookers are a most blissful creation for cookers; says chefs around the world. The popularity and love increasing for pressure cookers day by day. It’s easy to use, versatile appliance and beauty of a kitchen counter. To buy an electronic device for cooking, please check Electric pressure cooker reviews.


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To Sum Up:

A pressure cooker does the best in your cooking time. A combination of steam and pressure makes the pressure cooker an efficient cooking gadget. It does all the cooking and helps you preserve the food too. Without any doubt, a pressure cooker will be the best choice for convenient cooking. While knowing all the reason behind using the pressure cooker, you may have been convinced to buy one.

If you are looking for to own a pressure cooker, please check the Best Pressure Cooker Reviews. In the review, we pick some top valued product based on our research you to choose a perfect product for you.


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