Rice Cooker Comparison Chart

Rice Cooker Comparison Chart & Guideline 2017

In The Market, There are more than 99+ rice cookers to choose best one. After a lot of researching, I’ve selected the top four for you. Read the details Review and choose your best Rice Cooker.


Editor Choice: Comparison Chart of Rice Cooker



Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer

Food preparation is easy with the touch of a key.The Zojirushi NS LAC05XT is a tiny, simple to use a rice cooker that give in three cups of perfect, plump white rice. You can use it for other grains like as steel cut oatmeal while used beneath the porridge setting. It contains Mixed Rice method that you can use to cook rice with chicken or other proteins like fish, tofu and rice with the vegetables. Read The Full Review

Aroma 8 Cup Digital Rice Cooker Review

A delicious meal cooking at home now is very comfortable with the rice cooker that is Aroma 8-cup Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer. To cook quality rice, like as café/restaurant through the press of a button and for specialized fluffy, perfect white and brown rice this cooker is very useful. The 15-hour delay programmable timer is immense delivering tasty rice ready while it is required at night. This flexible food maker is also enormous for catering soup, oatmeal, stew and more. When cooking is completed, the accessories including inner cooking pot can be removed for easy and quickly cleaning. Read The Full Review

Cuisinart CRC 400 Rice Cooker Review

The brand Cuisinart CRC-400 Rice Cooker is an amazing product for getting quality rice and other foods. It’s an excellent appliance for a narrow space and a busy lifestyle. Anyone, including a busy one can prefer this product to get an awesome support in cooking perfect rice. Cuisinart CRC-400 Rice Cooker is made to serve you better than the competitors products that are presently running in the marketplace. Therefore, you can rely on this item to cook your excellent rice and related foods.  Read The Full Review     

Panasonic SR DE103 Rice Cooker Review

Never used a rice cooker? And want to get a smart rice cooker? Which is not expensive, or want to change your old rice cooker with a stylish one at the fair price, and then the Panasonic SR DE103 Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker is an excellent option.
Panasonic SR DE103  is only $79.99, matched with other expensive, stylish rice cookers with the same capacity that will cost you more than 100 Dollars.
After a lot of researching, I’ve selected the top one rice cooker for you. It is Panasonic SR DE103 Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker. Read the details Review of Panasonic SR DE103 Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker. Read The Full Review  

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