Cooking Times of Electric Pressure Cooker

Cooking Times of Electric Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker, a most widely used kitchen equipment, is a great scientific invention of the modern era. No matter whatever the price of a modern pressure cooker every family is ready to buy it for its advanced features and time-saving properties in cooking. It reduces cooking time and saves a significant time of busy life. All types of food, taken after boiling and cooking, are easy to make ready in a pressure cooker. It is the pressure cooker that works following the pressure controlling rule to boil and cook food items. Though the pressure cooker does not prepare meals with perfections so some timing precautions should be stopped for proper boiling. Due to the boiling point property and food item internal property timing is not same for every food item. So it is strongly recommended to implement proper timing setup.

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Pressure Cooker Timing for Cooking

The following table depicts the regular timing of different food items cooked in the pressure cooker. It tis the standard schedule not the crucial. This cooking program is changed according to the pressure cooker manufacturer company and the internal material properties of that pressure cooker.

Items Item Type Required Minimum Minutes Required Maximum Minutes
Beef Roast Beef 36 38
Corned Beef 52 58
Meatballs Beef 6 10
Meatloaf Beef 12 14
Pork Roast Pork
Ribs 14 16
Ham Shank 21 26
Lamb Leg 36 39
Chicken Piece 8 10
Full 9 11
Poultry Meat Soup or Stock 12 14
Black Eyed Peas 8 10
Chick Peas 11 12
Rice Long Grain 5 6
Basmati 5 6
Converted 5 6
Wild 20 24
White 19 21
Brown 38 41
Fish Soup 5 7
Stock 5 7
Full 5 7
Lobster 2 4
Shrimp 2 3
Crabs 2 3
Broccoli 14 16

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Optimized Use of Timing

Each item needs to be boiled to meet perfect boiling point. Besides, pressure cooker safety and persistence should be under considerations. For this condition, a calculated proper timing is used to boil food in a pressure cooker. This cooking timing is not same as different food item. The most optimized and suggested schedule is as following:

For quinoas, the streamlined of recommended minimum time 6 minutes and the maximum is 8 minutes. Rice should be boiled in 17 minutes for brown type rice and 6 minutes for white. Meat requires about 1 hour, and it is variable from one type to another type whether the meat is from beef, lamb or chicken. The timing calculation is not same for a whole chicken or piece chicken. It varies from 11 to 17 minutes.

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Let’s see the tabular form for optimized timing calculation of pressure cooker.

Ingredients/Items Optimized Timing (In Minutes)
 Rice (Brown and white)  17 and 6
 Quinoas  7
 Brussels  3
 Broccoli  2
 Barley  17
 Beans  2
 Cauliflower  2
 Chicken (Whole and Pieces)  17 & 11
 Potatoes  6
 Carrots  1
Cabbage 4

All the timings are maintained according to the quality and metal properties of a pressure cooker. It relies on food volume with the ratio of pressure cooker capability. Foods from the fridge and fresh foods are not required the same timing. Here they are different according to the boiling point. A pressure cooker works with pressure and gas law. The whole process is controlled by pressure, temperature and the volume applied. So, in this situation pressure regulating and valve controlling will impact the food boiling point and its timing. The cook should be aware of these conditions as well.

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