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Elite Pressure Cooker

Elite Pressure Cooker

Elite Pressure Cooker: The Stylish Ones with the Latest Technology

A pressure cooker is crucial for the kitchen nowadays. An Elite pressure cooker is not only going to save money but also ensure healthy food for your family and friends. An elite pressure cooker is the signature of simplexes, and its unique design is worthy.  The pressure cookers from the Elite brand are far better than standard microwaves. These pressure cookers also feature for canning without any extra preservatives.

EPC-808 Platinum:Elite 8-Function electric pressure cooker:

The Elite pressure cooker 808 pressure cooker is renowned for its flavorful, nutritious food and fast cooking. The capacity of this pressure cooker is 8 quart. It has an enormous space for cooking food and can cook a meal for almost seven to eight people. The body of this stove is made of durable stainless steel. This pressure cooker does not need any gas stove to cook. The pressure cooker has more or less 14 functions like preheating, manual operation, delays time, roasting, canning, etc. The pressure cooker will come with an 8-quart pot that is nonstick. So it is easy to clean the pot after cooking. There is also an LED display with a touchpad. This display shows the pressure, temperature, etc. the EPC 808 has also the function to warm the food. The cooker can keep the food warm for at least 12 hours. The pressure cooker needs 1200 watts to work. One can do programmable cook with this from 0-99 minutes. It is simple to cook with this kind of pressure cooker. The price of this pressure cooker is almost $$$.

Elite 8-Function electric pressure cooker:Elite 8-Function electric pressure cooker

The capability of this pressure cooker is 10 quart. This pressure cooker can deliver a moist and flavorful food in a very less time. Like most other Elite pressure cookers, this cooker also has an LED display. The pressure cooker will come with a lid, a removable cooking pot that is nonstick, an extra measuring cup, a spoon and a cup for condensation. There will be a standard book for using instructions. This book will also include at least 60 recipes for the pressure cooker. The company will give a warranty for one year with this product. The pressure cooker has eight multifunction like desserts, soup, fish and vegetables, potatoes and yams, stew, beans and grains, meat and chicken, rice and pork. The pressure cooker also has a delay timer for 24 hours which enables programmable cooking. The price of this awesome pressure cooker is only $$$.

Elite Platinum EPC-678SS Maximatic:Elite Platinum EPC-678SS Maximatic

It is one of the signature pressure cookers of Brand Elite. It is a six-quart pressure cooker. This pressure cooker is excellent for a medium or large family. The pressure cooker has 11 functions that are cool. The body of the pressure cooker is made of stainless steel for extra durability. Also, the bottom and the pot is non-sticky that ensure easy cleaning. The cooker has an LED display on his body. There is also a touch keypad for control the cooking. The cooker will come with a removable pot. It also includes a handle for safety. The pressure cooker has an automatic control system for pressure. There are at least nine programmed functions like potatoes, beef, fish, etc. The price of this pressure cooker is $$$.

The Elite pressure cookers are the most advanced pressure cookers in the market. It is very easy to work with these pressure cookers. So do not hesitate to buy pressure cookers from the Elite brand.

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Hawkins Pressure Cooker

Hawkins Pressure Cooker

Top Hawkins Pressure Cookers You Can Buy

A pressure cooker is essential for that kind of people who love to cook. One will find many different pressure cookers with a very wide range of price and features. Currently, Hawkins pressure cooker is very famous because of its efficiency and availability. These pressure cookers cook very fast. Right now Hawkins is the number one pressure cooker company in the industry. Their pressure cookers are long lasting with the simplicity. Every pressure cookers of this company are going to last for at least several years for sure.

Hawkins Classic Aluminum (5 liters):Hawkins Classic Aluminum (5 liters)

The capacity of this Hawkins pressure cooker is five liters. The pressure cooker has a very classic look from all others Hawkins Pressure Cooker. The body of this cooker is made of stainless aluminum. But the aluminum also consists a little bit of metal alloy. As a result, the body becomes durable and at the same time, it will be rust free. The safety features are quite right. There is a security valve in the pressure cooker. It is under the valve.  There is also a safety lid for pressure lock. A stay-cool handle is attached to the body for easy lifting. The pressure cooker will allow you to cook for almost seven people. The pressure regulator of Hawkins is excellent. It is much improved nowadays. Also, the regulating system and the pressure regulator will help to measure and control the steam pressure. The price of this pressure cooker is approximate $$.



Hawkins Classic Aluminum Pressure Cooker (3 liters):Hawkins classic Aluminum Pressure Cooker (3 liters)

This pressure cooker is famous for its new modern shape. The capability of this pressure cooker is three liter. This pressure cooker can make a meal for four to five people. The body of this pressure cooker is made of stainless steel. The handle is made of stainless steel too, and it is rust free and stay cool. The handle is not a part of the body; it’s a real handle that is unique. The diameter of the base of the pressure cooker is 150 mm. The thickness is almost 3 mm. The pressure cooker will come with the lid, and it controls the pressure. The price of this pressure cooker is $$.

Hawkins Classic Aluminum (2.0 Liter):Hawkins Classic Aluminum (2.0 Liter)

The capability of this Hawkins pressure cooker is 2 liter. The pressure cooker is an excellent cooking machine for a small size family. The pressure cooker will come with a safety valve on the top. The valve should be shielded. Also, it includes the gasket. A cold handle will be fitted with the body. The handle bar is non-corroding as well as the lid. The pivot of the cooker is fixed and also unbreakable. There is also a pressure regulator. This regulator helps to know the pressure during cooking. The price of this pressure cooker is $$.

Hawkins CB15 Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker (1.5 Liter):m17-hawkins-1100x1100-imadvze6vhugwfff

It is a subtle size pressure cooker. The capability is only 1.5 liter. The color of the cooker is contra black and metal. It is one of the signature pressure cookers of Hawkins. The pressure cooker can ensure healthy and nutritious food in a very short time. This pressure cooker is a blessing for the small families.The pressure cooker will come with an improved regulator, lid, and a stay-cool handle. The body is made of aluminum. It is also called hard anodized. It can absorb the heat at a very fast rate. As a result, this pressure cooker can save a lot of energy. The pressure cooker is also corrosion resistant. Hawkins pays, at least, one year warranty with this pressure cooker. The price of this cooker is $$.


Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker (3 Liters):Hawkins Contura Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker (3 Liters)

This pressure cooker has the capability of three liters. It also has the black and metal color. This pressure cooker is famous right now. Its specialty is that it can cook at least 46% faster than a micro oven. This pressure cooker can sterilize the food correctly and thoroughly. It cooks with 22% higher than the boiling temperature of water. These are the main reason for its secret to preserve the taste and flavor of the food.Because of absorbing heat at a higher rate, this pressure cooker can save energy up to 50%. But there are some techniques to cook with this stove. The slice or piece of the meat or vegetables should be small.  The pressure cooker will come with a manual. This user guide consists of 20 plus pressure cooker recipes. The price of this super good mini-pressure cooker is $54.50.

Hawkins Classic Aluminum Pressure Cooke (4.0 Liter):Hawkins Classic Aluminum Pressure Cooke (4.0 Liter)

The capability of this pressure cooker is 4 liter. It is a classic style Hawkins Pressure Cooker. The pressure cooker is suitable for a medium size family. It can cook a meal for up to 5 people.  The body of the pressure cooker is made of thick, durable stainless steel. This steel is also rust free. So there is no doubt about it will last for a long time. There is a safety valve that is shielded on the top of the pressure cooker. This safety valve maintains the steam pressure during cooking. When the pressure inside the pot becomes high, the valve opens and let the extra steam come out from the inside of the pot. A rubber gasket is fixed with the head so that the pressure cooker become air proof. A handle is attached to the body of the pressure cooker. The handle will remain fresh at any temperature and also rust-free. There is a lid on the top. This lid is also made of aluminum and non-corroding. The regulator that comes with the pressure cooker is newly modified. This regulator gives the accurate pressure indication during cooking. The pressure cooker also includes a fixed pivot. This pivot is unbreakable. The price of this Hawkins Classic Aluminum Pressure Cooke (4.0 Liter) is $$.

The pressure cookers from Hawkins are simple and user-friendly. All the Hawkins pressure cooker are made of aluminum. As a result, these pressure cookers are corrosion resistant and also speed up the heat as aluminum is excellent at transferring heat. If you are buying a pressure cooker for the first time, then Hawkins pressure cooker will be the best choice.

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SEB Pressure Cooker

SEB Pressure Cooker

Lead a Healthy Life with SEB Pressure Cooker

The SEB Pressure Cooker is a very famous pressure cooker brand. In the USA, SEB is the most pressure cooker selling company. In the UK, they are known by the name TEFAL. These SEB pressure cookers have the ability to keep or preserve the flavors of the food. They have various designs and a very wide range of sizes of pressure cookers too.


This Nutricook pressure cooker has four original model for cooking. It is very famous for its ability to preserve nutritious quality and flavors of the ingredients. It also saves more than 25% Omega during cooking fish. The pressure cooker cooks faster than other SEB pressure cookers. The tagline of SEB Nutricook pressure cooker is “Nutricook is the best ally and will keep you in shape’. The pressure cooker will come along with a basket for steam. This basket helps to steam circulation during steam. You will also find a recipe book with the pressure cooker. A smart timer is included to the cooker. This timer will give you the warning when the meal is ready. The body of the pressure cooker is made of stainless steel. The pressure cooker will work on any types of cooktops like induction and others. The cooker is also dishwasher safe.  You will find the Nutricook pressure cooker in two different sizes. One is 6 liter, and the other is 8 liter.

Clips Precision:Clipso Precision

Another signature pressure cooker from brand SEB is Calypso Precision. This pressure cooker has the most user-friendly features. One can open the pressure cooker with only one hand. You will not find any other pressure cooker with this kind of feature. The cooker includes a modified integrated timer. This timer will ensure that the cooking is on the right path. Also, it will alarm when the food is ready. The timer starts automatically after the temperature reached to the exact level. So you don’t need to stand by the pressure cooker all the time. This pressure cooker also has the steam basket. The steam basket helps to preserve the taste and the vitamins of the ingredients. The cooker has two types of cooking programs. One program is for meats and the vegetables, and the other program is for balanced meals. There is also a recipe book with the pressure cooker. The book is consist of ingredients and exact cooking times. For easy lifting, the pressure cooker has a handle. The body of Calypso Precision pressure cooker is made of rust-free stainless steel. Like other pressure cookers from SEB, it also works on any cooktops. There is a nonstick coating on the pot.  So it is easy to wash and clean. There are four available sizes. The sizes are 4.5 liters, 6 liters, 8 liters and 10 liters.

Clips essential:Clipso essential

Clips pressure cooker is renowned for its crucial cooking capability. Like other Clips from SEB pressure cooker, it is also user-friendly. One can open and close the pressure cooker by only one hand. Also, the ability of this pressure cooker to save the flavors of food is incredible. One can easily cook a healthy and tasty meal like vegetables, dessert, meat and fish, etc. A steam basket helps to preserve the taste and flavors of the food as well as vitamins and nutritious. This steam basket ensures a healthy meal. The safety features of this cooker are also excellent. The pressure cooker has an improved pressure indicator. This sign indicates heat and pressure. The body of the pressure cooker is made of stainless steel. It is heavy durable and rust free. The pressure cooker works on all kind of stove tops. It is dishwasher free. One can find this pressure cooker at three different sizes I the market. These are 6 liters, 7.5 liters, and 9 liters.


Wikook: Wikook                                                              

The Hickok pressure cooker was the first pressure cooker that can cook fast. If you buy this Hickok SEB Pressure Cooker, there is no doubt that it will change your life. The pressure cooker can reduce cooking time up to 25%. It also needs less energy too. The main techniques lie in the lid. The cap is too high, and it maintains a constant temperature during cooking which enables fast food. The lid has a central button. One can open the lid by only pushed that button. So you can be easily able to see your meal at any time during cooking. You can also easily add extra ingredients to the meal. The pressure cooker will come along a manual book the book consists of at least 60 pressure cooker recipes. The body and handle of the pressure cooker are made of corrosion free stainless steel. It works on not only induction but also all types of stovetops. There is only one size is available. The pressure cooker will come with the size of 4 liters. If you have a medium family, then this SEB pressure cooker will be the best choice.

Secure Aluminum:Secure Aluminum pressure cooker

The essential element of Secure Aluminum pressure cooker is safety. The design of this pressure cooker is very user-friendly. The pressure cooker has the safest features for cooking. It has many features like stew or tender the beef, proper simmer for soup, steam for fish and vegetables and brown onions. It has the automatic lock system like other pressure cookers from SEB. One can open and close the lid by only switching the button. The cooker also includes a valve that controls the pressure during cooking. There is a rubber gasket around the lid to make the pressure cooker air tight. There is also a control system to release the extra steam pressure. The body of the pressure cooker is made of stainless steel. The handle is also rust free and made from durable steel. The pressure cooker can work on all kind of cooktops like induction, gas, etc. There is a non-sticky coating. So washing and cleaning the pressure cooker is easy and user-friendly. The pressure cooker is available in two different sizes. These are 4.5 liters and 5.7 liters.

The SEB pressure cooker is the best pressure cooker for healthy food. The pressure cookers also have the best safety features and a very wide range of sizes.

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Stovetop Pressure Cooker

Stovetop Pressure Cooker

All Things You Need To Know About Stovetop Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is a great innovation for fat and comfortable cooking.It takes less time than the normal cooking process. The process starts by boiling the liquid (water, oil, etc.) it creates internal pressure in a sealed vessel and then begins to release the pressure slowly so that it can be open safely. There are two types of pressure cooker; stovetop and electric cooker. The difference is that stovetop gets the heat from the fire, and electrical stove produce it from electricity.The details about stovetop pressure cooker are given below:


The central part that will contain the cooking elements is called the body.The body has a body handle and a helper handle to hold the whole body part.Inside this, there will be a cooking rack. There will be a cover on this part.  A sealing ring is used to seal these two parts, On cover part, there will be a vent pipe with a pressure regulator that will help to release the pressure inside the body during cooking. An automatic air vent can also be found on the cover there.

Components Material

Usually, Stainless steel and aluminum are used for a stovetop pressure cooker. So that it can be durable and difficult to damage. But silicon parts like gasket may need to replace with new one.


To gain, the perfect pressure heat needs to regulate correctly. At starting maximum heat need to use for getting the pressure then by lowering the perfect heat pressure can be gained with a few tries.


It has two pressure settings. The low-pressure range is about 6-8 PSI, and High pressure is about 12-15 PSI. Pressure selection is of course very much necessary for cooking, so most of the cooking books consider these two standards.It does usually take about 11 minutes to gain the pressure but mostly depends on how much it is filled.

 Safety Features

Usually, It has the lid lock system that prevents opening the cooker while cooking at pressure. It has a vent pipe to release the excess pressure, and if the pressure is trying to exceed the limit, then it will open the automatic air vent. The stovetop cooker can be used for regular cooking without the cooking lid.

Advantages of Stovetop Pressure Cooker

As its use fire then it can be used even if there is no electricity (like in the campfire). Its parts are durable so that it will become a long lasting member of a family. It reaches high pressure (13-15 psi) than electrical cooker (10-11 psi) and also in a very quick time. It gives more accurate cooking temperature.

Disadvantages of Stovetop Pressure Cooker

Using the stovetop pressure cooker is not easily for the beginner. Because the pressure increases this will usually make the veggies overcooked.It is also quite hard to cook something that uses milk or wine because the valve can be clogged up by those. It does not have an auto timer like electrical one.


In the market, there are lots of brands. Among those brands Kuhn Rikon, Presto, Instant Pot, Fagor, All American have good quality and reliable.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. In spite of some drawbacks, stovetop pressure cooker is the perfect choice for use. The reliability, durability, gaining high pressure and temperature make the stovetop cooker most choice able to the customers over the electrical one.

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Induction Pressure Cooker


Things You Need To Keep In Mind When Using an Induction Pressure Cooker

Induction pressure cooker is the latest edition in the world of pressure cookers. These pressure cookers have induction coil at the bottom of the cooking pan. It gives them unique ability to the cooking pan that allows the bottom the pan to searing heat, but the top edges and the lid of the pressure cooker remain cool. So you will be able to touch these parts without any worry for safety. There are few things you need to keep in mind when you are using an induction pressure cooker because they don’t work like normal stovetop or electric pressure cookers. As almost all of us know how to use a typical pressure cooker we try to use the induction pressure cooker in a similar way. Doing such will not only spoil your food, but it may cause some damage to you too. So here are the things you have to keep in mind when you are using an induction pressure cooker.


You cannot preheat an induction pressure cooker. Usually, we have a habit of preheating the base of a typical pressure cooker over a low flame for some time when we prepare ingredients like onions or garlic. If you do such with your induction pressure cooker, you will burl the oil or onions you have put into it. Due to the induction under the pan of the pressure cooker takes only 15 seconds to get hot enough for sautéing. So if you keep preheating for a long time, you will burn the cooking ingredients.


You need to slice the ingredients before which you are going use for aromatic purposes like the onions, garlic or different leaves. Because if you have try to do it after putting the oil in the pan you will burn the oil before you finish slicing the ingredients.



You cannot bring your induction pressure cooker to the pressure when it is on high heat. If you do this, some a few things will go wrong. To understand these things you need to keep in mind that it does not work like a regular pressure cooker. In an induction based pressure cooker, the maximum pressure can be reached within just 4 minutes when it is on high heat. So if you do so the cooking time will be over but you will be left with undercooked or overcooked food as you will have no control over eat and pressure. The pressure cooker may not be able to let the pressure out sometimes which will let the food to cook at a low temperature again.


You cannot bring the pressure cooker on the medium heat too. If you think you can do this to compensate a few minutes by changing the recipe from low-pressure cooking to medium pressure cooking, then you will be making a mistake. Because you cannot alter a recipe of an induction pressure cooker likes that.


You cannot walk away from your induction pressure cooker right after adjusting the heat of the pressure cooker. Because the will be still, heated difference in different parts of the cooker. The cooker may be at the exact pressure, but the temperature is not same throughout the pressure cooker. The aluminum disk base of the pan might be piping hot, but the temperature of the part of the pressure cooker is not the same yet. So if you just walk away from it, there can be a rapid fall of heat due to the transition of heat from the base to the other parts. It will result in the decrease of the pressure. Ultimately you will not have your food done at lower temperature and pressure than required, and you will have undercooked food.


You need to keep around your induction pressure cooker for five minutes to adjust the heat correctly in case if you have a very wide pressure cooker. Otherwise, you will have undercooked food.


You should not use the timer of your induction pressure cooker. Because if you set any time with the timer the pressure cooker will automatically turn it off after the time is elapsed.


Reading all of these instructions might turn you not to buy an induction pressure cooker. But you need to keep in mind that there a few things you will need to follow no matter that kind of pressure cooker you buy. So it is better to get used to them so that you can have a perfect meal every time you use an induction pressure cooker.

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Best brand pressure cooker

There are different brands in the market for Best brand pressure cooker. Most of them are well known. So it’s up to you which one you will use and which one suits most with your necessity. But if you want to ensure that your Best brand pressure cooker will work correctly for several years then you can make a choice from the brands below.



Best brand pressure cooker Instant Pot


Instant Pot one of the Best brand pressure cooker in third generation pressure cookers with programmable features. The reason for the popularity of this brand is they can speed up the cooking process two to six times. That means this pressure cooker saves a lot of time. Also, they reduce the energy almost seventy percent during cooking. Instant Pot pressure cookers are work as a multi-cooker. You can cook almost everything like steam, brown, sauté, slow cook, etc. you can also use these pressure cookers as rice cookers. These pressure cookers are made of stainless steel that gives them the extra durability. Also, a non-stick coating is available inside the pot for easy cleaning. If you want to live green conscious, fast paced, and health-oriented lifestyle, and then Instant Pot pressure cookers are perfect for you.

Kuhn Rikonmaxresdefault

Kuhn Rikon pressure cookers are excellent. The pressure cookers of this brand are made of stainless steel. Also, the designs are pretty unique. These pressure cookers are most efficient and durable. They are very popular because of their simplicity and user-friendly manual. If you do cook with a pressure cooker from Kuhn Rikon, all you have to do is press the lid button, and that’s all. There is no other settings, buttons, and levers to deal with. Like other electric pressure cookers, Kuhn Rikon also does fast cook and energy save. You can quickly clean the cookers after cooking. Also, the pressure valves are removable, which makes the clean easier. The only problem with this brand is the price of the products are little higher.

All American

All American 30 Quart Pressure Canner Review

This brand is famous for their stove top pressure cookers. The pressure cookers are made of hand cast aluminum. So we can say that these pressure cookers are most durable on the market right now. Most of their pressure cookers have 15, 10 and five psi settings. Also, they have an extra geared steam gauge that enables the natural control of steam during cooking. This stove top pressure cookers also have over pressure release system that is automatic. All American pressure cookers are available in six different sizes. These pressure cookers have the most upgraded safety features. Like these pressure cookers have Bakelite handle, that will remain fresh at any temperature.

Presto Pressure cooker


Another popular brand in the market is Presto. These Best brand pressure cookers are made of stainless steel. The best thing about this brand is they offer excellent quality products at a very low price. These pressure cookers are available in four different sizes. Every size has the same features like pressure release system, non-stick coating, etc. They are pretty safe for using too.

Now it is your decision that one you will prefer. But remember that every brand we discussed above has their features and styles. So first know the features they are offering and then compare one with another. Make sure you are buying the right one.

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