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Buying an Electric Pressure Cooker

The electric pressure cookers are handy to use, and their great features has made things simpler for you. Electric pressure cookers are considered to be the smartest way to handle food stuff. The Electric pressure cookers are used for making food faster than traditional pressure cooking methods. They also save time and energy. The benefit of electric pressure cookers is beyond description. They have the ability to boost your recipe time. However, for faster cooking, there are no alternatives than electric pressure cookers. Without thinking otherwise, buying an electric pressure cooker will be a right decision.

The electric pressure cooker will be the best choice for them who want to save time and energy. An electric pressure cooker is faster in cooking comparing conventional pressure cookers. They can be used to cook several foods together in the same pressure cooker by using accessory pans or steamer baskets.  So, if you intend to buy an electric pressure cooker, this post is for you. Keep Reading…..


Things to consider while buying an electric pressure cooker

There is something you should consider before buying an electric pressure cooker:


Size Matter

You should think out the size of cooker you require. Electric pressure cookers are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Measure the size that you need before buying one. A small 4  quarts pressure cooker is sufficient for small meals, but if you have a family of 4 or 5, then you need to choose a 5 to 8-quart pressure cooker. Ensure that the size is adequate but not too big. For an electric pressure cooker to work properly, it needs to be filled to two-thirds of its capacity.


Usually, the size of the inner pot determines the size of the pressure cooker and also determines the price of the cooker. The inner container size ranges from 3 liters (3 quarts) to 6 liters (6.3qts). A pressure cooker above a 6-liter capacity is difficult to maintain as also be expensive for some of the consumers. So, it is mandatory to keep the budget in mind.


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An electric pressure cooker is a long term investment. Good quality, stainless steel pressure cooker will last 25-30 years, or even longer, depending on the maintenance.  The inner pot in an electric pressure cooker is a removable cooking pot which is made out of aluminum or stainless steel. The aluminum inner pots are available buffed and stamped, but aluminum is improper for the dishwasher. On the other hand higher quality stainless steel inner pots are made out of three-ply or copper-clad bottoms for uniformed heating. They are also easy to use.


Maximum people who want to buy cookers prefer stainless steel pressure cookers because of they last long and also easy to wash. People tend to buy stainless steel pressure cookers over the aluminum ones for the reason that it doesn’t absorb odors and flavors as aluminum pressure cookers do. Furthermore, aluminum is a softer metal with pits and stains and doesn’t have as long of the life as stainless steel pressure cookers do.


Final Thoughts

Usually, an electric pressure cooker conducts at a pressure range of 8 to 15 psi. It means this cooker operates at a temperature of 212°F to 257°F. So, an electric pressure cooker allows you can cook food at 257°F, which cannot do with a traditional cooker. One can choose the preferable pressure level depending on the food to be cooked, by pressing high or low-pressure buttons available on the control panel and then set the time you want. It cooks the food for a specified time and then starts beeping indicating that your food is ready.


Wrapping It Up

All right, I hope what I’ve summarized here helps you choose the right Best Electric Pressure Cooker machine for your home. Once you get that lovely machine, that matches your taste for Pressure Cooker. You’ll soon find out how blissful it is to save time every day and yet enjoy quality cook comparable to or even better than the 5-star hotel!

While searching for our best pressure cookers and after researching and reading so many reviews and customer comments, we concurred on the following products as the best pressure cookers. Let’s take a sneak peek on their detailed reviews.


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Electric Pressure Cooker Tips

Elecctric Pressure Cooker Tips

Electric Pressure cookers are so far one of the most effective cooking appliances which utilize your cooking time and provide you mouth-watering food results. Electric pressure cookers are the bliss of modern time. These pressure cookers use electricity to cook foods instead of other heating sources. Preparing food with water, or any other liquid, in a sealed container which is under pressure is called pressure cooking. The Electric pressure cookers are used for making food faster than traditional pressure cooking methods. They also save time and energy. The benefit of electric pressure cookers is beyond description. However, for faster cooking, there are no alternatives than electric pressure cookers.

Well, cooking under pressure is always joyful. If you know the appropriate way to cook under pressure, things will be easier for you. There are some electric pressure cooker tips by which you can bring comfort to your cooking time. Knowing the tips, you will find the easiest methods to mix things up with your best electric pressure cooker.



Features of Electric Pressure Cooker

Before discussing the electric pressure cooker tips, you may see the features of an electric pressure cooker so that you may rightly know how it functions and also know the advantages of this incredible cooking device.


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 Temperature of an Electric Pressure Cooker

You can cook food in higher humidity and higher temperatures in an electric pressure cooker which you can’t do in conventional boiling or steaming methods. In traditional cooking methods, conventional pressure cookers are a common cooking container, which is non-pressurized. Any amount of heat supplied to the container will not increase the temperature. The process only results in evaporation of water, and that is why conventional cooker spends a large quantity of fuel.

But in an electric pressure cooker, the temperature of water increases to an optimal level due to the pressure of 15 psi, which is above atmospheric pressure. Water can reach a temperature of up to 121 °C and the pressure is created by boiling food with liquid inside the sealed electric pressure cooker. The nature of this pressure cooker is to trap the steam inside and after cooking pressure can be slowly released to open the vessel safely. Thus, the foods are cooked quickly, and also 70% of the fuel energy is saved.

Unlike conventional stove top cookers, electric pressure cookers are sleek, state-of-the-art, and re-engineered. The electric pressure cookers are silent cookers and also user-friendly. They have improved valve systems and impressive features which make them easy to use, and they are available with clearly visible pressure indicators and well-written instruction manuals.


Electric Pressure Cookers vs. Traditional

When you use a traditional pressure cooker, you have to keep observing the cooker to make the best timing to release the pressure. Nowadays, the best electric pressure cooker contains a automate release system. Though the electric pressure cooker superheated steam power to cook the food, the foods are not overcooked. Hence, steaming is always better than boiling cause boiling destroys most of the flavors from the food.


Electric Pressure Cookers are Healthy

Cooking with an electric pressure cooker is healthy. The built in steam inside the pressure cooker drains away the fat. The super-heated steam increases the natural flavors and also intensify the taste of the cooked food.  Electric pressure cookers are something you can consider with no doubt.


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Electric Pressure Cooker Tips

The pressure cookers at present are much safer than the pressure cookers at the recent pasts. They have improved a lot and now equipped with some extraordinary features which will help you to cook a lot easier. As an example, they have safety valves which release pressure in the exact time. The lids of the pressure cookers get locked when the pressure inside is built. It will remain lock till the pressure release.

  • So finally, we are into our most important discussion. Here are some tips and tricks to get the best from your Electric Pressure Cooker.
  • Try to keep the plug connection stable because you might get clogged while cooking. It can hamper your food condition or quality of foods.
  • Always keep your vent pipe clean. If it is blocked, the pressure may rise to an unsafe level. You can use a toothpick to clean it
  • Never force to open the lid while it is locked. The lids are only locked during the pressure build up. It automatically gets unlocked when the pressure releases.
  • You ought not to try cooking some of the foods in an electric pressure cooker, such as cereals and oatmeal, split peas cranberries, pasta, rice, rhubarb, applesauce, pearl barley, or dried soup mixes. Such sort of food items tends to get foamy and can block the pressure release.
  • Be sure to replace the damaged gasket otherwise it allows steam escaping. If the gasket is sticky, then replace a new one and seal it properly so that the steam cannot escape. If the steam escapes, the pressure inside will not build, and your food will remain uncooked.
  • Do not try adding ingredients in the middle of the cooking; it may spoil your food taste.


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Last Words

Well, looking forward to your best electric pressure cooker won’t be wrong. The cooker will do the cooking tasks itself. Just you need to operate it perfectly. The electric pressure cookers are handy to use, and their great features make things simpler for you. Electric pressure cookers are considered to be the smartest way to handle food stuff.


Finally, this will ensure you are getting the best results for your meals and that you are using your pressure cooker safely. Follow this electric pressure cooker tips to get the quality foods. Know how it works and also try to comply with the electric pressure cooker tips and tricks to result in the best.


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Alluminium Pressure Cooker

Top Prestige Pressure Cookers You Can BuyPrestige Pressure Cooker

Electric Pressure Cooker was invented during the late 1600s. The inventor was Denis Papin. Now a day’s pressure cooker is essential for the kitchen. The working procedure of a pressure cooker is very straightforward.  It works with the steam pressure. It is a pot that is sealed so that air can’t get out. Heat creates steam. As the container is airtight, the steam pressure gets higher. This steam pressure enables the fast cooking. Right now several companies in the market are producing good quality pressure cooker. Prestige is one of them. Prestige is a very renowned company in the pressure cooker industry. They have different size pressure cookers with a broad range of features. Also, the price of these pressure cookers is well judged. Most of the Prestige pressure cookers are made of stainless aluminum. This aluminum gives the pressure cookers extra durability. The buyer will find at least one year warranty with almost all the pressure cookers of Prestige. They have sizes from two quarts to 12 quarts. We are going to discuss with some of the top rated pressure cookers of Prestige.

Deluxe Plus Aluminum Pressure Cooker – (12 liters):Deluxe Plus Aluminum Pressure Cooker - (12 liters):

This pressure cooker is made of aluminum that is stainless. It has an Induction base. This Induction base is the key to the versatility of this pressure cooker. Right now, Deluxe Plus Aluminum (12 liters) is the most versatile pressure cooker available in the market. This pressure cooker can work from any heat source. Also, it has an excellent safety feature. The lid rises under pressure and drops down when the pressure becomes zero. Also, the visible pressure indicator helps to know the pressure at any time.

Deluxe Plus Aluminum Pressure Handi- (Mini):Deluxe Plus Aluminum Pressure Handi- (Mini):

The capacity of this pressure cooker is 3.3 liter. The Handi (mini) pressure cooker has a unique shape. The shape is inspired by hand, cookeries from Indian culture. This pressure cooker is very famous for its capability to preserving flavors of food. This pressure cooker is also made of aluminum. The color is a vibrant red. The feature of this unusual pressure cooker includes heavier body, comfortable handles, pressure indicator, secure plugs, controlled GRS, induction bottom. The weight of this pressure cooker is two kg. Also, this pressure cooker includes the warranty for five years.

Deluxe Plus Aluminum Pressure Cooker (7 liters):Deluxe plus Aluminum Pressure Cooker (7 liters):

The Deluxe plus prestige pressure cooker is made of virgin aluminum. The body of this pressure cooker represents thick base that enables long-lasting and extra durability. There is a sleek handle on the side. There is a special two in one device that is called the pi pressure indicator. It helps to reflect the pressure. Also, the pressure cooker includes features like safety plug, release system for the gasket, etc.

Prestige PDHA5 Deluxe Plus Hard Anodized (5-Liter):Prestige PDHA5 Deluxe Plus Hard Anodized (5-Liter):

It is made of aluminum. It is one of the hardest anodizing pressure cookers. It has the most durability for long-lasting. The pressure cooker has a handle alongside the body. Includes pi pressure indicator and Controlled gas. This gas enables no noise and no fuss.

Right now, prestige is the number one pressure cooker in the world. Every pressure cooker of this brand is unique. So you can buy any models of prestige pressure cooker without any doubt.