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FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System Reviews

FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System Reviews

Wish as if you could deliver and serve the fresh smelled food you have prepared for your beloved person very far away. Also, you might think of packaging the food securely to keep it fresh, disinfected, and not damp. Then, I suggest you to go for Foodsaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System.

I was astonished to look through an advertisement about Foodsaver from a well known website. It seems to have a personality, stylish, though; sealing features are convincing enough to greed me to buy one! So, I could not help but ordering one of Foodsaver V2244. And when I am writing of it, I must be satisfied with its service.

Simple usage

Simple when you look closer. The compact design with sleek makes it looks like a roller. Anyone can use it easily. Preservation and storage of any kind of raw meat, others varieties foods is easy with Foodsaver. Whether it is long term preservation of fruits/ meats or short term preservation of snacks/dry foods, Foddsaver V2244 acts trustworthy. Moreover, when you get many food items jumbled in your fridger, do pack and seal with foodsaver. The fridge would be organized and smell nice.

Witty design (push-button operation)

The easy going design of Foodsaver V2244 helps to empty air completely out of the bags for preservation of foods. 5.9 x 10.6 x 17.7 inches it is. It weighs only 1 pound.
Firstly, you put the foods into each Foodsaver special bags, here, starter kit includes 5 pre-cut heat-seal bags and 1 heat-seal roll). Next, you need to keep the filled bag between the sealing gap and close it with the lock tatch. Then, you see a clearly mentioned push button (Seal or Vac/Seal). Press the button on control panel and the bag would be automatically packed after vacuuming, sealing and shutting. The sealer would empty a very 0.001% air out of the bag.

Port and hose feature

The Foodsaver V2244 possesses an accessory hose port that makes the sealer able to take out the whole air out of filled bags. An attachable accessory port ensures to keep the containers air-tight. This hose and port is beneficial for marinating foods in a blink other than vacuuming and sealing.

Reliable Foodsaver

Want to pack delicate foods or cranky foods or oily foods or anything else? Fodsaver would take responsibility to protect the food from crushing, smashing, and sipping. So, you just need to press the seal button before shutting and it takes care of the rest. The double wide sealing strip applies heat to make sure the bags are air-tight after sealing. The patented, dishwasher-safe drip tray cleanses overflowing liquid or left out food particles nicely. It saves food, money and of course our money.

Fresh Food Guarantee!

It keeps food fresh and not smelly up to five times longer to any other kind of storage system.
And, if you think how you could save up to $2.7k in a year buying foods from wholesaler and then preserve them safely, you would definitely go for Foodsaver V2244. Then you need not to worry if the freezer goes out of work.

Follow these steps:
1. Fill bag with food and place it into vacuum sealing channel
2. Close and lock lid
3. Press vacuum and sealed button


Foodsaver can preserve meat, fish for 2-3 years where other food storage systems can store barely 6 months.
Patented, removable dishwasher-safe drip tray
Crush free instant seal and accessory port and hose
Manual operation system and compact size
Good with heat seals bag and rolls
Airtight heat seal and extra wide sealing strip it contains
Starter kit included


1 year limited warranty makes us tense that what we would do if it gets damaged all of a sudden.
Though Foodsaver is trustworthy, it may need to be repaired without guarantee if used wrongly.
Foodsaver is barely eligible for international shipping though.


Q. Can I pack and seal cooked foods for months?
Ans: Yes. You can enjoy the fresh taste of cooked foods after a whole lot time you unseal packet.
Q. Can I reuse the bags?
Ans: Yes, you can. Even you can reuse one packet several times after washing and drying it.
Q. Can one only freeze raw/ uncooked foods only?
Ans: No, You can preserve varieties of cooked, uncooked foods, cookies, snacks, crunchy, moist foods. Almost anything you like to.
Q. What is the largest bag it can seal?
Ans: Foodsaver gallon bags and foodsaver 11” rolls are the largest size this model can vacuum and seal
Q. Can it seal and preserve dry items, cakes, breads?
Ans: Yes. Though it seems cakes, breads might get spoiled in a few days, foodsaver would save them.
Q. Would Foodsaver cut bags for me?
Ans: No. You have to cut bags of your own according to your need.

Full and Final Finding

Foodsaver V2244 is a gadget that will make your life easier. One foodsaver will help you to grab a packet of sealed food instantly when you need to rush for your work. Sometimes, you may be tired after day long and guests knock at your door. You may have no stamina for cooking or bringing any food from outside. Then, foodsaver will save you. You can just take out earlier packaged food and serve them to your guests. They will be really pleased and think how you could manage! Don’t you want good impression with Foodsaver V2244?

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